mushroom kingdom moon 39
All you get is the outline. Make sure you get the large one blocking the pipe in the moat. For these three moons, you’ll need to be in control of Yoshi. Carry it further west and plant it in the pot. This power moon is in Quadrant E3, but can only be reached via a portrait in the Luncheon Kingdom. While you’re here, jump into the fountain in the middle of the room. Goomba Woods in the north is full of fruit. For these two moons, you’ll need Yoshi. Check your power moon menu for a power moon called “Peach in the [kingdom name] Kingdom.” If you don’t see one, head to that kingdom and find Peach there. Just use your Gushen to charge in and deal as much damage as you can before Brigadier Mollosque-Lanceur III, Dauphin Of Bubblaine can run away. Once you’ve planted all of the seeds, wander off for a little bit. Mushroom Kingdom power moons 33-38 pit you against all the non-Broodal bosses you’ve faced once again. There are two trees behind the shop. There’s a tunnel with a pipe inside. This kingdom’s rabbit is also hopping around here. Just north of the hedge maze, there’s a Toad admiring a scooter. This Hint Art is inside of Peach’s Castle, on a wall to the northeast of where you walk in. Do a loop around the Castle roof and the moat. Hike straight north from the castle down into Goomba Woods. To the west of Peach’s Castle, there’s a large well with an 8-bit pipe sticking out of the side. Getting the second power moon from the Picture Match is a lot harder. You need to get at least 60 points to get your moon. The entrance to this fight is the pipe at the bottom of Mushroom Pond. There’s a walkway below you. There’s a power moon on the northeast spire (which is at the far left side from where you arrive on the roof). But first, and absolutely most importantly, look at the eyes. The Secret Path painting that brings you to the Mushroom Kingdom is in the Luncheon Kingdom. There’s no ground (or sea) beneath you this time, but the rain will keep your Gushen charged. You can deal all of the damage from your Gushen. When you ground pound the tile, another will pop up. You’ll have to recapture Yoshi from the egg provided right there in the entrance area. Head back to the main area. Follow him through kingdoms (speaking to him will tell you where he’s going next), and eventually his tour will lead him to the Mushroom Kingdom, right by the Odyssey. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Use the image above to find the correct order. Mario embarks on a new journey through unknown worlds, running and jumping through 3D environments in a sandbox-style game. Hop down inside to the 2-D challenge below. There’s nothing special about these fights — they’re very similar to the first time you fought these bosses, just … more. This tower is on the west side of the kingdom. Take a close look at the image (and use the image above) to place the correct facial features in roughly the right place. > The Secret Path painting that brings you to the Mushroom Kingdom is in > the Luncheon Kingdom. If you look closely at Mario’s eyes, you’ll see that the iris is off-center. The final sheep is at the eastern side of the Goomba Woods, next to the rocket that takes you to the Picture Match and moons 23 and 24. To the west of Peach’s Castle, you’ll find a scarecrow. Warp to the Goomba Woods flag, then look for a large seed on the ground just to the west. Talk to Captain Toad for your moon. Throw Cappy at it, and you’ll reveal a staircase that leads to the castle roof. You’ll find another large fruit blocking another pipe at the north end of the stream. Stand in the middle of the rug, then switch to 1st-person view (by clicking the right thumbstick). Then go to the Metro Kingdom and find him again. Drain the moat by pulling the posts, then get to the roof to collect Yoshi. Hop off, toss Cappy onto the scarecrow, then climb back onto the scooter. Now that the moat is drained, you can bring the Goombette on the north side of the castle a boyfriend. When you ground pound the last one, you’ll get a moon. Do a wide loop to the east around the pool to return to the Toad. There’s a thin crescent of white on one side and a thicker crescent on the other. There will be a portrait of Peach’s Castle. In the northeast corner of the kingdom, there’s a rocket that will take you to this challenge. From the fountain right in front of the Odyssey, turn west and follow the stream. Beyond that, it’s the same fight. The trick to this one is staying in front of the moving dark background (otherwise, you’ll get ejected back into 3-D space and have to start over). You access each of these fights via paintings in stone towers scattered around the kingdom. There are posts around the bottom of the moat. Look for a tile that’s sticking up on the ground floor of Peach’s Castle — it’s between the two sets of stairs on the left. Speak to Princess Peach, and you’ll receive her final power moon. Befriend the dog hanging around the Crazy Cap shop, then lead him to the top of the hill to the southeast of the Odyssey. Use Cappy to put out the fire in the chimney, then wall jump your way up to the top. To get it, we hopped onto a nearby tower in the center of the roof and hat jumped to our destination. Do a spin toss to get them all to bloom and you’ll get a moon. Just keep moving to keep out of reach and keep shooting. Climb up the vine to find the tower and the painting. Super Mario Odyssey guide: Mushroom Kingdom all power moon locations, Head south from the maze toward the Crazy Cap shop. This tower is in the Goomba Woods, but it’ll take a little extra work to get to it. Between the Odyssey and the Goomba Woods — just a little north of the hedge maze — look for a double ring of flowers. Mushroom kingdom moon #39 The article first shows an image of the map location, so I went to it. Use it to warp to the Mushroom Kingdom, and you will find the power moon on top on the chimney. To get this power moon, you need to beat the game and return to the Sand Kingdom. The tower for this fight is on the east side of the kingdom, just south of the hedge maze. To earn this area’s moon, you’ll have to eat every piece of fruit in the area. Use the crates nearby to backflip up and dive onto the roof. The painting will take you to Yoshi’s House. There’s a Toad watching a locked door — he’ll only let you in if you’re wearing the Mario 64 outfit. Remember the taxi that’s always been there, just south of the town? Continue through the area to the end to find moon 31.


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