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Soon we will all get to see The Muffin Man, the new campy horror flick from gonzo Canadian indie director Blaine Wasylkiw, according to Fangoria. YOU WILL DIE. From the town jail, full of dirty and low. Children would often frequent Frederics shop and he would be driven crazy because of it. The Gingerbread Man's reference to the muffin man is a reference to an imaginary friend Lynwood had as a child, though it was not a gingerbread man but rather a gumdrop button. you know you know the Muffin Man? "It might be a copycat, like you said." Five years ago, I had been one of only two survivors of another Muffin Man slaying. Like it man. One thing this guy loves is attention, and we can work together to finally put him behind bars." From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia. "She hasn't discussed it in detail with me at this point. I approached. When committing his murders, he will take the blood of his victim, and write a note next to their corpse, which reads "I AM MUFFIN MAN". “His muffins suck. Jebidiah, a local baker at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, would often abuse Frederic with an iron spatula, and at one point according to his diary, Frederic was raped in a traumatic and life changing situation involving a pastry bag, butter, and most importantly a muffin, which is what he had got after his father had finished his "business". "Okay" I smiled at her genuinely. I think the entire force had showed up. She reminded me. He had needed glasses now for about a year, but was too stubborn to admit he was getting old. Jen was holding needle-nosed tweezers and a magnifying glass, extracting small white objects from a muffin. Jen carefully shook the tube in her tiny hands. "And this time, we will catch this guy. His mother held a funeral service for him two days later. We arrived at the tiny ranch house, and parked by the curb. Required fields are marked *, Crestwood Lake is a secluded town in northern Vermont, spawned from the Jebidiah, a local baker at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, would often abuse Frederic with an iron spatula, and at one point according to his diary, Frederic was rap*d in a traumatic and life changing situation involving a pastry bag, butter, and most importantly a muffin, which is what he had got after his father had finished his "business". Jen sat with her gloved hands folded on the black top of the table. "It will be very quick, and it might help put this guy away." He had a young face with kind brown eyes, and was wearing his typical trucker's hat. Quietly, but in an eerie high pitched unnatural voice, someone was singing a familiar tune. "You haven't heard about last night?" Somehow, I escaped. In that little shop on Dury Lane. Some locals speculated that he had died, whoever he was. Note: This interprettor Isaac Lynwood, a descendant of Frederic, rather than actual letters between parents detailing the interpretation of the song. (2019). So probably the only place you’ll be able to see this film will be at conventions, film festivals and maybe though the website. I'm on official Sun duty, and we'd appreciate it if you spoke to us for just a few minutes. "So he's back. But I think we'll be privy to some of the inside information. The police made it in record time, Chief Moen himself had come in to answer our call with guns blazing. The camping area near the lake was circled in red, with the denotation "Two dead, June 2005" neatly written in red ink. she paused apologetically. He gave me a smile and headed for his truck, which was the pride and joy of his life. Everyone has a story.". O'Malley folded the list and pocketed it. "I would know it from anywhere.". He held the paper closer to his face and blinked. I could pick out city landmarks. "We should tell the police." Many hours of Brian cooking and frying at the diner had gone into the Chevrolet, since he was paid a line cook's wages. How cruel to turn a whimsical song into such a dark symbol of brutality. Whom at the beginning is killed by a police officer in his kitchen. He changed his name to Bob for a short period and sold apples out of a barrel on street corners: hence the expression "bobbing for apples".He would then revert to his skills his father taught him in baking. However, Frederic was also jealous of other chefs in town. But the song was the worst part of it. I asked, very curious to know if the police had any theories. Broken, ashamed, and confused, the muffin would later be what symbolized what he would later do in his adult life. with a matchlock, Chef Adam: Killed with a Mortar after tripping over a Pestle, He was referenced once and visited once in the. I don't know why he chose us, or how he had decided who would die and who would live. Every so often, though, I had to write a story that hit close to home. and has constant hallucinations which cause him to see and hear things that aren't there. Made the best muffins that anyone knew. Do you know who I am? O'Malley looked like he was pondering whether or not to tell me something. ", "Maybe it will at least make people more cautious." You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. — You can vote for or nominate your favourite articles at,, Chef Carver: Too much "BAM!" But, thank you for worrying about me.". He was arrested after a high speed carriage chase as a result of one of his wheels breaking after running over a small stone in the dirt road. I mean for a small no budget indie film, the script was not half bad. Well, someone did apparently. Frederic was never a popular baker. he explained, "What's wrong? Born Percy Ludwick, The Muffin Man started out at as a scrawny apprentice for Chef Paul Dean, culinary chef to one of the royal families of Fairytale Land. Muffin Man is a serial killer wanted around the world for his mass murders and his ability to seemingly evade all authorities. "I get out at five. "Your.... ummm... experience in this case may be the only thing we have to go on." I said out loud, trying to keep the fear out of my voice. Speaking of stories..... "Are there any suspects so far?" ", I got where he was going with this. The room began to spin. Brian apologized. He took his job so seriously, people would joke, that he was even dating a cop. People trusted you more if you layed your cards on the table. Several years after being pummeled by an angry mob, Frederic would be eating his dinner, when he decides to smash a cockroach with his fork, only to hit his hand, causing him to scream and choke on a dumpling. The franchise would be replaced by a department store, which would be mysteriously burnt down after the construction of a cookie shop. Frederic's neighbor attempted to resuscitate him using leeches, but it was too late, he was already dead for several hours. Well As most of you know I’m not really into corny troma like films. This one is right up your alley. Frederic got a job as the local rapist at age 15, a job he would continue with popularity until he was 20, when the King Henry VIII banned peasants from being raped, a result of his unpopularity. O'Malley was probably the best reporter I knew. It happened to be right across the road. For fans of cheesy horror films like Jack Frost and Uncle Sam, or fans of Troma films. I watched as it turned the corner, and O'Malley joined me on the steps. She explained. Frederic was never a popular baker. I had seen him crawl into a sewer tunnel once to get a story on an illegal construction job the mayor had contracted. After that horrible night five years ago, we'd kept what Brian would call a friendly distance from each other. For the past five years, the Muffin Man had remained nothing more than a horrible memory. From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia, This article has been featured on the front page. Blue: Bitter?Ha! You're sure?" What could possibly be said about your worst fears happening all over again? When it came to his job, he was willing to do just about anything. Background . Your email address will not be published. Chocolate chip muffins had been stuffed into their now silent mouths, I saw by the strobing blue light of the sirens, and that image would haunt me for many years to come. RUN AWAY, CHILDREN! Frederic Thomas Lynwood (1563 - 1612) also known as the Muffin Man and The Drury Lane Dicer was England's first documented serial killer, accused of killing up to 15 children and seven rival pastry chefs during the years of 1589 to 1598.. His nickname The Muffin Man is actually a reference to how he committed the murders. Eventually, Frederic's bakery would go out of business, though he would still sell a few pastries to daring teenagers in his hilltop house. Production Value was not half bad either, Pretty much the donut shop seemed like a shop staged in someone’s home, but they pulled it off really well. Sometimes, he's incredibly cunning and witty; using his abilities to take his victims by surprise. "We had to withhold that detail in the original case, but chief Moen thinks the Sun can partner with us this time. Cleaning my face as best as I could, I noticed a black truck pulling into the front parking space, right next to the police cruisers. "Yes." The song Do You Know the Muffin Man? "I'm interested if you might remember anything that could help us." Currently the area where Frederic is buried has returned to an undeveloped lot, but it is expected to be the site of a stadium for the 2014 world cup should the UK be able to host it. Outside, in the damp drizzly October air, the voice finally ceased. However, as stated knocking a child out with a Wooden Spoon does not equate to murder in most people's minds, really. Muffin Man suffers from schizophrenia, and has constant hallucinations which cause him to see and hear things that aren't there.


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