salvage hunters chemist shop
Lets face it ........ ' Bargain Hunt ' has f**k all or very little to do with the real antiques trade. thanks for posting,love that chemist door,he could have paid him is £4000 and still made a good profit, I might be being a bit unkind he has made a lot of 600 miles journeys and only  come back with a broken chair. Ricky's property is like an amazing museum of rare vehicles but it seems nothing is for sale. Back at the shop, Drew hears the restorer's verdict about his new rusty Morris ... With sales manager Mark along for his first-ever buying expedition, Drew gets unprecedented access to the largest traveling vintage funfair in the world. And from the cellar to the turret, there are heaps of unwanted... Drew and Julian visit a massive airplane scrapyard where the collection is staggering but so are the prices. Drew visits a series of compulsive collectors and ends up satisfying his own automotive obsession along the way. Great free advertising and the odd genuine buy and some pretence. Rich. The drug run alone is worth 2 grand. At least that's what Karen says before her husband Ernie arrives on the scene. Mahogany throughout with moulded glass drawer pulls, beveled, gilt and sign written plaques, curved glass and bronze detail. The one thing I dont like is when he makes a price its like hes doing the seller a favour. As for Mr Pritchard saying at £4000 the chap had to 'leave something in it for me' made my heart bleed. A former air force base in Scotland is a gold mine of industrial fixtures. Removed from a Bristol Chemists shop over 30 years ago and placed into a privately owned museum, it has never been restored or altered in any way. It was on Quest last night. Last Post 21 Oct 2014 09:54 AM by Jezmond. With the shop's dwindling inventory, Drew's search for one-off items takes him from posh to junk. Salvage Hunters (2011– ) Episode List. A developer with a penchant for salvage, Nick's Norfolk property is packed with curios and a Citroën that reignites Drew's car-buying demons. Some f***in ! Last Post 21 Oct 2014 09:54 AM by Jezmond. I would have probably bid more for that lot and I dont have the deep pockets of Mr Pritchard. A visit to a classic car enthusiast in Doncaster has Drew revving his engines. Featuring British kitsch at its finest, the hangar-size illuminations depot in Blackpool is jam-packed with unlikely pieces of pop art. If so what about the chemist shop find in the Slate Museum. An old-school scrapyard in Coventry is like heaven. He seemed totally unaware of the value. Located in the UK. Regarding the Chemist shop item, which included an unmentioned drug run, shop rounds, and numerous counters, there is a mention at the end of the prog at, to see the item again on the 'on demand' facility if you want to give it a go. The guys visit a Windsor pub where everything is for sale. The guys visit Europe's largest air salvage yard where the heat is on to find something worth bragging about. All being, what a stunning find, lucky old Drew. Drew's salvage mojo is rekindled when he gets an unexpected invitation to an old country house. A last-minute cancellation leaves Drew stranded in Somerset but Julian saves the day when he suggests visiting the nearby Bakelite museum. Still hoping to fill the van, the guys visit salvage legend Jim Wilke but getting him to part with anything may be a challenge. At Great Fulford, Drew shakes on a number of great deals until a reversal of fortune ends up costing him money. Last Post 21 Oct 2014 09:54 AM by Jezmond. It makes dealers look like a bunch of money hungry shylocks. 16 Replies. With priority access to a sprawling Scottish estate, Drew hopes to uncover a bit of country house magic. On a country house marathon with Julian, Drew's quest for rare and unique items takes him inside some of Britain's finest homes. The owner of Tissington Hall is looking to clear out 400 years of clutter. I caught a couple of episodes last week when I was away in a B n B. Hi Jez, a virus outwitted my security, by-passed the hard drive, hurdled the over sprocket, destroyed the over-flange and invaded my mother board apparently, so I lost all my folders, favourites, and contact numbers including yours, so my apologies, With Julian in tow, Drew digs through the fantastic stock at a Portsmouth props and costumes warehouse. What surprised me was the ignorance of the owner who had a 'rough idea' of a price he wanted, but surely he would have made some enquiries about the worth of it before getting on TV? Lawnmower man rang him last year and basically he told him he did;nt travel and could Chris put stuff on a pallet for him !! Drew Finds An Entire Victorian Chemist Shop! A self-proclaimed inveterate hoarder, Chris' sprawling property includes an 'herbaceous car park', a collection of cement mixers, and everything in between. Gray's Court is being turned into a hotel and its owner may just be willing to part with a set of rare tables. A test drive at a Model T Ford dealer has self-confessed car hater Gavin head over heels about classic cars. Following up on a slew of great leads, Drew crisscrosses the country to meet some real British eccentrics. In Brighton, Drew scours a warehouse full of artifacts from a burned-down pier and searches for treasure in a historic cinema. Salvage Hunter Drew Pritchard says his punt on opening up his first shop has paid off. An old-school scrapyard in Coventry is like heaven. 16 Replies. Recently  he bought lamps for a fiver which he reckons he could sell for £45 and then he bought stalls at £18 each which he could get £70 each for and then says ..........." This fella is very switched on, he knows his prices , he is spot on ........but fair , it gives me a margin "  75 odd stalls at £52 gross profit on a purchase price of £18 !! At a sprawling Bicester scrap yard, Drew spots a few rusty treasures but manager Tony proves to be a tough negotiator. So much for his 550 mile round trips to buy a single old armchair off Lady F**kwit - chumleyWarner, Wad a load of olde bollox !! Ellys Manor is getting an overhaul and its custodian is looking to clear out the shed. Now I'm a full time dealer and I buy a lot of cabinets etc. Hoping to score a few rare treasures, Drew visits some legendary hoarders and eccentrics. I would have loved a rummage about in those boxes of poison bottles Jez,,,reminds me of a retired chemist who asked me if he could bring old poison bottles in to my recycling site,I told him I would collect them from his home,there was six boxes in his outhouse some with glass labels,I swapped the lot at elsecar for some enamels,,the good old days hey. The Herring Museum in Great Yarmouth is a honey pot where everything is for sale. The backroom team on the show are basically on the phone morning, noon & night to every large house, school, organisation , iondustrial building, old established business etc offering to film a show on their premises. Or, I can record it on my steam driven VCR, and can send the tape to you , as I think its being repeated in the next few days, no problem. DOWNLOAD THE APP BOOK A SHOWROOM APPOINTMENT. Then all the fittings then everything else in boxes like the chemists rounds etc. Making a sale at the spectacular Chavenage House proves more difficult when Drew rekindles the owner's interest in her family's old stuff. salvage hunters- chemist shop haul. Following up on a lead from Mark, Drew visits an out-of-the-way property in the hopes of nabbing some vintage garden urns. Hope to see you sometime Rich. With his salvage hunter's reputation on the line, Drew heads to Battle where an offbeat inventor's collection includes a mummified cat, a mechanical hand, and a time machine. Why dont I ever get these phone calls! 16 Replies. 2 Seasons | Lifestyle Modern-day treasure hunter, Drew Pritchard, is one of Britain’s leading architectural salvage dealers. Didn't pay much did he ! Only a personal opinion, but me thinks Mr Pritchard is the biggest w==k=r to walk this earth. Year: ... With the shop's dwindling inventory, Drew's search for one-off items takes him from posh to junk. BOOK A SHOWROOM APPOINTMENT . Salvage Hunters, which is one of the most highly rated programmes on the Discovery Channel, follows Drew as he scours the country in search of … Drew Pritchard | Architectural Antiques Dealer, Antique Restoration & Salvage Hunter. Season: OR . At a company that exports antique furniture, the master negotiator meets his match. Julian insists on visiting a tank collector where a joyride in a road-legal tank becomes the main event. Drew makes a stop in Brighton to sell a few of his wares. At the stately home of the cash-strapped Baronet of Maunsel, Drew and Julian dive into the rat-infested sheds. With their expenses mounting and hardly any new stock in the van, the guys head to a Dorset farm where a cider enthusiast has a slew of charming old buildings. A complete and untouched chemists shop interior. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > >> Author: Messages: advertad Tatter Posts:96: 16 Oct 2014 03:33 PM Hope all saw Salvage Hunter last night?? Finally watched it on the laptop - thanks for the link Jimbo. At a sprawling Scottish salvage yard, Drew gets serious about tracking down the good stuff. Sort: Prev Next: You are not authorized to post a reply. | Salvage Hunters Dont have sky Rich, I'll have to see if I can find it on the net... Aaaargh, I havent seen it. Although they've got incredible collections, they're also notoriously unwilling to sell. With priority access to a sprawling Scottish estate, Drew hopes to uncover a bit of country house magic. An enchanting Medieval manor home in Somerset is one of the most beautiful Drew has ever seen but its 'Aladdin's cave' proves to be a letdown. salvage hunters- chemist shop haul. When a first-time buyer from France places a mammoth order that clears out the shop's inventory, the team scrambles to pack and ship the goods while Drew enthusiastically hits the road to hunt down more stock. Most of us knock our pans in and travel a lot further than him for a living rather than glory on tv. Last Post 21 Oct 2014 09:54 AM by Jezmond. Rich, send me your number again because I have carefully lost yours. margin, blokes a tosser. If so what about the chemist shop find in the Slate Museum. It does give a false representation of our trade Ross. Still good to see all that stuff though... In his first interview since he opened the outlet in Conwy a … Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, he’s on a quest for weird and wonderful objects, hidden gems and forgotten treasures. Apart from the biggest collection of tractors in Scotland, Davie's Aberdeen property boasts a mammoth marine artifact that's certain to fetch a monumental price. 16 Replies. Hope all saw Salvage Hunter last night?? A Devon salvage yard is a honey pot of funky pieces and period furniture but the owner's sales philosophy proves to be a nightmare. At Geoff's Dorchester scrap yard, Drew and Julian uncover the mother lode of rare staddle stones. Deals in stained glass and architectural antiques. Sort: Prev Next: You are not authorized to post a reply. Meanwhile, back at the shop, the team continues to pack as their ... With non-stop sales at the shop, Drew hits the road with Julian to replenish his stock. 01492 … Its repeated round and round on Freeview so you should be able to find it.


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