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Damn, you’re stupid. The song was originally written by Bob Dylan, who hasn’t commented on its usage at any of the rallies. Guns ‘N Roses – “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, Trump regularly plays this Guns N’ Roses hit at his rallies. A police captain in a cowboy hat and Trump 2020 socks was bobbing his head to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” A sales representative from a body camera vendor was Shazaaming The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun.” And when the Village People’s “Macho Man” blasted through the Skyline Ballroom’s PA system at around 10:15 a.m., there was audible laughter—someone even remarked about “the psychology” of playing this particular song at a Trump event for cops.

Cambro_9 then is likely the account of Christopher Ambrosini, who, according to the 2019 annual report to Congress on White House office personnel, is a lead advance representative for the president making $80,000 a year. You need to learn these before you spew your stupid rhetoric any more.

Keep spewing false info, though. I didn’t think you would. We’ve reached out to Spotify about what appears to be a bug but did not immediately hear back. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Play whatever makes whiny self-righteous Liberals go into a tantrum. Trump’s rallies usually focus on classic rock, sometimes pop, and weirdly once, Celine Dion’s theme song from Titanic and even music from the Broadway musical Cats.

You’re a fool…and wrong, as usual. Rights of Publicity have nothing to do with blanket licenses, dickwad. If it doesn’t belong to the president, it does seem to belong to someone with an infatuation for his tastes in music. Fleurie & Jung Youth, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” The Rolling Stones.

Gizmodo reached out to Christopher and Michael Ambrosini for comment but did not immediately receive a response. R.E.M.

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You’re sad. I clicked on this story thinking it would be interesting, but after reading the comments it appears this is just a forum for people who have a political agenda. The sad thing is that you’re in a vacuum and nobody cares what you say.

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That Instagram account is private, but the username appears in an Instagram photo from a non-private account from another apparent Trump staffer tagged at the White House and captioned: “When the Advance team tries to advance ourselves.”.

Greenwood himself is a Conservative Christian, so he approves of the president’s use of his song… Elton John is one of the biggest objectors to finding his music in a Trump rally playlist. If you want to control the use of your song, do direct licensing only. I’m a lifelong Republican. Though the playlist was made private after Google’s indexing, we are still able to access them through their original URL. Trump loves Elton John’s music and often plays it at his rallies. Obviously.

Obviously not.

“Macho Man” is a recurring fixture of Trump’s rally music, as is Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and various tracks from the Rolling Stones, one of which played at Monday’s rally: “Play With Fire.” On Spotify, there are 2,900 playlists that include “Macho Man,” and 8,970 playlists with “Play With Fire.” While Spotify’s search functionality does not seem to provide a way to craft a query for playlists that include both songs, Gizmodo was able to identify these playlists with a simple Google search: “play with fire” + “macho man.” Of the two playlists that Google indexed, one stood out: A playlist indexed on August 7 called “Rally” by a user named “cambro_9.” The name of the playlist had since been changed to “IR” on Spotify.

Every PRO understands these and has published rules. Why don’t they stick to artists who approve of them? The two were friends when Jackson was alive. But there’s not much they can do about it because of how U.S. copyright law works. The president’s use of music during his massive rallies is contentious among artists — to say the least.

Trump even used “little Rocket Man” to refer to North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un.

– “Losing My Religion” and “Everybody Hurts”. Greenwood himself is a Conservative Christian, so he approves of the president’s use of his song.

While the music at Donald Trump rallies has been extensively covered by the media, the president, unlike nearly every other candidate looking to seize his office in 2020, has yet to release his official playlist—a fact made puzzling by the sheer volume of bangers the playlist seems to contain.

You clearly have no idea about public performance licensing. Both Dion and John declined to appear.

These songs include Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music” and the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil,” notably two artists who have repeatedly expressed their anger at their music’s inclusion in the president’s mixtapes.

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You didn’t read the link. Of those public playlists—which, before they were made private, included an Eminem-heavy rap playlist titled “B-Rabbit Beats” and another playlist titled “Jah Feel” with tracks from Slightly Stoopid, Bob Marley, and Sublime—one caught our attention. How about listing the names of the songwriters/composers instead of just the artists? }, −  two  =  six .hide-if-no-js {

You’re an empty suit. Trump holds his rallies at massive arenas that have extensive music performance licensing agreements to play these songs.

Fraud In the Music Industry — How Big of a Problem Is This? The playlist in question contains many of the songs frequently cited as being heard at Trump events. Her opinion isn’t public either way. What about learning something about using a song without permission? This song usually plays as Trump prepares to take the stage at the beginning of one of his rallies. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

(Last year, for example, Buzzfeed News reported that a member of the advance team blocked a photographer from taking a photo.) }, five  +   =  eight .hide-if-no-js { Neither singer has objected to the use of the song for campaign purposes. According to Sinatra’s former manager, Sinatra told Trump to “go f—k himself” after Trump tried to renegotiate an Atlantic City casino contract with him. The CEO of ‘Non-Profit’ SoundExchange Makes $1.4 Million a Year, What Streaming Music Services Pay (Updated for 2020), Is Your Song Being Played on the Radio?

Last October, Trump played “We Will Rock You” without permission. The White House Office of Presidential Advance is a little-known team responsible for coordinating travel and logistics for the President and his crew. It doesn’t.

A pro-Trump album by Southwest Alabama songwriting duo Sugarcane Jane has piqued the interest of national conservative media outlet The Federalist, which premiered the video for the song … Trump 2020 (Official Theme Song) - Ice, Ice, Agents - YouTube Sugarcane Jane is the husband and wife duo of Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee; Crawford’s credits include time backing Neil Young, among other musicians of note.

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President Donald Trump on Monday was running behind schedule, but the officers at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference were pleasantly occupied enjoying the music.

All rights reserved (About Us). Elton John – “Candle in the Wind,” “Tiny Dancer,” “Rocket Man,” “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting”.
To be clear, Trump and his playlists have been reported on for years and existed in some form or another—on or off Spotify—long before the creation of “Rally” by cambro_9.

For reference, because you’re probably too lazy, here is ASCAP’s guidelines: Well, when you repeat it again and again it must magically become true.

Trump has played both “YMCA” and “Macho Man” at his rallies in the past.

}. The creators of the compositions have a legal and moral right to be equally appalled, don’t you think?

Will either one of these songs make an appearance tonight in Tulsa?

And I’m not a leftists. You’re an idiot – time and time again.
Yawn. How to Get on Spotify Playlists — Try These 16 Proven Tips.


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