nen manipulator abilities
up to chapter 339). The exact nature of collaborative type (共(きょう)存(ぞん)型(がた)()()()()()()(), kyōzon-gata—lit. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The power of the resulting ability is greater than what the Nen users involved could achieve individually. [46] The greater the damage suffered, the stronger the ensuing counter. The formatting is fine. Reports of incidents involving Nen are often misleading,[32] in large part probably because ignorance of its existence necessarily leads to incorrect assumptions. Aura carries with it the desires and emotions of the one who deploys it, which is what allows for Nen to have an incredible versatility to those who develop their skill at using it,[28] and also heavily influenced by mental condition and emotional state. In the first and only known exercise of this phase, the student is to place their hands in front of their chest and imagine forming a ball between them. In most cases, Conjuration (具(ぐ)現(げん)化(か)系(けい)()()()()()(), Gugenka-kei; abbrev. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. as 操) allow the user to control living or non-living things, including aura constructs. Kortopi, for example, is able to materialize a perfect inanimate copy of any object or person that he touches. "scattering/collecting type") abilities gather something from multiple targets through several agents. The farther apart the fingertips are when the student begins to feel the presence of aura, the greater their predisposition. Abilities with similar effects to Judgment Chain are Genthru's Countdown[129] and Knuckle's Hakoware,[91] and like the former they require an Exorcism to be removed without the caster's consent. "Baptism"), achieved by forcing the Aura Nodes to open via an influx of aura. He was able to transmute his aura into fire (sorta) and I doubt a scrub like that could handle being burned over and over again. The other application is his Speed of Lightning ability which greatly enhances his body control. [62], Some conditions are deeply tied to the user’s emotion, to the point of being implemented simply because they "feel right". The difference is that Transmutation allows the user to mimic the properties of a substance with their aura, whereas Conjuration changes aura into the actual substance. Additionally, this ability has one final hidden one. The main advantage of this category in combat is the ability to manipulate the enemy themselves. Embodiment of: Sheep (Transmutation with some Enhancement) Condition: Must have eaten sheep/lamb in the past 12 hours.This embodiment allows me to gain the properties/abilities of a sheep. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This application of Gyo can still increase the amount of aura in one select body part and thus its power, but the output is much lower than what is obtained through the regular technique. Because of this, it is possible to use a Limitation to strengthen one's will and thus one's aura, exceeding the normal limit. Description: summons a flame-resistant suit of armor around me, complete with torches on both arms that can be lit by striking them against the armor. Isaac Netero spent much of his life dedicated to training. Hiso-Hiso's Aura-based Personality Analysis (ヒソヒソのオーラ別性格分析, HisoHiso no Ōra Betsu Seikaku Bunseki)[57] or Hisoka's Aura by Personality Diagnosis (ヒソカのオーラ()別(べつ)性(せい)格(かく)診(しん)断(だん)()()()(), Hisoka no Ōra Betsu Seikaku Shindan)[97] is a Nen-type identification method invented by Hisoka by which he claims that he can judge a person's Nen-type based on their personality. [16] The amount of aura surrounding the user's body during Ken is about 10 times higher than during Ten. [8] In certain instances, emotional factors may even lead to one exceeding their current ceiling. The primary use of the tool is it allows me to inscribe my control mechanism on any non-living thing (Runic words/hieroglyphs). If I say myself, I will pay the up to 5 years of life right after the time limit. [87] Nen users can be told apart from regular people due to their stronger reaction to the En user's aura. [35], Some activation requirements are common to many, if not all, Nen abilities with similar effects. Nen abilities can manifest in many different ways and they fall into 6 various categories: conjurer, emitter, enhancer, manipulator, transmuter, and specialist. The 3 birds unite to form a single large condor (wingspan: ~2.5m) who targets anybody with the plant in/on them. [110] In some cases, users have shown the ability to recover emitted aura; thus far, this has only occurred when Manipulation was also involved. [29] Limitations that contain some sort of punishment (e.g. Biscuit instructs them on which proportions of their aura to focus on which body part for 30 minutes, three times a day. The seventh, can create waves and the last one freeze whatever it touches. "Four Major Lines")[2] of the Shingen-ryu school of kung fu. (Manipulator) Float Like a Hummingbird, Sting With a Seed Float Like a Hummingbird - Part 1 of the ability (Emission and Manipulation): I emit 3 hummingbird-like creatures made of my nen. An effort is also required to maintain the shape of the bubble. [3] Shutting off the nodes in their eyes prevents the user from being able to see aura,[72] but, since they are no longer surrounded by their own aura, they become more sensitive to the aura of others. Description: Encases a small amount of aura in a varying number of fireballs and shoots them at an opponent, whom they will seek out until destroyed. The person who receives the ability may not even be aware of it or be a Nen user, in which case they will be unable to see the ability. [82] Once a certain level of skill has been attained, the student can attempt to create their personal Nen ability. The less skilled the Nen user and the more powerful the technique, the more aura is consumed this way. It teleports the player[62] to a privately owned island which does not appear on any map. [5] Accordingly, many high-profile jobs contracted to the Hunter Association list knowledge of Nen as a minimum requirement. Izunavi vaguely described this principle as the inability to conjure objects overly supernatural. They are typically used as advance scouts or small skirmishers to stall an enemy.Artificer's Army: Burrow Shark (Manipulation)A shark made of wood is created and inscribed with a 4-line inscription (shark is about 120 cm tall from tail tip to nose). The only thing they need is to use ren and to know the ability (water divination) of the weapon. [117] Many abilities of this type feed off the emotions of the recipient as well as of those of the people around them, resulting in complex, unpredictable Nen constructs. Parasitic type abilities are similar to curses and are often conjured. The minimum requirement is to extend one's aura to a radius of more than 2 meters (6.56168 feet) and hold it longer than 1 minute. Enables para-psychological/supernatural-like powers and abilities Affinity for this category, in fact, plays a crucial role in combat at all times, even when a Nen ability is not being used. Depending on the situation, these men can attack as a group or operate with separate commands. Since they can have an immensely vast range of effects, Nen abilities may be recognized as any manifestation of one's Nen that cannot be ascribed to one of the basic or advanced techniques, although there are instances of Nen abilities being essentially applications of Ko (an advanced Nen technique which makes use of Hatsu) with special conditions or restrictions. [80] Much like Limitations, conditions are based on the principle of equivalent exchange, although they are seemingly weaker[152] and may occasionally be rendered redundant by high proficiency in Nen. This makes curse-type abilities much more difficult to remove, to the point that fewer than ten Exorcists in the whole world were deemed capable of lifting a curse left by the deceased. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HunterXHunter community. Afterwards, it will obey all commands for the time limit. With scissors, Gon concentrates the Nen around his fingertips which greatly increases his cutting power. So IDK how well you'd control the fire. The mysterious inscription on Ging's metal box, Another mystery is the exact relation between Nen, the Divine Script and a seemingly different type of inscription. Some are able to discover and learn to manipulate their aura on their own without having formally learned it. 492, YuYu Hakusho - Volume 14 (page 66), Chapter 122 (page 1), "Nen of the Flame" is an unofficial name given to this more theoretical discipline to reflect the difference in the, Gon and Hisoka, Hunters both, were able to participate in matches and use Nen abilities despite being Hunters, with no warning or ill consequences. [5] Therefore, Enhancers are able to greatly increase their physical attack and defense and are best suited for melee combat. Aura from all parts of the body has a tendency to flow together, producing one mass of energy. [5], It is best to base a Nen ability on one's individual aura type. Nen Zeno, much like his grandson, Killua is a talented transmuter. [note 6] This divination requires one to float a leaf atop a glass of water. Transmuters are not limited to mimicking the properties of solid matter. There might have been some in the reading and I just skipped them on accident. [24], When a Nen user imposes an ability on another person which feeds off that person's aura to manifest its effects, that ability is classified as parasitic (寄(き)生(せい)型(がた)()()()()()()(), kisei-gata).


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