porsche 915 transmission numbers

The 991 GT3 RS.

Race cars should also get a pressurized lubrication system to help with reliability. The most noticeable difference in these gearboxes is the cable shifter. The only fix is to replace with a Porsche remanufactured unit, or a good used one. 915 gearboxes were made from magnesium cases from 1972 until 1977. Lufteknic is not responsible for any typographical errors contained within the site. Leaks, overheating, and contaminated or improper fluid are usually the reason these transmissions fail. It is factory fill in all 996 GT3/GT3 R cars.

These transmissions have evolved now (in 986, 996, 997, Cayenne, etc.) Hypoid gear lube traditionally works better in most of the older gearboxes, but under high power and heat, they have a tendency to oxidize. Some of them had aluminum final-drive cases in 1977 before the entire gear case was made from aluminum in 1978 with the introduction on the 911SC. 1986 911 and earlier cars through the 356 come into our shop continually with “needing transmissions” and shifting can be dramatically changed with service to the shift linkage. What Is This Porsche 911 Prototype Spied In Testing? 911S, Design for Porsche off-road production car, Reserved for four-valve version of Type 917's engine (see 922), Experimental liquid-cooled 32-valve 908 eight-cylinder engine, Turbo and Turbo Carrera, production car based on Type 911, 3.0-liter 911 SC engine for United States and Canada, 3.0-liter 911 SC engine for rest of world, 3.2-liter 911 Carrera engine for rest of world, 3.2-liter 911 Carrera engine for USA and Japan, Special Type 930 transaxle for Swiss market's noise limits, 3.3-liter 911 Turbo for United States (49 states), 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine for Airship Industries Skyship 600, Turbocharged 924 engine for potential record-breaker, Prototype built for another manufacturer (not the same car as the Type 989), 3.2-liter light airplane engine, marketed as PFM 3200, Improved customer engine for 956 and 962C, "Baby," ultra-light 1,425 cc Group 5 racing 911, 2.1-liter turbocharged Spyder for Group 6 competition, 936 rebuilt for Le Mans 1981 with 935/76 four-cam engine, Four-speed Tiptronic automatic for 911 Carrera 2, 2.5-liter four-cylinder production car, left-hand drive, 2.5-liter four-cylinder production car, right-hand drive, Initial project for four-speed 928S automatic, later Type 960, 16-valve turbo engine and transaxle for Le Mans 924 GTP racer, Transaxle for production 911, 85 mm shaft separation, Type/Model designation considered for 964 Turbo, Four-wheel-drive limited-production sports car, 2,849 cc twin-turbo six powering Type 959, Porsche Experimental Structure (PES) study vehicle, Planned evolution version of Type 959 for Group B competition, Four-speed automatic transmission for 928S, Type 962 adapted to requirements of Group C racing, Planned range-topping four-cam twin-turbo 911 Carrera variant, 911 Speedster initial development project, Planned marketing designation for Type 965, 1st generation of the Panamera 4-door sports car, 2nd generation of the Panamera 4-door sports car, "Porsche Junior" study of small rear-engined sports car, Boxster mid-engined production sports car, Cayman (S) mid-engined production sports car, Planned four-door four-seat production Porsche with 3.6-liter V-8, 4th-generation "911" Carrera and Carrera 4 production sports cars, 3.0-liter V8 low-drag aluminum-body study for German government, based on the 928, Studies of future air-cooled Volkswagen configurations, Vee-inclined overhead-valve twin-cam engine for project 1866, Hatchback rear-engined design for VW developed into 1966, Projected underfloor-engine production Volkswagen, Urban car studies, two-cylinder air-cooled rear—engined.

Porsche 915 transmission rebuild repair parts and service. Porsche-Schmid synchromesh, preliminary studies, Porsche-Schmid synchromesh system for VW gearbox, Design A, Porsche-Schmid synchromesh system for VW gearbox, Design B, Tools and fixtures for internal use (Gmünd workshop), Front axle design for VW Bus (VW Type 29), Short wheel base design for VW Type 1951, self supporting body, Drivetrain and suspension for type 405 and 406, Porsche 1.3 liter engine with axial blower, 1.5 liter engine with Hirth camshaft (55 HP) for Type 356, Single cylinder diesel engine for Allgaier, Gearbox with Porsche/Schmid synchronization for, Single cylinder hydrogen engine for Allgaier, 1.2 liter engine for Volkswagen (HA 9032), Volkswagen vehicle with various adaptations, 4-speed synchronized transmission for Volkswagen, Allgaier Porsche tractor Typ 25 S (carburetor tractor), Porsche Getrag transmission for Hanomag Typ St3P25, Porsche Getrag transmission for DKW - Auto Union Typ StD4L28, Bosch Fuel injection for Type 369 1.3 liter engine, Dabo-Reibkugel transmission for Volkswagen and the 356, Stepless Dabo-Reibkugel transmission for Industrial engines, 1.5-liter production engine with 60 HP for Type 356 (initially for Le Mans), 1.5-liter sports engine with 70 HP for Type 356, 1500S or Super, Truck project for Zürcher, Automobilfabrik Orion AG, Four-passenger Porsche, 2,400 mm (94.5-inch), Sports-racing version of 1.1-liter engine, Allgaier tractor A122 with 2-cylinder diesel engine of 22 HP, Allgaier tractor A133 with 3-cylinder diesel engine of 33 HP, Allgaier tractor A144 with 4-cylinder diesel engine of 44 HP, Special sports version of the Type 356 for the USA, Sedan prototype with water-cooled V6 engine for, 1.5-liter 4-cylinder air-cooled industrial engine, Plain-bearing 1.5-liter 4-cylinder air-cooled engine with 55 HP, based on Type 527, 46 HP version used as an industrial engine, 1.5-liter four-camshaft racing engine, experimental version for the Type 550 Spyder, Type 547 series production, 100 to 110 HP, Improved 1.5-liter racing engine for Type 718 and 718/2, 148 to 150 HP, 1.6-liter racing engine for Type 718, 160 HP, 1.7-liter racing engine for Type 718, 170 HP, Porsche/Schmid synchronized transmission for Fuller USA, 1.8-liter racing engine with axial flow fan, 185 to 190 HP, Jet-ejector cooling for air-cooled engines, Experimental self-leveling suspension for Type 356, Improved 2.0-liter racing engine for Type 904, 1.3-liter sports engine for Type 356, 1300S, Jagdwagen or Hunter, four-wheel-drive military/utility vehicle, 1.6-liter sports engine for Type 356A, 1600S, 1.6-liter sports engine for Type 356C, 1600SC, Four-speed tunnel-case transmission for Type 356B, Experimental sports-racing car, "Mickey Mouse", Five-speed gearbox for sports-racing Porsches, based on Type 519, Five-speed tunnel-case transmission for Type 718, 1.5-liter Type 692 with roller-bearing crankshaft, 1.5-liter Type 692 with plain-bearing crankshaft, 1.6-liter plain-bearing Type 692 for touring Carrera, Improvements to 1.6-liter production engine, Four-speed transmission for Type 356A with improved, Four-speed transmission for Type 356B and 356C, Experimental 2.0- and 2.2-liter six-cylinder engines, 1.5-liter eight-cylinder engine for Type 804 GP car, Prototype for rear-engined successor (T7) to 356 (T6), based on Type 695, 2.0- and 2.2-liter sports-racing versions of Type 753, Number reserved at that time for Dr. Keckstein, "Bergepanzer 2" Armoured recovery vehicle based on the Leopard 1 chassis, "Biber" Armoured bridge layer based on the Leopard 1 chassis, Prototype of six-cylinder production sports car, 160 hp engine for Type 911S; five-speed transmission, 110 hp engine for Type 911T; five-speed transmission, Fuel-injected engine for Type 911S; four-speed transmission, Type 901/06 (130 hp) with US. producing 60 to 70 HP. The standard 996 gearbox (G96.00, G96.01, G96.30, and G96.31) is a development all its own which is similar to some current VAG (VW Audi Group) products, but shares almost nothing with other Porsche transmissions.

The PDK allowed the next gear change to be made while the clutch-disc and flywheel were still frictionally involved and transmitting power to the driven wheels.


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