saginaw m1 carbine markings
My M1 is a Standard Products rifle, serial no. On a u.s m1 original carbine what does the 18 A,B,C,D for rear sights, Amazing issues here. Please don't Private Message me for Carbine questions. No marks on trigger group?? The M1 Carbine produced at Saginaw made a significant contribution to the war effort by freeing up resources for other needs by supplanting the use of the M1 Thompson submachine gun and M1 Garand rifle. It only has three obvious post-war replacement parts: The Rear Sight is a type III which is correct for the period of manufacture. At the peak of Saginaw’s contract their cost per unit got down to $32.22 at which point the Ordnance Department had determined that they had enough other companies producing carbines for the remainder of the war and didn’t add any more contracts (5). Thanks very much for any help. Craig Riesch’s U.S. M1 Carbines Wartime Production should be considered a must have for anyone interested in the production history of the M1 Carbine. The plant had been established in 1942 for the expressed purpose of building M1 Carbines by Robert W. Irwin, a furniture manufacturer, and John D. Pedersen a commercial firearms designer (5, p. 141-143). The stock seems to be varnished. In M1 Carbine Part 5, we removed the components from the stock and receiver that were necessary to remove for inspection and discussed those items not removed. Thanks a lot and I am looking ahead to touch you. It has a barrel marking “Inland Mfg. In addition to freeing the troops from pounds of weight it saved the military a large sum of money. The carbine cost less than both of the available replacements at the time and it also physically needed less material to produce and operate than the heavier Thompson and Garand with their larger rounds. Revised and Updated, February, 1998 In response to numerous requests for clarification on the types and makers of M1 Carbine magazines during and after World War II, here is a brief but as yet incomplete listing of maker's stamps (Usually found on the rear of the magazine, roughly one-half inch to one inch up from the floorplate): I just don’t know. I've seen SS-4, R-O, and IPs over 50$ per. many of these rifles were rearsenaled at various times during their lifespan and were reassembled with mismatched parts. The Consequences of the M1 Carbine. I got this rifle 30 years ago from an old guy in the community that was a ww2 navy vet.I know he had to sand the stock there are no markings at all on it.But I wanted you guys to tell me what I have got. The round, type III bolt is marked “EM-Q” on the lug which indicates that it was manufactured by Quality Hardware. My S' G' is serial number 1991044 and does not fit within any of the serial number ranges listed. I'd like to get a couple SG mags to go along with my Saginaw carbine. Many other of the small parts were both sent out to the nine other makers of carbines at different points as was needed to keep production going ranging in amounts in the hundreds to thousands. GM made over half of all of them made during the war when you add IMD, SSG Saginaw, and SSG Grand Rapids together. Magazine capacity: 15 shots Did not find anything on stock.Thanks for the information.You cannot go back in time I sure wish I would have asked him more about it. I recently purchased a Saginaw SG M1 Carbine, serial # 3.2 million. Also look inside the stock channel, under where the op slide box would travel for blue- ish green number stamp. The letter “P” on the grip and 3 letters stamped “AAW” on the left side of the stock above the trigger. Have 6 digit serial number inland div and underwood barrel dated 9-43 with flaming bomb, also on barrel is Excel / Gardner Ma. Weight with ammunition: 2.5 kg I have it stamped on the stock of my 1945 Inland M1. It is very hard to see, I must have taken 30 pictures of it from different angles and with different lighting before I got a shot where I could actually read the letters. stock marked (TRIMBLE TN) this is either NPM or SGS. After a year and a half, the choice will be made for the Winchester model and will take the designation of M1 Carbine. New York: Presidio, 2010. Have a Saginaw S”G” that has HQ155 stamped marking on the base of the hand grip and an “8” stamped just behind the recoil plate on top.


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