purple sweet potato calories 100g
The traditional purple sweet potato is now being grown across the country and around the world, often with the innovation of both purple skin and purple flesh. That's important, because the USDA has determined that sweet potatoes as a general class yield almost twice the amount of beta carotene that you need for the whole day. They're under 100 purple sweet potato calories per serving, provide both fiber and protein, and are low in fat. It’s a clever example of how potatoes can help you cut fat from preparations while delivering big-time satisfaction and fresh appeal. To keep it healthy, the University of Hawaii-Maui suggests blending the purple sweet potatoes with nonfat milk and egg whites for the middle layer, and using nonfat milk, coconut extract and artificial sweetener for the topping, instead of the traditional coconut milk and sugar. So, according to a little sweet potatoes health benefits above, do you want to put it on your daily diet menu? Make amazing potatoes with this dish: Rainbow Potato Pancakes. Normally found in purple, blue, and deep-red foods, anthocyanins appear to provide antioxidant protection, particularly against heart disease. Premium 11 %2 gProtein. Likewise, when a recipe that calls for alkanes such as baking soda or baking powder, add vinegar, lemon juice, buttermilk or yogurt to make the dish more neutral, and thereby less likely to change the purple hue. Punch up the visual effect, and vary the antioxidant content, by replacing orange sweet potatoes with purple sweet potatoes. Usda_based - Purple Sweet Potato. Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or diet regimen. Web Design by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency. Like what we have mentioned above, sweet potato has low calories, because based from USDA Nation Nutrient data base, in every 100 gr baked sweet potato (in skin) contained 90 calories or equal to 376 kJ. The purple color is preserved best by microwaving, but steaming and baking are also great ways to cook blue/purple potatoes. Originating in Central and South America, they're now grown in other parts of the world, including warmer U.S. regions. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, the main antioxidant, as well as various other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, iron and phosphorus. This Truffle Salted Purple Potato–Kale Cakes recipe is courtesy of A House in the Hills. Serving Size : 100 g. 86 Cal. They are thought to have come from Ameri... Vitamin C is very essential for health, however, vitamin C overdose can also lead to negative effects on health. © 2013-2020 Inlivo.com. If requiring a gluten-free recipe, check the label of the indicated (*) recipe ingredients to ensure they are gluten-free for this potato salad. There are 82 calories in 100 grams of Chinese Purple Sweet Potato. Besides it's, sweet potato is also easy to digested as well as good for gastric and small intestine. Common Serving Sizes: Amount Serving Size Calories Add to Counter; 100g.


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