rahu transit in mrigasira nakshatra 2020
There will be a new investment by you and you will be able to secure your family future. Things like back or neck pain can bother you in middle of year 2021. Rahu transit 2020 & Ketu transit 2020 will be a unique force to reckon with and those who are in regular touch with me knows that how much stress I am giving on this transit. There will be rise in income and you will be making good savings. Same time read Vishnu Sahatranaam whenever possible. Let's see how Rahu-Ketu Transit in year 2020 will affect you. Wear a Jyotish Quality Yellow Beryl or Sapphire on right hand index finger in silver metal. If you have combinations which causes issues in marriage then this period can cause issues between you two. Just like other areas health will also remain solid point. If you want to play the field, this is a good time to do so. Rahu channeling Mars’s energy can be difficult as it can create rash action and running around too much and it has to learn to stay calm and focused. This new transit of Ketu 2020 in Scorpio sign will bring in change in Job and place for you and is very good for working in abroad. You should try to gain most from the transit because after this it will be coming after long 18 months. Email: [email protected] Ketu will be over your 12th house and Rahu will be in 6th house which is comparatively better then what you have been going through so far. 4th house is of house, luxury, mental peace, birth place and mother mainly. Career progression will lead into wealth creation also. For Pisces ascendant Transit of Rahu-Ketu will be through their 3rd house in Taurus sign and through 9th house in Scorpio sign. Rahu-Ketu 2020 will bring more better chances of you are in politics, sports or cinema. Yet, like with everything, where there is so much darkness we also find positive qualities emerging from all this. Your relationship with your spouse will remain good unless you have negative aspects which can give marriage related issues. Mrigishira is formed by three faint stars at the head of the constellation of Orion. Ketu is lacking a mouth, ears, nose and eyes that make him see, smell, taste and hear things he desires. Rahu will disrupt the positive side of this constellation that is sensitive and tender and practical and try to create chaos but getting involved in too many sensual pleasures. Though until May 2020 you will still be overcoming your older issues and solutions will be in your slight. If you are already married then equation between you two will be more about financial management and plannings. Money from insurance, pilgrimages, oil, alcohol, gambling, speculation and precious gems will be there. Rahu aspect on 7th house of Marriage will allow you to have Marriage especially when you are trying to go for a love Marriage. Exalted Rahu transit over your 12th house will bring a exposure on you and expect a good amount of lime light on yourself. Planets moving into their own signs, signs of exaltation or debilitation, usually pack a punch and create a noticeable shift in energy. Red Coral in right hand ring finger in silver metal. Capricorn ascendant is affected by very severe transits in past especially Ketu which was going through 12th house of expenses. Rahu there in exalted state in sign of Venus will bring shipping and traveling with spouse. We already seeing this with increase in alcohol and drug use even before we have begun this transit. Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra (26º40 Aries – 1-º00′ Taurus) – September 19th, 2021 – July 12th, 2022 – Krittika, ruled by Agni, the Deity of Fire, is a Nakshatra of Kama, finding and exploring desires and pleasure. This will be one energy that needs to lift to help bring some relief. The trick will be to use this time to deepen your spiritual path. Now since Rahu will be exalted in your 7th house, marriage and spouse will come under focus. The match will be very ideal and you will be happy with prospects of newly married life ahead. The energy levels will be up and your beliefs will be strong. For Gemini Rahu & Ketu will transit over 6th & 12th house respectively in their exalted state and shows good promises. We pay attention to the transit of slow moving planets because again, they pack a much bigger punch as the change in energy is much more noticeable. Ketu in 6th house in exalted state can really make you a live wire and there will be high energy level. Don't expect magic but you will start to see betterment in health and vitality. Speculation should be avoided by you unless you have a strong Jupiter and unafflicted 5th lord planet Sun. You will be optimistic about things and positivity will there around you. Prospects of abroad placements are very good and you will be able to make it abroad easily. Rahu retrogrades into a new constellation on April 22nd in the  true node system and May 20th in the mean node system and will bring a sigh of relief from the storms of Ardra  or Betelgeuse (Gemini 6.40-20.00) which has been connected to major pandemics. If you are in business then this transition of Rahu-Ketu in Taurus and Scorpio sign will lead to planning and arrangement of fundings. Once Ketu is settled into his new position he’ll be quite comfortable in Scorpio where he can finally let go and let himself explore his spiritual nature. Hello all! You may start a new diet plan and will adopt good habits which will prove good on the long term. RAHU IN MRIGASHIRA (ORION) TAURUS 23.40-GEMINI 6.40: APRIL 22, 2020-FEB. 13, 2021  TRUE NODE SYSTEM. This is one the best Rahu-Ketu transit and I think your wait for 23rd September 2020 is worth every penny. In this case it’s actually true seeing how Ketu is in fact retrograding from Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius into Jyeshtha Nakshatra in Scorpio. This constellation is one of sensuality, affairs and multiple or changing partners when the ‘right” planet is here – Rahu is that (shadow-) planet. Relationship with seniors and co-workers will improve and there will be confidence with in you. Gains from multiple sources are there provided you have a Dhanyoga in your Horoscope. The reason for same will be career progression which both of you will be experiencing. Issues were in past and if any remains in their respective life , they are going to resolve. This year is coming to a, Full Moon in Bharani Nakshatra – October 31st, 2020, New Moon in Chitra Nakshatra – October 16th, 2020, Mercury Retrograde in Libra – October 13th, 2020, Sun in Libra – October 16, 2020 – A Longing for Harmony. The planets and how they affect you from day to day, Daily meditation prompts for the planet in charge, Mantras for each planet and the planetary deity, The best and worst days to do certain things (getting married, starting a business …), Practical tips for every day to work with the planetary energy, A beautiful eBook – all planets in one place, PERSONAL POWER BLUEPRINT – Timing with Vedic Astrology, PLANETARY TRANSIT CALENDAR for iCal/Google/Outlook, Nakshatra Oracle™ Deck – Kickstarter Release – November 2020, 7 Day Planetary Journey – Introduction to Vedic Astrology eCourse, 7 DAY PLANETARY JOURNEY – INTRODUCTION TO VEDIC ASTROLOGY Free eCourse, Last day of Mercury Retrograde today and couldn't, Today’s Blue Moon is in Bharani Nakshatra s, Tomorrow, October 31st at 6:47 am PT (Pacific Time, On a client call this morning I talked about groun, TIK TOK - Time is running out! Last 18 months are tough due to impact of Rahu transit over the 12th house and … This seems very promising to me and let's see how things will be getting for you. There will be solid growth in your career and you will get what you are looking for. He can be the cause for mental confusion and lack of focus. You can read the sign-by-sign implications of this Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020 in Part II of this post. Business wise also a very good Transition of Rahu-Ketu 2020 it will be. With parents things will be good again and your Father and younger sibling will see positivity in their life. I do see rise in rank and salary for you. A new perception on life will be there and the immense spiritual progress will be there for you. The challenge with Rahu in this constellation is that it can be restless in its spiritual searching and change paths too quickly. Relationship wise this transit of Rahu-Ketu 2020 will bring physical distances from spouse and some minor discomforts on her health. Both physical and mental health will be affected but your spouse will be able to overcome it. If you are looking to get married then luck may not be that favourable for you. For children this transit of Rahu-Ketu 2020 can bring some complex equation and if you kid is trying to go abroad then this period of 18 months is looking very supportive. If there is any advice to give is to know what you want. The house they are sitting or transiting in. Rahu Nakshatra Transits in Taurus Rahu in Mrigashira Nakshatra (23º20′ Taurus – 6º40′ Gemini) April 22nd, 2020 – February 13th, 2021 – Rahu has already been in Mars ruled Mrigashira Nakshatra since April this year and will remain here until February next year. If you are looking for a Marriage proposal then this transit of Rahu-Ketu in 2020 will give you a very good news. One thing that makes Vedic Astrology stand out is, Thank you, Gina, for this beautiful post! Capricorn natives are the most down to Earth people and believe in Hard Work. This new transit of Rahu-Ketu 2020 over Taurus & Scorpio sign will pass through your 11th and 5th house respectively. Whereas those who are already established will find few things tough and they may feel frustrated due to obstacles in their path. It may however lead to morally questionable decisions that will come and bite you at a later time. Apart from this you should devote yourself to Lord Ganesha and do the ritual for his appeasement. Ketu makes us blind to the things that may need attention in your life. I don't see any major issues in Career unless you are in Dasha of Mars or afflicted Ketu itself. Wealth is surely going to improve and you will see a rise in your wealth during 2020. If you are planning to go abroad then this is the time you hit it hard because chances of going abroad and earning money there is quite high. Rahu will transit in Mrigshira, a Mars-ruled Nakshatra till February 13, 2021.


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