netgear ax4300 review

Ended up being a decent purchase and an upgrade from my old router (R7000). Don't buy the Costco conspiracy stuff floating around, great stuff and they take returns without red tape. After I connected the wires, I turned the device on. Right now I'm streaming two 4K videos, and three 1080p's simultaneously with absolutely no buffering.

You have to down load an app first which I did. I was looking for a router since the end of March 2020 because the modem+router+ap all-in-one, where I was I was staying, kept crapping out during my workday. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That level of sarcasm tells me you must have deep Facebook roots. That alone changed my mind on this router. For my desktop which works on a Ethernet cable it was a very simple install and it was up and running. Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2020, Better signal strength than previous router but frequent WIFI drops, Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2020. It works really good. Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2020.

Maybe it’s a dud but reviews in routers these days are not good anywhere.

I also knew going in that any Costco model will be an inbetweener/store specific model.

Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. So I changed my strategy to buying a mid-range AX that will be good enough to last me until 6E hardware stabilizes and new phones support 6E.

Don't know why but mine always seemed to actually use channel 44, the same channel a lot of the neighbors routers were on. Cookies help us deliver our Services. They used to have the best name and now I’ve been through 2 routers and still having issues. The Netgear AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router is relatively affordable and offers dual-band 802.11ac technology, a USB port, and a generous selection of management settings.

The SSID was still not broadcasted right.

For days I have beat my head trying to figure out why it had to marginal performance compared to my existing Wi-Fi 5 Comcast Technicolor CGM4140CM router that was great. Noticed I had not yet tried the new WPA-3 security option on this router yet so changed the setting to that.

The router work well in spite of the aforementioned exceptions.

Great price. Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2020. Maybe it’s a dud who knows?

I bought a new reasonably inexpensive Netgear Wi-F6 router that I was unable to get decent performance from.
Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2020.


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