q300l psu shroud
I was questioning on how you bent the acrylic and what the mesurements were. Truly a soul crushing activity. So your power supply will be out in the open - which is a good thing if you want to show it off. I/O on top. I think if you are building a mATX system and are looking for something a little more unique, the Q300L is a really neat choice and is a treat to build in. It is no surprise that cases this size do not have the PSU shroud that is common today. Rubber grommets in the cable routing holes.

Keep in mind that while the Q300P comes with two front 120mm RGB fans, the Q300L only comes with one rear 120mm exhaust fan, so you would need to add your own fans. The RGB features and smoked front and top panels of the Q300P make it an attractive case. Pretty subjective imo, except for the quality difference in the windows. The other obvious difference is that the Q300P comes with two front 120mm RGB fans and an RGB backlit angled top panel. If you plan to go with an overclocked system, I would also recommend a liquid cooler such as the MasterLiquid ML120L (shown) and a blower style graphics card. Motherboard support consists of micro-ATX and mini-ITX for both cases. Come with an extra 120mm CM fan in the front. Cooler Master provides a ventilated bracket for the PSU that can be positioned in several locations (including the bottom of the case if a mini-ITX board is installed, exactly like the Q300L). I ended up leaning towards the NR400 because of the mixed reviews regarding airflow for the Q300L.

A lot of more technical reviewers have found that the cube has not great thermals. Removable magnetic dust filters with a cool geometric pattern on the front and top. But you can also fit two 140mm fans!

Like damm this would be a build for me. Open front with mesh covering. This is the place to ask! Mesh front panel for good airflow, psu shroud and everything. Press J to jump to the feed. Hard drive support includes one spot for a 3.5" HDD and two spots for SSDs.

The included case fans of the Q300P do a decent job as long as you don't go with an aggressive overclock or use a graphics card that dumps a lot of heat into the case. Sort of wide. This review is for the Q500L, but it's basically a bigger Q300L. mATX windowed case with a mesh/airflow front and top.

Here is some more apt descriptions: Q300L: Has the larger window of the two.

PSU Shroud. The problem with the q300L is the design of the mesh/perforated panels. They use the same chassis, but the Q300P with the angled handles and feet (on the right) looks considerably different from the Q300L. Holy.. It is no surprise that cases this size do not have the PSU shroud that is common today.


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