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Join Facebook to connect with Samuel Robe and others you may know. [4] These robes are worn by peers at their Introduction to the House of Lords as well as at the State Opening of Parliament. For male peers, the Coronation robe is a cloak of crimson velvet extending to the feet, open in the front (with white silk satin ribbon ties) and trailing behind. [7], The Countess of Dartmouth, 1757 (matching robe and kirtle worn over a white, Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, "The Coronation and Parliamentary Robes of the British Peerage. Since the early Middle Ages, robes have been worn as a sign of nobility. Please choose your preferred location. Attached to the robe is a cape and collar of miniver pure; the rank of the peer is indicated by rows of "ermine tails (or the like)" on the miniver cape: 4 for a duke, 3½ for a marquess, 3 for an earl, 2½ for a viscount and 2 for a baron. It is closed at the front with black silk satin ribbon ties (except for a short slit at the neck down half the length of the robe) but open from the shoulder on the right-hand side. Etsy sellers promote their items through our paid advertising platform alongside organic search results.

Leopold Street It’s hard to imagine how tough it is sleeping rough through the cold of the winter months.
Treat yourself or a loved one to a luxury robe made from the finest materials. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. They are directed to be worn 'when the peers attend as a body a church service or other ceremony';[5] however in the twentieth century they were only twice worn outside Parliament: at the Investitures of the Prince of Wales in 1911 and 1969. Samuel Heath & Sons Plc Leopold Street Birmingham B12 0UJ Contact. At the top of the train is a miniver cape (the same width as the train) which has rows of ermine indicating rank, as for their male counterparts. +1 (212) 696 0050

At first, these seem to have been bestowed on individuals by the monarch or feudal lord as a sign of special recognition; but in the 15th century the use of robes became formalised, with peers all wearing robes of the same design, though varied according to the rank of the wearer. The back is cut long, as a train, but this is usually kept hooked up inside the garment. Peeresses (both female peers and the wives of male peers) also wear a crimson robe at coronations, but it is of a different design: a crimson velvet kirtle, edged in miniver, is worn closely over a full evening dress; the robe itself is attached at the shoulder, and takes the form of a long train of matching crimson velvet, edged with miniver.


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