riva 180 carb swap

Open petcock to start the scooter. Ridges in the carb body prevent use of a normal carb float level ruler and I cannot find a repair manual for this model. Of interest, Yamaha has stated this recall applies to 3506 vehicles, so we know that's how many Riva 200's were sold in the USA during those 2 years.

The motor used in the XC180 / XC200 is a simple but rugged design. Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by Kevinforesthill, Oct 15, 2018. https://www.gates.com/us/en/power-transmission/v-belts/variable-speed/multi-speed-belt/p/9804-000000-000000/v/9804-00820, Places to buy (always double check part number before buying), https://www.royalsupply.com/store/pc/Gates-1430V375-Multi-Speed-Belt-38-Inches-9804-0820-1113p38816.htm, https://texasbelting.com/products/gates-1430v375?device=c&keyword=&campaign=346684880&adgroup=pla-4577198188600353&device=c&keyword=&campaign=346684880&adgroup=pla-4577198188600353&msclkid=283b6172331b174b808b3cae6812aedf&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=**LP Shopping Gates | Multi-Speed&utm_term=4577198188600353&utm_content=TB072053233353 | Gates 1430V375 Multi-Speed Belts 9804-0820 | $41.03 USD, https://www.amazon.com/Gates-1430V375-Bandless-Multi-Speed-Circumference/dp/B00CJKSEMK, Stock roller weights are 6 grams / Size = 17.5 mm x 12 mm (8 rollers total).

They worked beautifully (smooth and silent and they can’t damage the sheave no matter how bad they wear). You saved me from having to try and manually choke this thing every time I start it! Yamaha continues to use this name today with a 125cc model. ... (Riva 180 spark plug wires are 7mm, stranded core) Connect this nipple on the intake manifold to a decent petcock. Finally have better pics and new vacuum lines.
8. These auto choke problems often require unclogging the starter jet and/or a $200 ‘bistarter control valve’ (BCV) from Yamaha to fix. This opens the petcock when the engine is turning over. You can use this to get a rough idea of how many might be in existence for all years, but keep in mind that scooter sales dropped off quite a bit by '89 and stayed low for over a decade. In addition to an extra 20cc, the Riva 200 had an improved dual sided fork, and improved auto choke system and a few other tweaks like new aluminum rims.

It's becoming infuriating. Other than that, thanks! The Deluxe trim took things a step further and added digital instrumentation, turn signals that shut off automatically and a carpeted floorboard (yeah a little sketchy). Did the 17x12mm rollers work ok? I have been trying to keep a log of different Yamaha Riva XC180 site for reference for fixing mine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Can I get a little more information about how to do this? The aftermarket carburetor creates instant throttle response and much greater torque/horsepower, uphill speeds are the best i have found so far with this combination.


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