murs vs gmrs

The non-hardware changes will come in our OBSERVANCES of laws, “band plans”, established modes used in what part of the RF spectrum,, FCC restrictions and licensing, along with efforts and reasons for tracking down “violators” by whatever governing entity attempting to control “society”.. Ham radios are available that cover nearly every band and that means reliable short range or long range communications. At MURS frequencies, signals bend over hills better, but GMRS signals are better at bouncing off of surfaces and penetrating into/escaping out of buildings. Most everyone has seen the small hand-held walkie-talkies that operate on the FRS (Family Radio Service), the best example of this are the small Motorola Talkabout Radios marketed towards family communication. Can a 7-Year-Old Vehicle Bag Stand Up to Texas Heat? In the real world, people want to know the normal dependable average range of a radio. NONE of those were meant to be linked at the source as it stands now, with all the governing bodies dictating what can/cannot be used, but who knows? CB radio was designed for local communications. Longer range antennas, can be used on many bands with an antenna tuner. "No plan survives first contact with the enemy.". Many of the non-ham radios will not do LSB. Propagation conditions, sunspots, LOS, and so many other factors play a huge factor in commo. However, its popularity is being stifled by the fact that there really aren’t that many MURS radios to choose from. Depending on the surrounding terrain, MURS units connected to roof-mounted antennas might even outperform full-power (50 watt) GMRS mobile units, although the GMRS units should have a greater range in open terrain. For simplex radio to radio communication without a repeater station to re-transmit your signal, a horizontal antenna works better in deep valleys, provided you have an amplifier to boost your send and receive signal. I’m jus sayin — Dashed line with a red arrow shows 75% probability of dependable communication. This information may be useful to the public in the event of emergencies or disaster recovery, especially when normal techniques are not an available option.

nor is it “legal” to use on 11Meters — yet thousands of CB’ers and licensed hams, DO use them there, in spite of the laws on the books.

No problem. I think a comparison using identical modes, RF power levels and resonant antennas of the same design (IE; A 3-el yagi), identical antenna height, ground topography, would yield a more realistic result. As a HAM, I can tell you that there are a lot of licensed folks on the air that are not reliable – it;s like any other hobby, there are good and not so good members. At ITS, our goal is to foster a community dedicated to learning methods, ideas and knowledge that could save your life.

Australian Department of Communications

So if anybody decides to buy, say, a Micom-S radio, it can be USB only. Correctly Cut and oriented Correctly, your signal will tag your target at some time during this day. No ham license? Your description is quite false.

Again, thanx, and 73! This thread is convoluted. Because MURS isn’t as popular, channels won’t be as busy.
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So I think wattage does play a role in things.. just a little.. My repeater setup was hitting at 51 miles with 4 watts at both ends and it was full quieting. This estimate is based upon radio-to-radio direct communications without the use of a repeater. Because even though it sounds ludicrous and absurd now, that skill could save a town. I know I’m not making myself clear. Having issued a distress call @ 470 Miles on 1/12th of one watt with a HF RT unamplified through a Doublet Antenna in a RTTY Rig during Desert Storm, my observation is that the cut and orientation of the directional Antenna is the most critical factor for long distance communication. Patriot Radio Channels. Skills we advocate to get you through anything life throws at you. Nobody.

On CB/Freeband I have noted that LSB seems to be a bit more common.

Another MURS radio that piqued my interest and gave me satisfaction is the TERA TR-505 Dual-Band MURS NOAA GMRS Handheld Two-Way Radio. are those ham radios really that much better than ssb cb? Having a license and interacting with a regular group of HAMs, you’ll know in an emergency which information is reliable and which is not, mostly because you’ll know who to trust. This estimate is based upon radio-to-radio direct communications without the use of a repeater. Moving up in frequency is a good way to go, to find the highest usable frequency for long range. True knowing the range with all transmitting at only 1 watt would be nice.

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The range is NOT determined by the amount of power, just the antenna height, the antenna gain and the loss in the coax and the frequency - is still wrong! ; Old FRS/GMRS Channels. For vehicle-to-vehicle operation with external (roof-mount) antennas, MURS should provide, GMRS handheld radios have typically two to five watts transmitter power. You can't make broad radio claims like this. Best practices involving up to date medical information and life saving equipment.


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