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A pout appeared on Jimin's lips as he too turned to face Yoongi, Yoongi's eyes moved from Hoseok to Jimin then back to Hoseok. Summary: Seokjin wasn’t his, but he was still as every bit of ‘his’ as the rest of the wolves in the pack, and Namjoon was going to have to learn to live with that. Due to the staggering statistics about the suicide rate in Korea, several universities have instituted a ‘Phone a Friend’ hotline, where students can talk to other students about their problems. Things are not always what they seem... Taehyung was in need of a job and Seokjin helped him, giving a job in his house. Min Yoongi [Suga], Kim Taehyung [V], Kim Seokjin [Jin], Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok [J-hope], Jeon Jungkook, Jungkook Tae Hoseok Jimin Yoongi Namjoon Jin. Most popular Most recent. At the beginning they had been kind of disappointed that Jin did not have any abilities but he had become a crucial element to the group, helping them control their abilities at the beginning. Summary: Seokjin babies Namjoon and Namjoon hates the student council president. Summary: Jin is a prince, and Namjoon is his bodyguard. That's where he met Jungkook, the pampered and so-called baby of the family. Namjoon then pictured what he wanted the remains to form into in his mind before projecting the picture at the remains under his control, they started moving in the air until they reformed as a heart.

"Jinnie watch" Namjoon shouted bring his boyfriend out of his thoughts. "It is beautiful, Joonie" Jin said cradling the heart in this arms, a grin appeared on Joonie's face showing his dimples off. But will he be able to keep his ability especially when his friends are put in danger? Baekhyun inherits an old mansion from a deceased relative and hears someone playing the piano. Shot Through the Heart (And You’re to Blame). Then there was the grandpa of the group Min Yoongi he had enhanced senses which got on his nerves, Yoongi was also in a polyamorous relationship with Park Jimin and Jung Hoseok. Summary: Yoongi and Hoseok can suck it, cause no one ships Namjin like Jimin and Taehyung do. In which Namjoon constantly, to everyone’s disappointment, fucks up. Summary: Namjoon didn’t know that dating Seokjin would include dealing with a little fetus, who was more difficult than any parent and police officer combined.

Summary: Spy!AU. Summary: Yoongi didn’t believe in love. Summary:A collection of events occurring within (and without) the walls of the Beta Tae Sigma fraternity house. Their leader was Kim Namjoon who had super strength and disintegration and regeneration, Namjoon was also in a long-term relationship with Jin. listen to my heart (can you hear it sing). Jin is a city boy. Summary: Namjoon is in love. Take, for example, the grown man who sat in the corner every day and leeched off of the Wi-Fi. "I would pay to see Yoongi hyung act like a sap" Namjoon said once he finished making out with Jin, his arms were still wrapped around the elder's waist with his chin rested on top of Jin's head. The air bubble which protected him was now disbursing leaving the crying child safe on top of the rubble of his once family home. Taehyung just needed acknowledgement and love... Summary: Yoongi drags Namjoon to a bar where Seokjin is the bartender. It’s my turn to open up the cafe today and you were sleeping under one of the tables when I came in and I don’t know what to say so I’m just awkwardly sweeping around you AU. All posts. [BTS] [VKook] [Yoonmin]. Summary: 3/3 of the Soil Mate series, can be read as a stand alone. he’s been talking to an almost-stranger for probably, like, ten minutes, he is most definitely not drunk, he’s sweating too much under an absurd amount of toilet paper, and he forgot how bad his hormones like to kick up when he’s had just enough alcohol in his system.

Taemin tries to summon Satan, and Jimin is a fuckboy. Summary: Seokjin loved working at the library, but some patron got on his nerves. Both of them think marriage is a societal construct with no place in modern life.

And Seokjin worked in the children’s department. Summary: Namjoon has a habit of getting into accidents and Seokjin has a habit of being the nurse who cleans up after him.

Prince Seokjin, accompanied by the most arrogant and cold person he has ever met in his life, is forced to travel the land of werewolves and faeries in hopes of reuniting with his brother and learning the truth about the war that is tearing their land apart. He also hates the fact that it belongs to the attractive tattoo shop owner who works next door. Summary: They meet at the same bus stop every day, but never talk. Taehyung is a freshman. Summary: Jin thinks working at the bookshop is great especially when you meet a boy with the cutest dimples ever. Started From Te Bottom Now We Here )Getting flustered over cute boys sleeping under tables). That would force him to tell them what happened 14-years-ago, that was something that Jin was not prepared to tell. Namjin Fanfiction < > Most recent. so without further ado here are my favorite namjin fics! On his journey the Prince encounters a rare creature, a hybrid - half wolf and half fae, who teaches him the secrets and mysteries of their world. Summary: Because playing in the rain is always a good idea. The college they attended was quite small which meant there was a lower chance of the nearby warehouse being discovered or them being discovered using their abilities. Summary: ‘I thought those cookies were for the whole dorm but you needed them for a class so now I’m baking a new batch with you AU’ aka Kim Destruction strikes again.
Summary: Namjoon goes to the movies to see age of ultron and keeps coming back for the cute boy behind the snack counter. He hoped to be wrong or at least, hoped someone would notice but. Summary: Where Seokjin and Namjoon are parents to bumbly, fumbly Bangtan babies. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Namjin animated GIFs to your conversations. Summary: Seokjin is an awkward student with a dumb crush on the snail-rescuing stranger he almost ran over. Poor Namjoon has five, and they’re all telling him the same thing: “fucking talk to him god dammit what the fuck is wrong with you”. "I would pay to see Yoongi hyung act like a sap" Namjoon said once he finished making out with Jin, his arms were still wrapped around the elder's waist with his chin rested on top of Jin's head. Pairing(s): Namjin. Jin is an international studies student. Note: I loved the other ones but this was the best?? It was all fun and fine, until Taehyung started to notice there was something wrong with Jungkook, something off, something dangerous he was scared to unveil. Author:bazooka.

Filter by post type. but fics where namjin are the main pairing are pure gold, they have such an adorably awkward dynamic. "Aw, why is Yoongi not like that with us" Jimin complained looking over Namjoon and Jin before turning to face Hoseok. (300 kp). Summary: Seokjin is completely taken with the blond man who works at the gas station not far from his flowershop. Hoseok just want his people to be happy... He accidentally falls in love anyway and time goes by. Photo. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Jin's ability was to control the elements and he had only used his ability once which was not willing and that was 14-years-ago. Nothing Personal (I’ve hit an all time low). Summary: Kim Namjoon is a dud. Summary: Seokjin works at Disney Land, Namjoon is a patient older brother and Jungkook loves Mulan. Note: Connected to Claimed. Kim taehyung has a normal life and loves his boyfriend jeon jungkook , they're happy with their life until taehyung meet jungkook's best friend park jimin .. Taehyung and Jungkook don't know each other, but they both end up visiting Seokjin and Namjoon at their hut that's on top of a mountain for a 2 week-long vacation. Walking Away. Jul 1, 2020 - Explore •♡ アマジキ ♡•'s board "Namjin fanart" on Pinterest. What can you do when the only person you’re fated to love truly and deeply for the rest of your life can hardly stand looking at you?”, When will my reflection show who i am inside. Jongkook dreamt a happy life... Jin is a senior. Summary: Namjoon and Seokjin flee the wild, and their pack grows. Or does he? One thing they have in common is their dorm room... Many things happen during those 2 weeks and some of those things happen because Jungkook is reckless. I assure you funky, good with this one. Jin was sat against a wall watching his friends mess around with their abilities, even after the incident all those years ago Jin still ended up surrounded with abilities whether they were his own or not. Jin was a part of a group where every one of his friends has powers. “‘You should have just let me die!’ he yells again and starts walking away, tears now flowing down his face. A small giggle escaped Jimin's lips before he skipped over to Yoongi and planted a sloppy kiss on his boyfriend's cheek. Summary: In which Yoongi and Hoseok are Namjin shippers. He accidentally falls in love anyway and time goes by. Note: Cuz who doesn’t want to pine over a hot neighbour(ish)? Safe and Sound. Summary: Seokjin spends a lot of time in the library. Jin turned to face Namjoon who was standing in front of him with a metal pole in his hand. Taehyung is from the province. Video.

Prince Seokjin, accompanied by the most arrogant and cold person he has ever met in his life, is forced to travel the land of werewolves and faeries in hopes of reuniting with his brother and learning the truth about the war that is tearing their land apart. Ask. It was not that he did not trust his friends he just knew that they would not understand why he kept it a secret. Summary: Namjoon and Seokjin flee the wild, and their pack grows. Summary: Plenty of people read Jin’s blog, thank you very much. Or: “You guys should kiss,” Jimin tells them, eyes bright with anticipation, “Ya know, to get over your sexual tension and shit.”, candy is sweet (but it isn’t as sweet as you). All of Seokjin's friends have abilities including his boyfriend but his is the worst, he can control all the elements, this makes him dangerous so to prevent anyone finding out he pretends that he is powerless and helps his friends with their abilities. Yoongi lived his live with remorse... Summary: There are a million things Namjoon would rather do than go to practice, Seokjin for instance. They are sorry not sorry. Summary: Right now Namjoon was exhausted and he’d been saying rude shit and he kept snapping at Taehyung and then they’d had to sit through that interview (“Who’s your celebrity crush?”) and Seokjin had tried making a joke (“Rap Monster,” he’d said, thinking he was being clever) and even as everyone around them cracked up the look that had flashed through Namjoon’s eyes belied something that looked almost brittle.


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