pilot jet too rich symptoms
I’ve had this bike over thirty years and have put plenty of point sets in it. By If you're satisfied with how it's running, that's all that really matters. In third/fourth gear, ride up the hill at steady throttle. A pilot fuel screw will also be made of brass, gold in color, and will have a pointy “needle tip”. Amal Premier pilots have grooves on the ends. Like William1 said, find out where in the throttle your problem is, and start there. And I try to jet my bike so that it' at it's most responsive at about 1.5 turns out, but different people have different preferences. The butt dyno is not real accurate. A carb will have an air screw or a fuel screw 99% of the time. Your email address will not be published. Mark the grip so you know where you are in relation to ho open the arb is (1/8 incements from closed to fully open is enough). Your goal is to make the run, at the steady throttle position, in the shortest time. I experimented with the needle hight. For example, say you do it 3/8ths throttle. What are some indications of a rich pilot jet and/or screw setting? It runs stronger than I ever thought possible with the new carb and electronic ignition. I am thinking now, maybe the coils arn’t liking the compression load with the new carb. The new carb was obviously running too lean at idle. The main thing is to change one thing at a time. That leaves massive amounts of needle tuning which can really only be done by the person whose bike it is. How do you determine the size of the jet you have? If your air screw is out further than 2.5 turns, you need a leaner pilot. Some finess was required to make a new flare, but anything is better than the crap they passed at the factory. I've been a gear head for years but never messed with a carb, ever. Way quicker and way more accurate. I now I replaced the coils some tme in the past wih stock new ones. I put a .019 idle jet in it, up from the stock .017, skipping the .018 because it was idling very lean. It will also cause a lean condition on the stand. Hopefully you don't run it this way for long, terminal for engines. Hiesenberg, April 23, 2014 in Motorcycle Jetting & Fuel Injection. With engine running at low RPM, turn the screw in clockwise until the engine begins to stumble, then turn the screw counterclockwise until the engine stumbles, noting how many turns in/out both occurred. This condition is primarily caused by dirty air filters, but it could also result from the incorrect fitting of after-market accessories such as exhaust systems, air filter systems, or replacement carburetors of a different type or size. I'm used to throwing a car on the dyno with a wideband to get the air/fuel in the right range. It idles strong now with the mixture screw out 1 1/2 turns out. After trying to get the carb to run right with its other apparent issues, I finnaly yanked the tickler out of this brand new amal premiere carb because it kept hanging up and I could see that it wasn’t going down enough. Should you need a range of pilot jets, please see the chart below and select the size you need for your given application: Click here to view our full range of vintage Triumph parts, BSA motorcycle parts and Norton Commando parts, I just wanted to say thank you for reading today's Tech Tip post, If you enjoyed reading today's topic, click here for more Tech Tip posts just like this one, As always, you can leave use a comment below to join in on the conversation. 15 1 ring Leanest? There are carb models that have both a fuel and air screw, however I actually have never worked on one in 20+ yrs of wrenching. How could it be the coils? Then if the mid throttle jetting isnt correct then change the needle, bigger taper angle for richer, and smaller needle taper angle for leaner. The flared roll pin was very poorly flared and jagged. Unless its fast outdoor mx, most people splend 95% of every ride on the jet needle and there is literally no way an oxygen sensor is going to tell anything about a carburetor on a 2 stroke. What you are after when adjusting this screw, is too reach peak idle RPM and smoothness. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved.ThumperTalk® is a registered trademark. By the time I was done setting and checking throttle response, I was only 1 turn out from seat. The pilot fuel screw meters fuel, so turning it clockwise/in will lean the fuel/air mix, while turning it counter-clockwise/out will richen the fuel air mix. I am thinking now, maybe the coils arn’t liking the compression load with the new carb. Please comment below! Anyway, once it’s past the bog it’s on it’s way to doing 100mph with no problem. They work opposite of each other so it is important to know that before performing this procedure. Is a #17 leaner or richer than a #19? Symptoms of a rich condition can be a rough running engine (sputtering), a black spark plug, a wet plug or excessive plug fouling.


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