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I got three jobs and began to exhaust myself with work. Your unquestioned personhood, but not your struggle I received a phone call from my ex-fiancé Tandeace. Braille & Alert David Daniels is a columnist at and the managing editor of I'm sorry, it's embarrassing, forgive us, we were jealous I’m so thru wasting words.”. I was excited at the idea of finally having help with my career and all the exciting things HB said were in store, but my wise and insightful wife was more concerned about me deviating from God’s plan. They dropped their long-awaited project Feared by Hell, and also won a Dove Award for their last project. I started being taught and understanding what a man of God was and how he behaves. Humble Beast wasn’t the first record label to show interest in Eshon Burgundy. Our terms of endearment, but not our struggle I was debating on whether I should release it or not, and while spending some time with the Father, I believe I heard Him say, “Release it as is, and I’ll do something with it.” That project reached and encouraged thousands of people all over. Aug 28, 2020. It was Him graciously reminding me of my original call that led me to resign from Humble Beast in May of 2015. We’d locate the corners with the most drug activity and show up in a Winnebago to perform, preach and pray with the people. 4. Easier to blame them economic woes on This episode aired in August. And the fact them names are foreign that's just what I'm pointing to Propaganda’s faith is not the only subject touched on here, politics, social issues, and personal demons all come into focus often. We hadn’t spoken in almost two years, and to my surprise, she had been recently fasting and praying on my behalf. I don’t know who the “you” is in this diary entry. Release: Art Ambidextrous She and I had already talked about me working on new music with the little I had and continuing my career in faith. 7. But we ain't know better, you told us you struggle too - KHAM shares some of the realities African Americans have gone through and expounds on his powerful music video for “Botham.” Watch Community During Chaos Below: KB just dropped his latest LP His Glory Alone to immense critical acclaim. And a rope finds its strength from multiple lines wrapped Next, I was being invited to Miami to perform alongside a rapper named Thi’sl and a few others. **Items ordered with a pre-order item will ship with pre-ordered item! Art Ambidextrous, Art Ambidextrous is not for the faint of heart. 103, Bar Exam: Xay Hill – Broken Nightmares (First Listen Album Review), Social Club Misfits Drop New Album ‘Feared by Hell’, Dru Bex & Kay Sade Release New Collab Album ‘UFO TOFU’ (Listen Here), Christian Rap Song Drops [October 30 2020] (Listen Here), Christian Rap Album Drops [October 30 2020] (Listen Here), Bar Exam: KHAM – Problematic (First Listen Review), Rapzilla Freshmen 2020 “On God” Arrow ft. Xavier Sorrow & Xay Hill, Cayman Wendt – Lifeline ft. Ian Kenville and Alex Papaleo, Akil Hamilton – Best Part ft. Saint James, Corey Paul Did Ministry with George Floyd, Legin Talks Safe House, Mitch Darrell on Next Gen Leaders, Wande on Educating Herself, Aklesso Talks Colorism of Caribbean People, & KHAM on Sharing Realities, An Extended Edition Reimagining of ‘His Glory Alone’ by KB, Unsung Heroes of Christian Hip Hop: Quinten Coblentz, John Givez Responds to Ruslan’s Video with His Own Explanation, 2020 Hog Mob Cypher ft. Dymond, Zion, Zaydok, Fonz Carter, Bazooka tha Disciple, IV Conerly, Sevin Duce, Dontae & Sevin, Rhyan LaMarr – Know Your Name ft. Bri Smilez, KC Wavey & Jack Red music video, Kanye West Takes Home 1st Dove Award for ‘Rap/Hip-Hop Recorded Song of the Year’, Social Club Misfits Win ‘Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year’ at Dove Awards 2020. Putting two and two together, it was quite obvious he was talking about Ruslan and King’s Dream Entertainment. Art Ambidextrous is the type of collection that features well thought-out stimulating subject matter that will convict and challenge every listener. A year later, a friend from Philly gave me a professional microphone. The absence and search for serotonin plays into the mission statement of 350’s collective “Soulace Music”. Described as a “trap worship masterpiece,” His Glory Alone is the true epitome of how hip-hop can be worship, not only because of the CCM samples, but how he extends the themes of reverence, awe, and jubilance towards God through lyrical dexterity and the production itself. I was finally getting it — discipleship, being taught and instructed by older men who have been walking with God for years. 2. And them products of the ghetto, what poverty can produce Also, of course, he had to drop a cinematic video too! It was even played on New York’s “Hot 97″ radio station. #SalvationArmie (No edit … Just my thoughts), I got the chance to speak to Xay Hill earlier this year. Propaganda is laying down is this track mostly from the point of view of an African American in their thoughts and actions living among other races. They also picked up a nomination for “Rap/Hip-Hop Recorded Song of the Year” for the track “Enough.” Congratulations to […]. It was exciting, but I was too far from the tri-state area to enjoy the success. In a blog post this weekend, Eshon explained why it had taken him so long to sign with a label despite several opportunities, as well as why he left Humble Beast — an announcement that the label made in July.. Brief testimony and why I left Humble Beast Records I told her about the recent events and the opportunities on the table, and her response was “that’s nice, but it sounds like you’re in love with the music more than you are with God now.”. 6. In fact, when I arrived in the UK a few years ago, they were playing my single from that album “A Note for the Hopeless” on one of their mainstream radio stations. However, I was still in awe at how the Lord was advancing and growing my career organically. My style and approach to music and ministry is unique in nature and requires faith in the unseen promises of God. I remember logging onto a Christian rap site and seeing an old video of mine featured, and I hadn’t even submitted the video to the site. The song is hard-hitting too, speaking about how “you are not your hood homie, you ain’t gotta conform.” The song talks about how different people have made it out of the hood, and how the journey is difficult, but necessary. At that time, I was going back and forth to NY often and began stacking my money to eventually move there, but then God stepped in to turn my attention back to Him. The nominees were: Aaron Cole’s Not by Chance, Andy Mineo’s Work in Progress, GAWVI’s Heathen, and Kanye West’s Jesus is King. Recorded At Humble Beast … Propaganda is laying down is this track mostly from the point of view of an African American in their thoughts and actions living among other races. Art Ambidextrous is released on Humble Beast Records and it’s sure to get people talking. The beat provided by Odd Thomas is excellent with simple ambient keys and a some heavy breathing, it even features a little guitar run near the end of the track. Lo siento mucho. Undoubtedly, another reason why listeners are resonating with this project is that this is the first album he’s dropped since 2017. Immigrant job hoarders Inheritance Songs like “Dig and “Beautiful Pain” are much heavier and cannot be overlooked. The Dog Pile Effect. Tired of being broke, I took my eyes off of ministry and put all my energy into getting paid. We ain't know your story, shoot we thought white was white 18 yr old producer Arrow and producer group Arcitec provide a unique mix of Spanish guitar and dark heavy Trap vibe on this hard-hitting track. He started producing, songwriting, and being featured as an artist for Dru Bex and Shai Linne, especially for the track “Startling Mystery.” […]. I Hate It Your mutilation, that’s beautiful… Your life tattoo, it’s beautiful.” You can listen to the track over and over and still find new meaning and metaphors from Propaganda. And I watched them covet our style, our confidence, natural rhythm, And them products of the ghetto, what poverty can produce, Homies not stupid can tell the difference between, So we protected our music because truthfully, You imitated Jamaicans, attempted to grow dreads and, Your children uses faith as an excuse to smoke weed, So we grew angry unaware of God's plan for rescue, And I watched them covet your camaraderie, your sense of family, And we were jealous you had a homeland, a native tongue, Hopeless, so we all learn Swahili as if we knew we were from that region, Silly, we know, but what you supposed to do when all you know, I'm sorry, it's embarrassing, forgive us, we were jealous, And we coveted your privilege, your generational wealth, And we felt it wasn't fair, we wanted your options, Your American dream, apple pie, worked for you, We ain't know your story, shoot we thought white was white, But that was fire for the fuel that boiled into them riots, But now we understand we suffered the same stain, And a rope finds its strength from multiple lines wrapped, So let's just call it even and walk through life knowing. Marz Ferrer Cynical feat. The song was called “You’ve Been Sleeping,” and it started a buzz in the city after I left. Change feat. It's stupid us, broad brush Click here to Stream/Buy this song on any platform Listen to On God below: Texas-based artist 350 released a new single today called “Serotonin.” “Serotonin exposes fickle happiness against the search for true joy. On Community During Chaos episode 13, we had Corey Paul on to speak of his relationship with George Floyd. OVERALL Propaganda and Odd Thomas have combined to produce a fresh sound, one that focus on lyrics and subject matter that is supported by a quality musical foundation. Proganda teams up with Odd Thomas for eleven tracks of conscious-thought style hip hop, a style of rap that leaves the gimmicks and hooks behind and focus on some serious subject matter. Months later, I found myself in New York City with Black Ice, sitting in an office with Talib Kweli and Dave Chappelle’s manager being offered a demo deal. This is not an album you put on and check out, well-crafted tracks are designed to catch your attention with confrontational lines that force the listener to re-examine the lyrics. You said you wasn't there, it ain't fair I couldn’t go because I was in Philly, but that call made me more enthusiastic about my career choice. I’m stoked to review his new album Broken Nightmares today. Thank you so much #DoveAwards God continues to send encouragement Good is winning Things are changing Praise God — ye (@kanyewest) October 31, 2020 Although he lost out to Social Club Misfits for album of the year with his Jesus is King, “Follow God” impressed the GMAs enough to give him the win for Rap Song of the Year. But now we understand we suffered the same stain Your American dream, apple pie, worked for you On the track “Beautiful Pain” you hear during the breakdown “…your pain, that’s beautiful.


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