platy fish diseases

The scientific name of this disease is ‘Ichthyophthirius multifiliis’. Tropical freshwater fish are one of the most delicate creatures and die very commonly. Will they cross breed with other platies. Is my tank suitable for the 5 orange common and 2 larger whitish with yellow sheen platies? Besides solid colors, the fish have been bred to exhibit a variety of patterns. < Platies have been domesticated since the early 1930's and the hundreds of generations may have developed some strains that are not as resistant to certain diseases as their wild ancestors.-Chuck> R
A Platy which is scraping itself on plants or filters of the aquarium indicates that it is in some sort of discomfort. In their natural habitat, they eat small crustaceans, worms, insects and plants.
It is important to pay attention to your fishes’ health because of how hard it can be to spot diseases. Platy fish can fall victims to many ailments, some preventable, some curable, others fatal. Platy fish belong to Xiphophorus genus and along with Mollies, Guppies and Swordfish are a member of the Poeciliidae family. We recommend keeping 2 or 3 females to every male. Platy fish make ideal tank mates as they are very peaceful. that spread quickly and can kill the fish if not treated at the right time. These tips apply not only to platy fish keeping, but to any type of fish you’re raising. Remember to always keep the tank covered as they can jump out the tank. Check for the gills of the fish. Check your fish daily for any signs of lack of health such as lethargy, clamped fins, scratching against objects or unusual breathing by the fish. Keep up on water maintenance and symptoms should cease after about 10-12 weeks. There are many treatments, from raising water temperatures to using medication. This condition can cause your fish to lose its eyes or its eyesight if it goes untreated. In general, a healthy Platy can tolerate water temperature between the range of 68̊F to 82̊F or 20̊C to 28̊C.

If your Platy drifts close to the bottom or is gasping for air at the surface, it is definitely sick. If your platy fish have contracted ich disease, they’ll usually display the following symptoms: Ick is easy to detect and it’s a curable disease. However, when a fish undergoes stress, the immune system weakens, and the fish may get affected.

Scratching, small worms hanging from body. The closer you can replicate this diet for your aquarium, the healthier your fish will be. Scratching, white salt-like spots starting on head and spreading over whole body, rapid breathing, cloudiness on eyes or fins.


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