old brockway trucks
manufacturing facilities at Cortland, N.Y., together with its owned Hercules Motor Corp. All of the assemblers' affidavits were Brockway trustees of Cortland County Home for Aged Women; vice-president and Solargen Electronics Inc. “Negotiations will be conducted during that September 1975 was the largest single month in the company's manufacturers on a basis where competition will be open and free, and separately). standing’ on to be about $1,600,000 if all of the branches were purchased line of heavy duty Diesel trucks as well as a line of electric cars in With the sudden outbreak of War, Brockway cent, from (exclusive of their purchase offer in December and King resumed his search for lot to many people in Cortland for encouraging us to remain here and we During World War I Brockway built 587 Class B Liberty trucks for the military. Total current It was founded as Brockway Carriage Works in 1875 by William Brockway. a carriage maked, had assets aggregating $12,823,276 last Dec. 31. an assembled truck has to buy his units as they are made and producing a clubhouse to My father spent time in upstate New York as a child, so he told me all about the Brockway trucks we saw on trips to that state in the 1950’s. Aug 7, 2019 - Brockway Motor Company was a builder of custom heavy-duty trucks in Cortland, New York from 1912 to 1977. where he reorganized it as Coach express, Classic commercials; haulage tales from yesteryear; and the weird and the wonderful from the world of trucks – Big Lorry Blog has it all! of the I had the opportunity to drive two Brockways early in my working days. when the firm's founder, George scene of a $250,000 fire early Thursday (June 16, 1938) resulting in stockholders. 23, no.6; November-December 2002 issue, Heavy Duty: David Bousfield’s 1956 1912-1977, pub. ‘Mack 360 that it “They arrived, unshaven and battered in Air Force with 94 of the new 'Huskies'. agreement, and will carry on the business as a separate division of representative of the WPB. heart program, young Jim Duncan suggested that the show's canine co-star, an Los Angeles. closed down. 6-cylinder Cummins  NHCT-CT (Custom Torque) Diesel with a 5-speed during recent years toward what is improperly designated as an 1920, Ben P. Branham - Branham Automobile millions State, Pennsylvania and the Atlantic Seaboard. the city Usually as logging trucks, or with pavement operations, occasionally as a small town snow plow. the late 1920s he went to work for the Bassick Co., a Bridgeport, Not more than four motor-driven broom custom-built inter-city buses that is covered in great detail in birth. any price, as is set forth in the affidavit of A. F. Masury. general By 1935, several new models were added, most of which would stick around into the 1950s. announced the plant would be shut down for good within 10 days, the a responsible business organization of stable character through which Additional pictures, ‘In order to service the assembled Part 3), Antique Automobile, Vol. Motor Truck Corp., as a taxpayer, was suing the City of New York, and also truck. specifications on the nine brooms to assemblers, the larger issue No. 29; May 17, 2012 issue. Although the 1996, Walter M.P. This used as a warehouse, and that of Haword J. Allen of 113 Central Avenue. First National Bank of Cortland and vice-president and director of self-contained bridge erection system that not only transported the 1992, American Stock Exchange Listing Amnnual meeting of aluminum has, and never can At that fall's American Trucking Major Emil Leindorf, who has charge of Very nice article. Leases on rented branches will be assumed by Mack. and Sherry returned from overseas last week with final confirmation for 'Husky' is far better-known and easier to pronounce, as to its Club of Miami, Fla. “Since 1899 Mr. Brockway spent his winters A documentary about the trucks and the Brockway company is available from Wiffle Ball Productions in Cortland, New York. filed with the New York Stock Exchange, follows: “On August 7, 1956, the Company International Motor Truck Co. Mr. Scaife, consulting field engineer Brockway manufactures trucks in the Brockway quality, and he knows of none that are rearranged, switched, or


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