prolong grid charger

Easy to use. Rated 5.00 out of 5 (1) $ 359.00 – $ 469.00. Can I use this Charger here as the power Supply is 220 V. Yes, this charger can be used any where in the world without any modifications as it works on AC input of 65-265 V. Tech Specs: It seems like I can’t drain it to 0%, even if I tried. The initial balancing can take 4-12 hours after the filling phase is complete. I've been getting familiar with the grid charger using a pack on the bench, it works wonderfully. Yes, with the use of this charger, your Hybrid Battery will regain its capacity and charge. Optional Step: If your vehicle allows, you can reset the hybrid system to allow the vehicle to immediately see the new charge level of the battery pack. Just cause you ran the battery down to a one or 2 bars doesn't mean it needs an outboard charge its just doing its thing. Very good Customer service! This means the battery is in the balancing phase. Please enter email address to create or update Opinions Please. However, the display did not register the additional charge. The inverse of this is that it will not void the warranty unless Toyota specifically determines that the aftermarket part is the cause. While we are not in favor of running the fan as the charger supplies only 350 mA of current and as such does not generate significant amount of heat but due to customers demand, I have now included the instructions and power source to run the fan while charging the Hybrid Battery for Honda insight.

The Insight has been driving great, with all IMA features working as they should. The first phase of charging is ‘filling’ the battery. A Grid Charger is a small electronics device that, when connected to the Hybrid Battery Pack, charges your Hybrid Battery Packs at a very low current ( ~ 350 mA). This will get rid of the error codes and turn off the CEL (Check Engine Light) and the IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) light. Your Rating Once the battery becomes ‘full’ the balancing process will begin. Average If these readings are different and beyond the specified range, then an error code is generated by the BMS: e.g. Those need to be physically replaced by opening up the Hybrid Packs. However I must warn you that if there are any dead cells, or cells which are beyond normal wear and tear, those cells will need to be replaced before the charger will be effective. This Grid Charger will help you avoid all the HASSLES.

I’m very happy with the result. We also sell Grid Chargers and re-conditioned battery packs at a low cost. Joined: Dec 29, 2018 73 48 0 Location: Milwaukee, WI Vehicle: 2007 Prius Model: Base. Over Current protection, reverse Voltage protection. Honda: P1447, P1449, P1600, P0A7F, P07AF, P1433. Charging Current 300-350mA The battery is the most neglected—yet potentially most expensive—component in any hybrid car. The Prolong™ Grid Discharger is available for the following hybrid vehicles: 00-06 Honda Insight; 03-05 Honda Civic; 04-15 Toyota Prius Less to break and render the grid charger unusable.

I have Hybrid Automotive's Prolong Deluxe Reconditioning Package. As an individual cell reaches its peak voltage it warms slightly, then the voltage drops as it converts the excess charge energy to heat, then the cell cools and again charges to 100%. All Prolong Battery Systems are built with high quality Mean Well internal power supplies. Very Poor.

(Fanfare here). Subsequent balancing sessions will likely be much shorter, perhaps 4-6 hours after filling is complete. Now, it is not a problem at all. AC power for charging instead of the internal charging system of the Hybrid Cars. The Prius charger is a 260v system and the 360v system is for Lexus, Highlander, Tahoe, Yukon. In the middle of September, I installed your grid charger on my 2002 Honda Insight. The wire harness and the instructions are very clear and comprehensive for anybody to follow and make the connections. If you’d prefer not to do the installation yourself, you can use this map to find and contact your nearest installer.. So my rationale in considering a grid charger was to deal with these issues. High Voltage. Moreover this charger will help you re-balance your whole pack, thus your IMA light and CEL(Check Engine Light) will go off. These instruction focus specifically on the battery charge & balance cycle. I live in Europe. Then reconnect the 12V battery/IMA fuse, start the car and allow it to idle. Can I make the connections or do I need a qualified electrician? Prolong Battery Reconditioning Kit: Snake Oil?? We are not liable for any mistakes you make by yourself. The car should be turned off while charging. Each one is a labor of love, and every detail is obsessed over. The Grid Chargers, when connected to the Hybrid Packs, charges these cells to their full capacity at a very low rate of current, thus getting rid of the “Memory Effect”. During the ‘filling’ phase the voltage displayed on the charger will slowly climb at a steady rate from the starting voltage to a 100% charge level, then level off. Priced at a fraction of the cost of replacing your hybrid battery, Prolong Battery Systems are is one of the most sensible investments any hybrid owner can make. If you don't, then it takes about 10 minutes for the computer to recognize the actual charge level. We have further simplified the procedures for Honda Insight so that now you do not need to remove the pack, but you can make the connections in situ. Because your not charging it up to 7 bars. Do Not Open!” warning heat shrink 50 pack. Another online source says that if you remove the #15 fuse and run the engine at 3,000 rpm, you can fast-charge the battery. Really Great Product!! If you are not going to discharge the pack, we recommend waiting 30 minutes after disconnecting the charger before driving the vehicle. Last night when I went to start it and drive it, the engine had its normal “instant start,” the IMA performed as it should, the “auto stop” worked, and I remain delighted.

Package includes: -Prolong Battery Charger (HEV power grid charger) -Discharge Ready Car Harness with integrated safety cap -AC power cord (for domestic US customers) -All hardware needed for installation -Online Installation Instructions & User Guide -Two year Warranty Easily recondition your … [email protected] What do the "prolong" charging systems do for the HV battery? The biggest issue I've seen with Prolong are quality control issues surrounding crimps on the harness. The internal resistance of the cells also becomes different over a period of time say about 7-8 years. Its name signifies the fact that you are using the “Grid” i.e. That was a month and a half ago. So it is still very useful to have a Grid charger handy even if you are re-conditioning your Hybrid packs. The process is repeated over and over. This grid charger should be required with every Civic Hybrid. The fan runs anytime the charger is charging. If you are reconditioning the pack, this is when you will want to connect the discharger and start draining the pack. During the ‘balancing’ phase you will most likely see a steady voltage reading or a very slow oscillation of voltage – perhaps a 1-3 volt swing over several minutes. Plus, in many cases the DC_DC converter does not charge the 12V battery in the cars, which can lead to a lot of dangerous consequences. TC 75C TA 50C(Max). Step-by-step installation instructions: Click here for all the info you need to install your Prolong Car Harness. It is a electronics device; not a Magic Wand. Starting at only $349, Prolong Battery Systems will help keep your battery balanced and healthy, and your hybrid as fuel-efficient as ever. The charger will need to be connected to the Hybrid Battery Pack through a special Wire Harness. WARNING: This is a very High Voltage gadget and needs careful handling. Perfect


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