rouge the bat

Mathais Poe | Click the Rouge The Bat coloring pages to view printable version or color it online (compatible with iPad and Android tablets). A part-time government spy and expert thief, Rouge is one of the strongest female characters in the series. Dr. Eggman | Rabbot-Zilla | Bowser Jr. | In Sonic Adventure 2, Tails was basically unaware of Rouge's presence, but this was because Rouge was sent by Eggman to spy on Tails when he was trying to find the President. Avatar | General Helmut Von Stryker | Although failing Feist's second challenge, Rouge flew Shadow over to grab the Chaos Emerald from Feist while Omega distracted the Panda demi-god.

Sonic Comic Villains | Jimmy Platt | Mr. Delta | D.R.A.T. Rayquaza | In Sonic Battle, when Shadow was injured and needed a place to stay, Rouge helped him. And I've never gone empty-handed. Hope Stelar | Also, her Hip Drop lets her drop onto the ground to form wide tremors that affect everything within its range. In Shadow the Hedgehog, she did other laudable things, such as rescuing a Chaos Emerald from the doomed mainframe, destroying the evil monster Black Bull, and assisting Shadow in defeating Black Doom as well as showing concern for Shadow's welfare at the end of the game. In almost all her games she appear, she helps Sonic and his friends save the world. She is the second member of the Shifter class, and the only Shifter class member in Team Dark (Shadow and Omega are both in the Power class). When Sonic the Hedgehog was mistaken for Shadow in a plot that seemingly involved both Dr. Eggman and the events of a mysterious project from fifty years prior, Rouge was hired by the President to investigate. Rouge's second best friend is Omega, who is very loyal to her. Smoky Prog |

Duo | Being a bat, Rouge's hearing is much more sensitive than the average human. Pico | In Sonic Battle, the two fight several times over Emerl. In Sonic Heroes, she jumped between Shadow and Omega's hectic fight as the mediator. BlackmailKissing an underagePublic fighting. Medeus | E-123 Omega Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Starman | Her teamSonic the HedgehogJewelryTreasure huntingFlirtingGetting what she wantsTeasing Shadow for being moody Jewel thiefSpyAgent of G.U.N.Leader and member of Team Dark She also is not fond of hearing Omega constantly talking about vengeance. Rouge grabbed the jewel and attempted to escape with it, only to cornered by Blaze and Amy, forcing her to call in Shadow and Omega for backup. Bomb | Regardless, she is loyal to her closest friends and has more than once helped Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies save the world. Marx | The Super Genesis Wave washed over both worlds shortly thereafter, though its effects were undone by the efforts of Super Mega Man and Super Sonic. Acro | Axel Stone | Laplace | She is an anthropomorphic bat and jewel thief working as a part-government spy for the President of the United Federation, and an agent of Guardian Units of Nations.

Tensuke | IDW Sonic Villains | A world-famous treasure hunter,[5] Rouge has a weakness for jewels, like the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, which she always obsesses about. Lyra | Rouge the Bat | False Diddy Kong | She originally appeared as the secondary antagonist of Sonic Adventure 2 and Knuckles the Echidna's rival. Validar | Galaxy Man | Dex Ogreon |

Benedict | Baryl |


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