physics ia ideas magnetism
Questions begin to run wild in student’s minds, worrying about the format of their Physics IA, and desperately searching for examples and potential ideas for their IA. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. Repulsion or attraction between two magnetic dipoles, Induced and permanent atomic magnetic dipoles,, LiveScience - What is Magnetism? Look up a homopolar motor. ... De Magnete was the text in which Gilbert revealed the results of his research on magnetism and attempted to explain the nature of magnets and the five motions associated with magnetic phenomena. 6, #1, Jan. 1968, p. 38. The best project ideas match an interesting topic to the student’s grade level, whether it’s … Physics subjects ripe for investigation include magnetism, light, heat, sound and motion. These labs are great because they reinforce ideas about period, frequency, wavelength and wave speed. This force deflects the particles without changing their speed. 25 Unique Physics IA Ideas. ; Is plant growth affected by the presence of an electromagnetic field? I am now thinking at looking at hysterisis. Janice VanCleave, "1, Stickers", Magnets, p. 4. I also am interested in the Peltier effect but as you can see my thoughts are very scrambled and I am having trouble identifying two variables to look at. It can be an electric current in a conductor or charged particles moving through space, or it can be the motion of an electron in an atomic orbital. These labs are great because they reinforce ideas about period, frequency, wavelength and wave speed. I am now thinking at looking at hysterisis. Eureka! Magnetism Science Fair Project Ideas . So in this case, my general topic of interest would be: geostationary satellites. The magnet on the swivel may be used to show a magnetic motor. View Test Prep - Physics IA Final.docx from PHYS 123 at American International School of Riyadh. A. H., "One Pole to Rule Them All", Popular Mechanics, Vol. One end of the magnet is called a north pole and the other end a south pole. In this respect, a magnetic field is quite different from an electric field. Tracy Hood, "A New Direction: How a Compass Pointed The Way to Clearing Up an Attractive Misconception", TPT, Vol. 14, #4, Apr. ", TPT, Vol. Typically, you would be looking for something that is relatively simple to do yet allows a thorough investigation that scores well on the IA criteria. Walter Thumm, "Questions Some Students Ask... A Question of Magnets and Keepers", TPT, Vol. Associated with both these types of current loops is a magnetic dipole moment, the value of which is iA, the product of the current i and the area of the loop A.


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