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Classes • Bouncing Effect •

This set the energy stores to overload and most of the ships main systems crashed. Good generals frequently check the game, raid consistently, and leverage their  high income to advance quickly. However, other classes can still harvest them if they know they are there. ", "We had a bit of difficulty pronouncing the dialect of the alien race correctly. There are different ships floating around in the orbit. Harvest / Recycle • Mobile Attack Base • After multiple scans, it shows that it has loads of resources. ... Best chance of finding a big planet is on slots 7, 8 and 9. Large Cargo Ship • Debris fields created on expeditions will be visible in the Galaxy view.

This is especially the case for players of the discoverer class.

And if you send in a Destroyer, you will be eligible to find Reapers. ", "The solar wind of a red giant ruined the expeditions jump and it will take quite some time to calculate the return jump. Astrophysical level 4 = 2 expedition in the same time 3. Using fusion generators can help compensate with energy woes and becomes very effective the higher level your fusion reactor and energy tech.

The combination of +400% income from expeditions and the ability to harvest debris fields from expeditions means that Discoverers can secure an admirable income by keeping all expedition slots constantly running.

And the +10% planet size for discoverers means all of their planets are larger / will have less issues with space. Ogame, a text based strategy game about space colonization, has added a new class system that changes up the gameplay quite a bit. Our technicians try to store as much Dark Matter as they can while the phenomenon lasts. What should I do?

One major weakness of the Discoverer class is it’s prone to slow starts in a new universe.

Unlike normal debris fields, these must be harvested with Pathfinders instead Recyclers. This is important because Discoverer’s have large expedition fleets that will consume a lot of deuterium.

As opposed to Battleships or Destroyers, cargos are easy to replace; although, sending a fleet of Large Cargos is not always the best idea.

The Crawler increases the production of metal, crystal and Deuterium on their planet by 0.02% of each resource, per crawler. Fleetcrash • ", "On a tiny moon with its own atmosphere your expediton found some huge raw resources storage. Universe •

Our technicians are trying to save as much as they can. The maximum total bonus depends on the overall level of your mines. This frequently means turtles sell off massive quantities of deuterium to supply fleeters in need of it.

; Dependency Tree - of all buildings, structures, technologies, ships, and research. Of course, please modify or delete it if you do not want to have it there, as I didn’t ask previously for your permission.

Vault Planet, Blind phalanx (advanced) • Some of your technicians and pilots went to the surface looking for some ships which could still be used. +25% speed for Transporters A combat ship with a large cargo hold and the ability to recycle debris and find items while out on expeditions. You credited me and linked it back to this site. Some side fleeting and exploration aren’t necessarily bad ideas, but they should always be supplements to and not distractions from consistent growth of mines and defenses. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Do not upgrade. It nearly landed in the heart of a sun. After landing, our crew started to suffer from a high fever caused by an alien virus. This tactic can also be very useful in assisting fleeter allies with their attacks on enemies, making alliances with powerful fleeters (who are likely to also want to trade with you for deuterium) very advantageous for both sides in a turtle/fleeter alliance. They were able to harvest Dark Matter from a dying star. Here the formula: So, the number of expedition grow at level like that: 1. If you play the discoverer class, try to start expeditions as soon as possible. Our technicians are figuring out whether some of them are still useful or not. ", "Our expedition found a planet which was almost destroyed during a certain chain of wars. Krzzzzzzzztzzzz... "Your crew decided to go rogue and start their own settlement. ", "We found the remains of an alien ship. Fleeters advance steadily but major fleet losses can set them back dramatically. ", "We came across the remains of a previous expedition! A fight could not be avoided.

The really patient attackers may also want to check research score, as research lab needs deut, which meakes shipyard and rocket launchers more likely. ", "Our expedition took over a ghost ship which was transporting a small amount of Dark Matter.

Farming • Turtle is not only an apt analogy in that the defenses of a turtle can be likened to it’s hard shell. A spread out empire allows the Discoverer to move fleets to locations that are quieter / less likely to be attacked.

", "Your expedition went into a sector full of particle storms. ", "Your expedition ran into the shipyards of a colony that was deserted eons ago. I started to complete some articles on Ogame Fandom Wiki and added your blog on this page https://ogame.fandom.com/wiki/Class Galaxy • ...that forums have been a key part of the game experience from the beginning? // Adjust the 'APP_ID' to your application id I forgot to take tutorial into account, so Najics did it for me.

This Guide will sometimes make you drop below 0 energy, but that is only because there is an increase in production or if the overal loss is too little to counter the effect of extra resources.

The repairs took quite some time and forced the expedition to return without having accomplished its goal. Tips • At the end they noticed the signals were being sent from an old probe which was sent out generations ago to greet foreign species. The maximum duration of an expedition increases by 1 hour with each level of the relevant technology.

However, send twice your home planet's hourly production of Metal and Crystal along. Stomt.push(['addCreate', {appId: 'UWwF2vu28PdXzXJ1eVSs5a6Uh'}]); The post was edited 1 time, last by Valent (Aug 5th 2016, 2:10pm).

We found a little container with some Dark Matter on a shelf in the cargo hold!

They are fairly cheap and don’t require very much tech to begin building but their viability as an investment is largely dependent on the strength of your mines. The ability to harvest debris fields means on average larger fleets should be more profitable as larger fleets encounter larger hostile fleets, which means larger debris fields. Resource Saving • Espionage • +10% energy production This makes exploration fleets a great target for generals looking to crash fleets for debris. ; Tools - Useful tools you may find helpful as you play.

Resource management is used to keep the amount of resources that can be stolen … IPMs wreak massive destruction if they penetrate past your enemies shield of anti-ballistic missiles and having multiple planets firing on the same target makes it easy to fire missiles faster than your enemy can build ABMs even if they are online. Sensor Phalanx • ", "A failure in the flagships reactor core nearly destroys the entire expedition fleet. This is the wiki about it, that anyone can edit. ACS Defend •

Safety Probe • ", "We met an odd alien on the shelf of a small ship who gave us a case with Dark Matter in exchange for some simple mathematical calculations. Feel free to ask questions, discuss strats, or … Firstly, cold planets are a rich source of deuterium.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Jump Gate • Modified in version 7 to dramatically increase finds, especially for Discoverer class. ...a variety of universes exist to cater to various play styles and goals?

Only players of the discoverer class can see debris fields in slot 16. ", "Our Expedition located a rusty space station, which seemed to have been floating uncontrolled through outer space for a long time. ", "Well, now we know that those red, class 5 anomalies do not only have chaotic effects on the ships navigation systems but also generate massive hallucination on the crew. There are some old ships lying in the hangar.

Fleeters generally focus the majority of their income on building the biggest/strongest fleet they can to enable to them to make high profit hits with minimal losses. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Gaining resources • In the shipyards hanger they discover some ships that could be salvaged. Generals will create mines but frequently use fleetsaving as a method of protecting the resources those mines generate. The only way to get a new colony is via colonising. })(window, document, 'script', 'https://www.stomt.com/widget.js'); ", "Our expedition accomplished a unique experiment. Fighters of Galaxy Speedgame. As you increase your levels, the (percentage) difference between player and enemy diminishes.

How to calculate the active Crawlers: What follows is a building guide for total beginners to give something to hold onto while they learn the ropes. When will it open?


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