sabine river monster = "block"; Amongst their possessions, there were a dresser and mirror,” she added. They were members of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana,” she told Cryptozoology News. Kari Celestine, a 45-year-old Native American, claimed she learned about the incident after the death of her grandparents a few years ago. "We get reports from time to time," Crabtree said. When Laura was projected to make landfall closer to Southeast Texas, modeling forecast a storm surge up to 50 miles inland, past Deweyville along the Sabine River … The Sabine River forms the border between Texas and Louisiana near the reported point of this picture/sighting. “Their names were Gus and Flenchie Celestine. })(120000);

It was dark, but we got a good look at it. Time limit is exhausted. if ( notice ) The "Fouke Monster", as the creature was called by locals, achieved celluloid immortality in the 1973 film, The Legend of Boggy Creek. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The 510-mile long Sabine River that runs through Texas and Louisiana produces more than just the occasional trophy catfish. Smokey Crabtree was a wildlife adviser for the film, and his family accounted for several of the sighting reenactments. “They moved to Texas because the W. T. Carter pulpwood and logging company had jobs for them in Camden, back in 1920. The natural question, therefore, regards recent sightings. The woman, who provided a... Cryptozoology News brings you the latest in cryptids and the strange. They're out there. Fill out our report form and share it with the world. Think about that the next time you are in the woods alone and that creepy feeling comes over you.

One thing I always wondered is why the creature in the film was never referred to as a "Bigfoot," as most mysterious North American primates seem to get tagged. But Celestine’s grandparents were not the last ones to report seeing the alleged beast. One came back as matching alleged Bigfoot hair gathered in the Pacific Northwest. ); two The local newspaper dubbed the creature the " Sabine Thing ". "A lot of people got the impression after watching the movie that the creature was mean and aggressive, but in my experience it wasn't," he said. .hide-if-no-js { Some of these sounds are pretty amazing, even frightening," Hamilton said. Most of the area around this location would be bayou country, but nevertheless freshwater. "After awhile, older members of my family started coming to me and saying my son wasn't lying. Time limit is exhausted.

"But they all tell us something. I’ve never heard of any other sightings related to this incident,” she said. “I’m assuming it was probably something like that monster in Lake Champlain. "The basic reports are the same-a large, hairy animal walking upright," Woolheater said. In 2006, the photograph of an unknown water creature swimming on its back near the Gulf of Mexico was published on the Coast to Coast website. One thing most cryptozoologists agree on is that if such a creature existed in the Fouke area, there must have been more than one of them. We believe these animals to be a primate, a very smart primate that we just haven't yet proven exists.  =  The Sabine River forms the border between Texas and Louisiana near the reported point of this picture/sighting. display: none !important;

The beast was kind of slumped over," he said. ", The GCBRO keeps a log of sightings by county in Texas and other states, and according to Hamilton, reports come in on a weekly basis. "But there are some differences, like coloration, hair length and build. (function( timeout ) { Sabine River Monster Photo Coast to Coast AM’s website has posted the following image of an unknown creature swimming on its back, as seen in the Sabine River, near where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Primatologists who examined the samples said they were from "no known animal." Send it our way! The Sulphur River along the Texas-Arkansas border has been a source of similar sightings for decades.
It's one thing to read about them, but another to see them," he said. In 2010, the tanker Eagle Otome spilled 450,000 gallons of crude oil over its waters, resulting in the death of thousands of animals endemic to the area. "I started looking back to things that happened to me out in the woods and in the bottoms in the past, and wondered if something strange had really occurred," he said. Kari Celestine, a 45-year-old Native American, claimed she learned about the incident after the death of her grandparents a few years ago.

A.B. "We never heard of Bigfoot, but we knew something strange was going on around our little community.". Woolheater's sighting occurred while he and his wife were traveling through Louisiana one night in the early 1990's. According to him, the filmmakers did not tell the whole story, or at least did not tell it accurately. Then again, no one has dis-proven it either. "In fact, a few years ago I got a report from several different people who reported seeing a large hairy creature off of Highway 71. Fort Hood said he had seen a bipedal creature, pictures of a monster he claimed to be the Ogopogo, ‘Bigfoot’ Creatures Climb up onto Roof of Texas Home, Alabama Minister Captures ‘Baby Bigfoot’ Sounds, Corrections Supervisor Spots Unidentified Sea Creature in Long Island, Family Claims White ‘Bigfoot’ in Missouri, Father, Son Encounter ‘Bigfoot’ in Arkansas. He has authored two books, Smokey and the Fouke Monster and Too Close to the Mirror, and believes there are such creatures roaming the southern bottomlands. Being a cryptozoology buff, I jumped on the opportunity to drive up to Fouke and visit with Crabtree. The following unedited report–except for the person’s name and exact location of the sighting– was sent to Cryptozoology News by... Two people in North Carolina say they came upon a “huge Bigfoot”. Hot diggety dang,it`s the sabine thang !!!


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