paintra meaning in english
It slept, unnoticed, in a painter's studio for countless years before it came to life and vowed revenge on the world. The fake wrecking ball can be destroyed or inhaled. The fake one can't be inhaled, since it's in the background. This attack leaves two stars. Paintra DX paints Landia EX and her self portraits home in on Kirby before they explode. Bookmark this website for future visits. Translation of 'पैंतरा (Paintra)' by Nucleya from Hindi to Transliteration. 1. She resembles a witch, but is in fact a living painting, brought to life by the magic power of Taranza. Paintra is a boss making her debut in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Vividria's concept art. Paintra can also bring down a sheet of paper over the entire background, hide behind it, and then fly through the paper toward Kirby. Archer • Beam • Beetle • Bell • Bomb • Circus • Cutter • Fighter • Fire • Hammer • Ice • Leaf • Needle • Ninja • Parasol • Spark • Spear • Stone • Sword • Wing • Wheel • Whip, Standard In the first half of the fight, Paintra DX shoots seven multicolored orbs instead of three. After that, she proceeds to paint a hazard behind the paint, whether it would be spiked wrecking balls or purple spikes that retreat quicker. One of the objects that Paintra paints is. After she is done, the four Paintras will float together in an attempt to confuse the player, before separating. The two real pillars will extend forward, while the fake one just flutters harmlessly out of its frame. Unlike the red hat Paintra had in Main Mode, Paintra DX wears a crooked black hat which looks similar to that of a witch. Sh… One floats slowly out of the third frame like paper, with the appearance of paper. Category There was once a painting said to depict a pair of sisters separated at birth. Paintra has the same basic appearance of Drawcia: both being limbless and wizardous-looking creatures with large hats and colorful clothes. Copy Ability Paintra can also summon a sheet of paper to fall over the background, separating her from Kirby., Paintra's name and design is based heavily on. पैंतरा can mean many things depending upon the context and usage. The sorceress shoots paint balls in the background like before, but she ends the attack by swiping paint blobs onto the screen. Paintra Paintra also will occasionally spin and launch blobs of paint, or paint lines across the screen to limit the player's vision. This was seemingly confirmed later in concept artwork for, Paintra DX's pause description mentions that her painting was painted by a "mysterious brush." These balls being shiny in appearance. Attacks in italics are used in the second phase of the fight only. Kirby: Triple Deluxe artwork Name (JA) In Games She also gains a new attack, where she rapidly spins using her aforementioned paintbrush-like bottom as a sweep of sorts, and moves around the screen attempting to swipe King Dedede. Antler • Barbar • Beetley • Birdon • Blade Knight • Blipper • Bronto Burt • Broom Hatter • Burner Guardian • Cappy • Chilly • Chip • Clown Acrobot • Como • Craby • Degout • Dekabu • Flamer • Foley • Fuwa Rover • Ghost Book • Ghost Dish • Ghost Gordo • Gigatzo • Glunk • Gordo • Grandy • Grizzo • Horror Tramp • Hot Head • Kabu • Key Dee • Knuckle Joe • Lanzer • Leafan • Mamanti • Moonja • Mumbies • Nidoo • Noddy • Pacflower • Pacto • Parasol Waddle Dee • Parasol Waddle Doo • Pierce • Poppy Bros. Jr. • Ringle • Rocky • Rope Waddle Dee • Rope Waddle Doo • Scarfy • Searches • Sheld • Shotzo • Sir Kibble • Soarar • Sparky • Springy Hand • Spynum • Squishy • Tick • Waddle Dee • Waddle Doo • Wheelie • Whippy • Woodcutter Waddle Dee, Hypernova Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014) Paintara Badlana Meaning in English. Paintra can even paint the four Landia dragons. Paintra can also bring down a sheet of paper over the entire background, hide behind it, and then fly through the paper toward Kirby. Paintra can release three multicolored orbs, roughly the size of Kirby, at slight angles ahead of themselves, after briefly charging up. Paintra Clones (3) - After painting them, Paintra shuffles herself with them. Mr. Frosty • Gigant Edge • Bonkers • Flame Galboros • Blocky • Grand Wheelie • Hornhead, Standard Paintra will summon empty picture frames into the background and paint large wrecking balls onto them. This attack leaves an ability-less star each time she swipes. She was merely a painting before Taranza disturbed her, and she materialized from her frame and attacked Kirby. She resembles a witch, but is in fact a living painting, brought to life by the magic power of Taranza. Paintra is a colorful sorceress and the boss of Kirby: Triple Deluxe’s second level, Lollipop Land. The cloth that is wrapped around the hat is red and is noticeably slanting towards the front. Paintra is the boss of Triple Deluxe's second Level, Lollipop Land, and she is also battled in The Arena and in Stage 4 of Royal Road. This still leaves two stars, however. Here only one word has been listed for the hindi word 'पैंतरा बदलना'. The two real pillars will then retreat back into their frames; each pillar leaving two stars when they do. Cannons (4) - The real ones fire three successive shots toward the stage at varying angles. Its meaning is 'tack'.


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