san jose main jail pre booking
Each visitor must provide a government issued photo I.D. DUI arrests don't always lead to convictions in court. Postal Service. As an alternative to traditional jail, the Weekend Work Program (“WWP”) offers low-risk offenders the opportunity to serve their sentences by performing community labor in lieu of incarceration. The only exception is that visitors who bring an infant will be permitted to bring one (1) baby bottle. And any visitor displaying a tattoo of an offensive nature or that is gang-related will be denied visitation. If the defendant attends all court appearances, the bail will be returned at the end of the case. Inmates cannot receive items of any type from social visitors. Only two visitors are allowed at a hospital visit for the duration of 30 minutes. •    What Phone Service Do They Use? Perhaps you are just using the San Jose inmate locator in order to know where to visit. One of our experienced local attorneys can also help devise the most effective legal defense to help your loved one fight his case. ∗NOTE:  After you post bail for an inmate at the Santa Clara Main Jail, you should immediately consult with an experienced San Jose criminal defense lawyer who can schedule a bail hearing to argue that the bail should be reduced or eliminated. •    Remote Video Visits, Bail Bonding from the Santa Clara County Jail - South Approximately 48,000 arrestees are booked annually with an average length of stay of about 206 days. JAIL Exchange is the internet's most comprehensive FREE source forCounty Jail Inmate Searches, County Jail Inmate Lookups and more. Reinstatement is not guaranteed. All meetings shall be held in the Lower Level Conference Room at 70 West Hedding Street, San Jose or in another location when notice has been duly posted in a conspicuous place and as otherwise may be required by law. In order to get information about an inmate at the Santa Clara County Complex, you can call the facility’s inmate information line at (408) 299-2305 seven (7) days a week between 5:00am and 1:00am. Visitors may bring in one car key and if with infant – one diaper, a reasonable amount of wipes and one pre-mixed formula/white milk bottle per child. Visiting Hours and Policies) directly to the Santa Clara Jail Complex on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays between the hours of 7:00am and 2:00pm where you will be given the inmate’s property. A reasonable number of children may visit as long as they are constantly supervised and remain well behaved. Up to two (2) adults and a reasonable number of children may visit an inmate at any given time, and all must be present at the time of the sign-up. It is important to ask for the inmate’s personal file number which is not only necessary to acquire any future information about the inmate but must appear on a variety of documents. Jail (Main): 408-299-3438 Visitation: 408-299-3438 Adult Probation: 408-435-2000 Arrest Warrants: 408-808-4570 County Booking: 408-299-2306 District Attorney: 408-299-3099 Inmate Info: 408-299-2306 SC County Juvenile Detention: 408-278-5850 Thanks to our San Jose jail location service, you’ll know exactly how to plan your next course of action. Contact one of our Bad Boy Bail Bonds locations in San Jose, Ca today by phone at (408) 298-3333 or in person at 595 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110. General Rules of Visiting Inmates. These identification cards and a single key are the only items that will be allowed inside the facility. Be aware that inmate information generally isn’t available for at least 4-6 hours after the time of arrest. ANY KIND of device that has the capability of audio, video or photography recording and/or cell phone capabilities WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. You can call the facility’s inmate information line at (408) 299-2305 seven days a week, Visiting schedules are subject to change, so it is advisable to call the visitor information line at (408) 299-3438 prior to arranging a visit, If the inmate has any cash in his possession, it will be deposited into an account for the inmate that he can use to purchase items from the jail’s commissary. Visible Tattoos of an offensive nature, gang-associated tattoos or clothing. Children visitors require an original or notarized birth certificate and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. You can obtain a bail bond within about 20 minutes, although it generally takes another 30 minutes to four hours for the defendant to be released from custody. Weekend Work Program / Public Service Program If the defendant makes all of his court appearances, the court will refund your money at the conclusion of the criminal case (minus a small processing fee). plastics, cardboard, double-ply cards, laminated items, greeting cards larger than 5″x7″, postage stamps, staples, paper clips, stamped and/or padded envelopes, items that are taped or blank paper. Often we can help you get charges reduced or dismissed, and avoid jail and a criminal record. If you choose to correspond with an inmate via the mail, there are a variety of rules and regulations to which you must adhere. Santa Clara County’s Weekend Work Program, Santa Clara Department of Corrections inmate information website, Santa Clara County case information website, “Suspects” Should Never Give a Statement to the Police, California’s Sexual Assault Laws Have Changed. Therefore, your already established visiting account, can be used to schedule visits at either facility. Most of those booked are cited and released or post bail on their charges. Each year, the Main Jail Complex receives and books about 65,000 persons. And those individuals who are on probation or parole will additionally have to secure prior approval from their probation/parole officers. Santa Clara County Jail - South. will not be allowed to visit without prior authorization from the Jail Commander. This includes, but is not limited to; belt, jewelry (e.g., watches, chains, medals). That is why you need to take advantage of our San Jose inmate locator service. The bottom line is that regardless of any other circumstances, the staff at the Santa Clara County Main Jail Complex reserves the right to deny any visitor access who they deem may pose a security threat to the staff or inmates. You can also access information online via the Santa Clara Department of Corrections inmate information website. Warrant Check Service Not Available in Los Angeles and Santa Ana, Wherever you are, Mama can help. If the defendant does not attend all of his court appearances, he forfeits that money to the court. To obtain inmate booking information, you must provide the Booking Number (CEN), the Person File Number (PFN), or the Name and either Date of Birth OR Booking Date of the inmate Maintenance Notice : Every Monday between 12:30AM and 2AM inmate information is unavailable for regular maintenance. providing clothing to inmates who will be attending a jury trial. English as a second language classes, computer classes, literacy classes and the opportunity to earn a general education diploma (“G.E.D”) or high school diploma, community work skills such as grounds, roads, parks and school maintenance, and. Inmates may have two 60-minute visits per week. WWP participants perform their service on the weekends so that it does not interfere with their regular employment. Perhaps you want to know what prison the person is located in or when they are due in court. The Santa Clara County Jail - South also houses inmates arrested by this county’s municipal police departments. •    Recent Arrests, Inmate Mail Policies, Address and What can be Mailed, Mail Dos & Do Nots: clothing or footwear with metal parts (∗shoes must be worn at all times), hats, caps, bandanas or any other “headgear”, or. Postal Service Money Order that is also for the full bail amount. Attorneys and clergy members are not restricted to the Jail’s normal visiting hours.


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