renault kangoo wont start when hot
We advised the garage to swap the two wires. I had to call the AA and it turns out it was the main relay rather than the glow plug relay. When starting my car in the morning, once the heaters indicator tuns off, the engine starts failing: it works irregularly and, no matter how hard I press the accelerator, it does not speed up and the heaters indicator turns on again. It seems that the connection afforded by this block is a bit dodgy to say the least. is the best place to discuss the French automaker’s cars including the Megane, Clio, Modus, Captur and more. I need to turn it off and place the key in the ignition for a second time, wait until the preheating light disappears and only then it starts normally, and the light does not appear again. I own a Kangoo 1.9 diesel 2009 and it has started failing. We seem to have a similar COLD starting problem on our 2006 1.5 Dci Kangoo - I've seen several suggestions for a fix but, me being an idiot, I wonder if someone could help out with a comment please? And this repeats over and over again. JavaScript is disabled. If this is a common rail diesel it could well be a worn HP diesel pump, when its hot the viscosity of the fuel becomes to low to build up sufficient pressure to switch the ECU on. If it starts blinking, the chip is failing. From start to end, sparks were generated. It starts and drives but whenever i stop it when it is warm i have to wait 15-20mins till it cools down before it will start again. Might it be the ignition sensor? Any suggestions? What should I do? The third and fourth signals are the two ignition coil groups. Renault Kangoo 2008 100000 miles. In order to check whether the chip is working properly or not, do the following test: insert and turn the ignition key; a red led on the dashboard should turn on for 3 seconds and then turn off. That happens when the vehicle does not detect the signal from the chip in the key. When the crankshaft signal is connected in the wrong way, the signal will be inverted. Want Answer 0. Having a problem with your Renault Kangoo? All listed prices are excluding VAT and shipping cost. Hi, check the Top Dead Center Sensor (TDC), which is at the level of the gearbox in the flywheel zone. Oil Spark plugs Sensors Doesn't start when warm Starting Coil. A reparation kit is sold, which consists of a packing ring to supplement the pump needle and a tool to remove the needle. But what causes the ignition to become too late? It's not one that I remember seeing before but we dont have a stack of kangoo drivers on forum. The new connector had reversed wire colors and therefore was connected the wrong way around. Hi, check the Top Dead Center Sensor (TDC), which is at the level of the gearbox in the flywheel zone. Follow us on Facebook, Engine noise, jerks and acceleration failure, Heaters indicator and acceleration failures. Thank you! Yes, I know it's been over a year since the previous post but I thought I'd mention that the intermittent airbag warning light can usually be fixed by bypassing the connector block under the seat. You need to take it to a mechanic specialized in that topic. I'm trying to avoid the London cognition charge. You might find these links to parts and similar problems helpful in solving this problem.AIBot, © AutoInsider The engine would start but then stall again. control module. Other Renault Kangoo (KC) 1.4 i cars specs: 2600 mm wheelbase, rear track has 1418 mm, front track has 1405 mm, ground clearance - 140 mm. Now the van wont start, with the glowplug light and warning light (circle with stop in the middle) keeps turning over and starts every 1/20. Might it be the ignition sensor? conclusion: This can be done by measuring the starting current or battery voltage and the crankshaft signal Knowing this, it was possible to analyze the timing of the various signals. FCA issues new guidance for people on car finance, following the announcement of the latest Government restrictions in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The current would increase to 6 A and settle there. Especially when driving on a highway at 50 mph or so, and reducing the speed, the engine makes a strange noise, the vehicle jerks and the accelerator does not respond. Do you like StartMyCar? This signal shows no strange things, it has a good opening time and the proper injection rate. TDC usually does not correspond with the reference point in the crankshaft signal. GMTO measured using a diagnosis oscilloscope and concluded that When placing non-functional cookies, traceable data is processed. Check injectors also check your fuel filter if your not good with servicing and you run the car on cheap, If no faults are found on the ecu or the device doesn’t communicate with the ecu the it may be your ecu or a compression issue with your engine. i need the van for work and dont really want it stuck at the garage, i dont know much about mechanics how do i check for the things u mentioned! crankshaft, generating the required signals at the wrong moments. After replacement, the garage reported that the problem was not solved. Glow plug light can blink to indicate a fuel issue also check your fuel pump is working. The same happened when the other coil was disconnected. Using an automotive lab scope, many components were tested and all required signals appeared to Dad thought it was dirty fuel, replaced fuel filter and primer. Any suggestions? What's the best first car for a tall driver? disconnected, the engine would keep running, on two cylinders but at a too low rev count. Renault Kangoo (KC) 1.4 i car bodywork specifications: Renault Kangoo is a minivan with 5 seats and has 4 doors. connector replaced, fuel pump replaced, system relay replaced, injectors cleaned, spark plugs Sensors that can affect the ignition timing are the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, Coronavirus: DVSA refuses to rule out second MoT extension. A 1998 Renault Kangoo was suffering from a bad start. The fault you describe is covered in one of my posts: My airbag light was on all the time. This website uses functional cookies for functional purposes. The fact that the signal patterns were now different was probably overlooked. This car was brought to a garage with a no start condition. Good luck! I had the same problem and it is quite probable that the chip in the key has broken down; check it. I repaired it and the car started working properly. When turning the key, the heating curl appears and the engine turns and turns, but it does not start. If the failure appears as well, it is the anti-theft system. Good luck. Hello, your problem is the rotor from the injection pump. That is why the vehicle does not start working but, if you push it, it does start immediately. This sensor tells the computer that the engine is turning; it is an electromagnet and, as it is at the height of the clutch, it is covered with the dust from the clutch disc, not being able to read the cogs in the flywheel. If you google "location speed sensor kangoo", a useful video will appear. Since there was enough spark energy available, this was not considered to cause the engine not Even though I take a lot of care of my vehicle, the accelerator has started failing again a few days ago. All rights reserved. Hopefully someone will be able to help though. I own a Kangoo 2008 and it does not start when warm, and it takes quite a long time to make the engine start when cold. I've changed radiators, mounting and timing belt. I own a Kangoo 2008 and it does not start when warm, and it takes quite a long time to make the engine start when cold. current flow through the coil to generate a proper spark, as short as possible to avoid the some wiring were replaced. Engine wont fire from cold needs easy start starts well when engine has been running Posted by lee griffiths on Jun 07, 2012. Another MoT test extension is not being ruled out as a second lockdown will come into force in England on Thursday. That is one tooth before TDC. If you need parts to do the job head over to Euro Car Parts to find the parts you need. Analysis of the signals measured with the automotive oscilloscope brought the following 2003 Renault Kangoo Sarting Problems when warm. The latter happens only very rare. Renault kangoo van wont start when engine is cold starts fine when engine has been running for a while and warm,needs easy start to fire up from cold. It never happens when the engine is cold and id like to have an idea of what it might be so i dont get shafted at the garage. I replaced it myself and the failure has not appeared again. Use our AutoInsider Find A Specialist search, find garages and mobile mechanics near you. the power and ground of the control module were checked during starting, but they turned out You need to make sure that the chip is programmed in the key. Renault Kangoo 52 1.4 Dead as a door post on startup chrispow01 , 14 Jul 2014 , in forum: Car Repairs / Maintenance Replies: There is no fuel reaching it and you will need to break the iron structure and connect it directly, or else buy a new piece. A fault code scanner showed no fault codes. I have only kept going by using easy start so I will try the relays , great thanks as I've been told its needs fuel pumps or an engine so a £16 relay sound better, had the same fault starting as glow light would not go on had to turn key 15 times . If it does, the chip is working correctly and there is another failure. This happened for the first time two years ago, and I was told it was the electronic pump from the injection pump. Can anyone help me please? renault starting problem. The car still showed the same symptoms. Even a Renault garage could not discover the problem: according to their test system the engine Solved it by starting the engine then moving the passenger side seatbelt pre tensioner wire, the light went out. 2001 Renault scenic - Car won't start when hot - Peter.N. Figure 3: Back probing the Engine Control Module connector to measure all four signals. Does the little round light on the dash flash when when you try to start it? I have ordered the dvd manual and will find the really and get one fitted fingers crossed :d thank you all, hiya mate ,if thats right ,thats cracking tip,steve, Had the same problem with starting, air bags etc . coil contains enough energy to create a good spark. It is now clear that the late ignition causes the engine not to start. Hope my comment helps you, friend. so zooming in still gives lots of detail. Our guide will save you money, NEW: Child seat chooser - Don't buy a car seat until you've used this, Over 21,000 dash camera videos uploaded to safety portal since 2018, Everything you need to know about your parking rights.


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