rize bikes reviews

Also, yeah, the bikes can be unlocked to go a bit faster off-road, nice! Rize Bikes is an electric bike manufacturer based in Vancouver offering direct to consumer pricing. Do you/would you prefer the throttle on the right side? Great tip about moving the button pad back, I can totally see how it would be easy to accidentally press the minus button, thanks Rod!

Rize refuses to replace or pay for faulty brake pads on leisure and rx pro. I think you probably could stick some different decals to the black side covers on this bike, and possibly some of the tubing. I don’t think it has as much surface area as a motorbike or quad, but those stickers could still look cool. Ebike manufacturer. It’s a unique adjustable design that is installed below the saddle by default.

This also allows you to store the pack in a cool dry location vs. extremely cold (which saps range) or extremely hot (which actually damages the cells over time). We design and engineer our electric bikes in Vancouver. Selling directly has given customers a sweeter deal as they no longer pay the extra costs of retailers. So, you have to bend over to plug it in and if you bump the cranks, they may unplug or bend the plug… ideally the charging port would be up by the USB port on the top right side of the pack, Weighing in at nearly 70lbs with the rear rack installed, this is not a lightweight ebike… and that’s with the smaller battery pack.

The founding members have worked in the industry since 2016. I also like the sporty trigger shifters vs. the usual big SIS thumb shifters on other value priced electric bicycles, Powerful fat-bike specific Bafang geared hub motor feels very zippy with full throttle override in any of the 1-7 assist levels. Optional upgraded battery pack provides 16% more juice and only costs $200. ps. All products come with a one year comprehensive warranty and free shipping in the US and Canada. Based in Vancouver Canada, RIZE bikes is a spinoff company that introduced its first models in 2020. They also have adjustable reach levers, so you can set them up for smaller or larger hands, and use more comfortably with gloves, I noticed that the flip-down foot pegs are made from aluminum alloy and are mounted to square pads with ridges to prevent spinning.

Hi Vishal! It’s a tricky topic because the industry is going crazy right now and many bikes are sold out… this leads to unhappy customers who have to wait longer to get their bikes. Just be extra careful with your left arm and sleeve to protect the button pad.

in the United States, Rize has upgrade kits for off-roading this and other models (shhhhhh).

It comes with a custom rear rack that has plenty of space for a basket, trunk bag, or simple bungee cables to hold your extra gear. I’m not 100% sure, because sometimes these companies update their displays and controller software multiple times per year… but if you get into the display settings by turning the display on and then pressing the power button twice quickly, there may be a way to change the number of assist levels :D. Your email address will not be published. I recently placed a preorder but my order was for 500w Bafang motor. Perhaps RIZE could change to a different type of button pad in the future if people see this issue frequently. If there’s no bottle in it, the cage might rattle a bit… and the position could have your bottle leaking and dripping since it’s flat vs. upright or at an angle, but at least they included it! The bike is setup more like a scooter than a true bicycle, Smaller wheel diameter usually means lower air volume and higher attack angle, which translates to less comfort.

I also noticed that a super tall rider could hit their knees on the front handlebar unless it’s swiveled forward or they scoot back, and then there won’t be a lot of space for a passenger. I just have a question, how do you take the default speed from unlock speed to get to 8-9 instead of just 0-7? This is great news if you opt for the higher capacity battery option ;), Pretty nice cable wrap choice here, most of the cables are internally routed through the frame (at least through the main portion of the downtube), and they went with black rims, spokes, hubs, and even fender support arms! the others aren’t scramblers so they have more adjustability. I recently learned that Rize is offering 750w and 1000w motor for their August shipment. Congrats, Michael! RIZE Bikes Reviews. Saw the 11/32 – 52 tooth setup here, and after I spoke with Peter from Rize, I pulled the trigger. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below and the RIZE electric bike forums. Out of the 4 ebikes, is the Blade your favorite? I sent your question to my contact in RIZE and just heard back! All products come with a one year comprehensive warranty and free shipping in the US and Canada. It's nice that the bike has two sets of bottle cage bosses, but the close one puts your bottle at a 90-degree angle so it could drip, and the lower one is too far to reach and probably best for use with a folding lock. I have a gorgeous yellow Blade on the way. Learn how your comment data is processed. Rize RX – Hits and misses new owner version. The bike can handle up to 300lb max weight.

And, the port is up high on the right, so easy to reach and use while riding. Rod – can you share a couple links or photos that capture the mods (to the seat and the button pad) you made?


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