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And the sometimes maligned ‘project based learning’ which we deploy for about a 20% of our curriculum is a good tool for both. To achieve this there has to be some fundamental structural change: schools should be smaller, on a human scale, so that every child is known, and every child feels they have an adult who cares deeply about them. Then you are left to get on with it, with some technical help of varying quality, for example on how to build a school, or how to procure IT.

That diversity and choice for parents must be a good thing. Children need spark and creativity so they can solve some of the more intractable problems they may face in their lives. The looks on their faces says it all – somewhere between the awe of seeing a rainbow and the nervous energy of the scariest fairground ride. The School of Life:An Emotional Education English original school life Emotional Education Alain de Botton Alain de Botton [Chinese business original] Discount $ 21.54 Original:$ 22.31 “Me” listening is what we probably do most of the time; thinking about our next point or something different while our talk partner is speaking; “micro” listening is about close listening for individual words or body language; and “macro” listening is the story of what is being said and the values coming through. One father lifted up his T-shirt to show me the scars from being whipped at school in Africa, and implied it was OK for me to do the same. Eloquent and purposeful, exploratory talk should be at the heart of good lessons because it results in deeper thinking.

Simply put, if we think what we are doing is fine for children then of course we don’t need new methods.

Sacred Heart School has provided an excellence in education for over 111 years. Toby: If you could secure one major policy change for the school system, what would it be? My father was a book publisher, and I grew up valuing the importance of language, realising that one of the greatest inequalities in society is between the literate and illiterate worlds. I have a list of our 258 pre-opening items printed out in front of me, ranging from first aid to fire marshals, catering to staff contracts, statutory policies on grievances, bullying, whistle-blowing, parental complaints, ICT plans for hardware and software, curriculum maps, behaviour systems and timetable. Surely it's impossible to open the school on time tomorrow? To grow as young people academically but also emotionally, to find out what you are passionate about, to discover how you can make a difference to the world.". At its heart is a vision of what children need to thrive in the future. One girl, whom he subjected to a lot of searching questions – a girl who had been monosyllabic at the start of the year – said with great confidence: "At primary school I thought I was nothing. By challenging the students, getting them to craft and redraft their ideas, providing a real audience and purpose for their work, and giving them the right knowledge and tools to achieve it, we helped them to excel and stay motivated throughout. Working in teams over several weeks, they first learnt about the history of education, the concepts behind education and the skills of an architect. It’s obvious in the sense that it is a bottom-up movement, led by teachers who know that talk happens in their lessons and want to maximise it for learning. For example, asking “what is your story?” – to be told in three minutes with no interruptions – allows for two listeners (a “micro” and a “macro”) and lots of reflection at the end.

The 31 October deadline was fast approaching, and there was still no confirmation from the government that our school was going ahead, so we had to gamble and act as if we already had approval. It is also one of the reasons why Newham council and the mayor, Sir Robin Wales, were so supportive of our plans and were willing to let us refurbish an old secondary school in the heart of Stratford. Just last month they spoke at the planning committee and the plans were shelved. Many local secondaries would also have been reassured by the fact that our funding was the same as every other state school, and we had chosen to have the same admissions policy as all Newham schools. The Quest of alain ducasse. However, there’s a growing consensus that a middle way is possible, striking a balance between the need for a curriculum which is rich in content and an emphasis on the wider skills required by children to apply knowledge meaningfully in their lives. I think we sit somewhere in the middle. So we made many of our lessons longer, workshop style, so that students could go into more depth. School 21 is a free school in East London which has developed an unusual approach. We were not caught. What kind of person do we want coming out of schools at 18? Ed Fidoe, who himself had gone to a small all-through school, had worked as a consultant for many education organisations, and was convinced that we needed a revolution in the curriculum and pedagogy of schools if students were to come out with the flexible minds needed to succeed. I think of schools like Eton, weighed down by hundreds of years of history, schools that have bred prime ministers, great sportsmen and women, schools with the names of head boys engraved on wooden plinths in the grand entrance lobbies, where assemblies have probably been carried out in more or less the same way for the past 400 years. You might hear students say “not everyone spoke and so we need to include more voices next time” or “the conversation got stuck as we didn’t have enough information to back up our points”. I now think I can do anything.".

Show zero tolerance of bullying or unkindness. I posed the questions to our 11-year-olds: how should we treat each other at School 21? I wanted students to create their own school rules. We have found that if we aren’t clear on the purpose of talk, it can become a showpiece rather than central to the learning. We caught up with Oli de Botton, Head Teacher of School 21, to find out how his school is helping children to develop skills with real value outside the classroom. The three founders of School 21 Peter Hyman, Oli de Botton and Ed Fidoe came together with a shared belief that education must be done differently if we are to prepare young people properly for the world they are going into. puzzle quest challenge of the warlord. There is some really interesting work going on at the moment around measuring academic outcomes more reliability (using comparative methods etc.) It was time for guerrilla tactics. How have your experiences at School 21 informed your view? I was convinced we needed something big, bold and ballsy. The reception teachers focused on the basics in the morning, with all reception children learning to read and write with real rigour, and having a chance to explore and to work on projects in the afternoon. I am alone.

Groups are small  (1-13) and the ‘coach’ has been trained and in our oracy and well-being methods. I spent a lot of the next week, along with my deputy, confiscating phones, reading the BlackBerry BBM messages and dealing with the three culprits. Only the mayor and the council can advertise on the highway. At the heart of these assemblies and coaching time (where one teacher works with just 12 students for several hours a week) are key elements of our ethos: eloquence and wellbeing. We found this was a far more productive way of doing parents' evenings. More than that, they would be more likely to stick to the rules. So, what can this look like in practice?

Litter covers the entrance and pathway to the school. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. How should we become a strong and successful community? It's Monday morning. Part one: A focus on oracy can transform your school – 19 July issue, Part two: How learning discussion skills can deliver social change - 26 July issue, Part three: How emphasising oracy had a profound impact at one school– 2 August issue, Oli de Botton is head of School 21 in East London. That 36 hours proved crucial. School 21 Blog Team. The physical strand highlights stance and posture as well as non-verbal communication; “linguistic” emphasises lexical choice and vocabulary learning; “cognitive” focuses on the structure and content of the talk; and “social/emotional” looks at empathy and collaboration. He didn't want to wait six weeks for the next day of school. We hope you enjoy it! They then wrote essays justifying their ideas for the new classroom; provided a budget, using a variety of maths skills; created an inventory of furniture, lighting and other items; producing a 3D scale model of their classroom and a 2D computer-generated picture. We won’t share your details outside of Nesta without your permission. uk.

Nesta is an innovation foundation.

Toby: Can you give a sense of what that looks like in the classroom in School 21? Before any talk starts, we find it helpful to clarify expectations. We have to deliberately provide students with an array of challenges, experiences and situations that build up this toolkit, sharpens each tool, refines each skill and develops greater knowledge and understanding of key concepts and ideas: how to talk, explain, analyse, persuade in a range of contexts; how to choose the right behaviour or conduct – formal, informal, serious, amusing, emotional, analytical; how to develop academic skills – essay-writing, reading and comprehending difficult texts, analysing data; how to develop those personal attributes – what people sometimes call character education – that give a young person the self-belief, resilience and social awareness to lead, to function in a team, to take risks, to be flexible.

Recruiting the best staff is the most important task of any headteacher. At School 21 – a 4-18 school in Stratford, East London – we have been working on oracy since we opened in 2012 (and later with our linked charity, Voice 21). Many assemblies (together with coaching time – our version of form time) would emphasise the social/emotional strand, with students learning to discuss sensitive issues from the playground or wider society. In the planning stages, we try to ensure talk has purpose, with roles, sentence stems and prompts if necessary. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Now he presents the gathered wisdom of those ten years in a wide-ranging and innovative compendium of emotional intelligence which forms an introduction to The School of Life. So school has to change, and teaching has to change too. So, after nearly seven years, we are now close to securing a classroom toolkit and a way of thinking about oracy. Hear from Saffron Interactive one of the innovations shortlisted for the £5.75 million CareerTech Challenge. Always put in our best work and do our best in lessons.


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