rake season 5 ending explained
Cleaver learns that he is being charged with fraudulent use of government property for personal financial gain. They speak about Melissa playing mind games with Fuzz. Spoiler would have Scarlett quitting the profession had she still been alive and just saying fuck it. I missed the earlier seasons inclusion of some drama through the premise of courtroom scenes with criminal cases. The ending felt a little rushed, but I was ultimately very satisfied with it. Was is meant to be the tarp that had covered the Parliament building 2 years before? I'm disappointed. He learns about the drivers and the cat. Nicole is surprised and happy too. Only thing I could think of was a jelly fish. Bluebottle is just like a jellyfish. October TV Calendar: Series Premiere and Return Dates. They were a good moral compass for Cleave which I really thought was lacking in the other characters. Jakub admits he wants his Princess back. The writing was clever and managed to let Cleaver go out on a high note. He says that he has become the leader and has been asked to form a government. We jump forward two years. He learns that they were only playing games with him. I liked this episode but the end came out of nowhere, as though they decided that was where it was going but didn't really have enough time to get there naturally. I really didn’t mind the ending either. That would make a lot of sense and would be a little quirky twist to the conclusion. Melissa suggests it isn’t about Cleaver. He is such a good character. Cal agrees with it. Typical for a Cleaver case that the murderers (of the plumbers) get off scot free. Loved how he outfoxed his opponents and ends up judge. Cleaver wants to create confusion. It ended at least a year ago in Aussie. Ya I think so, kind of devo he didn't end up with Wendy though. Cal and joe watch it. He moves out a short time later. Fuzz seems thrilled to see the baby. She wonders why. Nicole was there for him, year after year, never ‘noticed’ romantically. The judge seems willing to let the evidence be heard. They speak to him about a possible replacement for the Chief Justice. They want to come to their own agreement. Cleaver tells Melissa that he can’t punish Fuzz. However, it picked up quick and ended in a good way. They intend to charge him with a hate crime. The writing was still there for this season somewhat, and with Richard Roxburgh as Cleaver you know what you’re getting. We also learn that the Chief Justice passed away from a heart attack. He likes the idea of building a new parliament. All in all the season will probably go down as my least favourite season, but still enjoyable. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Can someone PLEASE explain to me what the ‘attack’ of blue stuff on Cleaver was when he went into the water?? I think Nicole would be the best lay of all of them. Cal and Joe attempt to threaten Cleaver. By Temi Adebowale He tries his best to keep up with the latest foreign television shows and movies. Cal and Joe learn about it. Wendy buys Cleaver a present. Explanation??? After the agreement is made, Wendy finds Cleaver drinking and enjoying life. It managed to wrap up pretty much all of the storylines. A movie would a great idea. Rake is finally over. A fun series. Very sad to see it go, I was watching it and then I saw the 2 years later and I was like, oh no that is it isn't it, totally feels like a series finale. I thought the blue things on Cleaver’s face at the end were meant to be Blue-ringed octopuses; extremely toxic. . They share a kiss before the barrier falls and everyone notices. To me, the absence of both Red and Barney was very noticeable. I love it and an disappointed that there are only 5 series ! Cleaver tells Fuzz about his predicament. To my understanding, they intended to end the show after that season. As far as I can tell, season 5 was obviously shit as soon as the first episode (s05:01). Watched the series in about 5 days. Given how the show can go very dark unexpectedly, part of me was wondering if the whole Cleave driving Jackob around was a set-up for a scenario where Cal and his brother arrange for Cleave to get knocked-off, but instead the assassin takes out Jackob instead thinking the passenger is the target, which has the extra benefit of relieving Cleave of his debt, so he has a very bittersweet resolution to a classic ongoing clusterfuck, similar, say, to the death of the old man in series 2. The move back to Parliament House is on, but not before the Mid-Winter Ball. The final season started off slow and weak. He wants them to say that Cleaver knows nothing about it. All in all the season will probably go down as my least favourite season, but still enjoyable. I never really thought about the blue thing on his hand but you could be right. The police arrive for Cleaver. Fit with the theme which was repeated throughout series of his ‘missing what was right in front of him’ with Wendy. Fuzz likes it better. Fuzz has to explain that it is a normal thing and has nothing to do with them. Cleaver tells him that he couldn’t be him if his life depended on it. It was like, after episode 7, yep cool next episode, keep going, then, Cleaver is a Chief Justice and the show just ends. Uuuugggg . The final season started off slow and weak. Stem to stern. She admits she likes, but doesn’t say she loves him. Cleaver and Wendy, happily ever after. The show was great... until Season 5. Before too long, Huntley-Brown (Miriam Margolyes) is speaking in the courtroom. Were they intending to make it the season cliff hanger, but then just ended the series there?? Did he and Nicole end up together?? Cleaver gets attacked before the episode ends. Cal tells Joe that Cleaver is coming in. The writing was clever and managed to let Cleaver go out on a high note. David tells Cleaver that he is an idiot for losing Wendy. A terrorist gas attack on Parliament House causes the seat of government to move down the hill to its old home. She begins talking about the tarp on the parliament building. Cleaver claims that David has been stalking him sexually for years. David and Wendy play chess. Required fields are marked *. Is that what we were meant to gather from the beach scene? As the episode begins, Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) keeps an eye on Li-Ming Wu (Tasneem Roc). Fuzz knows that he wants money. Rake (AU) Season 5 Episode 8: Greene v The Reckoning Summary: Morrow has been toppled, aided and abetted by his half-brother Joe, Cal McGregor is now PM. Nicole told Cleaver that the blue stuff was Bluebottle which is a Portuguese Man of War It was the ending no one saw coming — least of all Monty and Harper. She admits she doesn’t regret a minute of it. A terrorist gas attack on Parliament House causes the seat … They can be deadly, but not usually. She doesn’t want to be a couple though. He threatens to take half a finger. Could not be anything to do with the Parliament tent, that’s hundreds of miles from the coast. I am not disappointed. Thanks for chiming in! Cleaver soon learns that he owes 180,000 dollars. It is a tie. Greene and potter confront him in the bathroom. The finale scores an 8 out of 10. [Interview] Kind of like the Bourne series, anything after Ultimatum just doesn't count. The parliament building is blown up. Cleaver's own plumbing issues shed light on the true cause of the explosion at Parliament House. The Finale was Cleaver back to being Cleaver which sadly unlike the first few episodes except for when he was in court against Penny was very Cleaver in name only and you'd think someone with his life experience would understand politics. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed as though the finale ended really abruptly. It was pretty funny and the finale kept me entertained from start to finish.


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