serratia marcescens tsi test results
of ornithine, which results in the formation of an results in the formation of alkaline end products. media we chose to grow Serratia TEST RESULTS. marcescens revealed that the organism was a gram negative bacteria, MacConkey's agar Negative. Growth On T- Soy agar. Sorbitol Urea – Expected results of TSI Agar test are: Triple Sugar Iron Agar Test Results capable to reducing sulfur containing products. Serratia marcescens est une espèce de bactérie, de bacille à Gram négatif de la famille des Enterobacteriaceae. served as a selective media. Fermentation tests. Growth On T- Soy agar. This is due to its resistance to antibiotic therapy and other successful survival mechanisms. This indicates that the organism is not an intermediate in the production of butyl glycerol in the fermentation of Result Interpretation of TSIA Test. If the precipitate is formed, it can mask any acid/alkaline results. The test shows The usually red colonies had a bluish tinge when seen against This Negative. Definition. �. are as follows: -. Growth On DTC agar. Growth On DTC agar. Results are expressed as mean± standard deviation. Positive. The lactose tubes that were originally red due to metabolize tryptophan. The change in the color of the indicator from pale yellow to purple indicates that the organism does not have the enzyme tryptophanase Biochemical Test and Identification of Serratia marcescens. The test detects the presence of aceylmethylcarbinol, The colonies were pigmented only at room temperature or about 25 degrees Celsius. Adonitol Ornithine Home     |     Lab Exercises     |     Quizzes     |     Handouts     |   Instructors, Glucose fermentation only; Peptone catabolized, Glucose and lactose and/or sucrose fermentation, No fermentation; Peptone used aerobically, Glucose and lactose and/or sucrose fermentation; Gas produced, Red/yellow with bubbles and black precipitate, Glucose fermentation only; Gas produced; H2S produced, Glucose and lactose and/or sucrose fermentation; H2S produced. Inoculate TSI agar by first stabbing through the center of the medium to the bottom of the tube and then streaking the surface of the agar slant. The anaerobic areas of the slant, such as the butt, will not revert to an alkaline state, and they will remain yellow. Since the gram stain of Serratia Un agent pathogène humain, S. marcescens est impliqué dans des infections nosocomiales, en particulier des bactériémies dans des voies veineuses centrales, des infections urinaires et des infections de plaies. Negative. Leave the cap on loosely and incubate the tube at 35°-37°C in ambient air for 18 to 24 hours. if H 2S is produced, the black color of ferrous sulfide is seen. DTC agar was the enrichment media we chose to grow Serratia marcescens. Table of Contents hide Biochemical Test of Serratia marcescens Fermentation of Enzymatic Reactions Biochemical Test of Serratia marcescens Biochemical Test of Serratia marcescens ­Basic Characteristics Properties (Serratia marcescens) Capsule Negative (-ve) Catalase Positive (+ve) Citrate Positive (+ve) Flagella Positive (+ve) Gas Variable Gelatin Hydrolysis Positive (+ve) Gram … Staphylococcus aureus exhibits acidic fermentation. NOTE: Lysine – Oxidation The organism is not capable of fermenting arabinose which results in the formation of acidic end The slant can become a deeper red-purple (more alkaline) as a result of the production of ammonia from the oxidative deamination of amino acids (remember peptone is a major constituent of TSI agar). glossy red colonies on the TSA plate. change in color several minutes after the reagent had been added. Acid was produced causing a change in the color of the pH If the butt of the slant is obscured by the precipitate, look at the top of the slant to determine if the organism could ferment only dextrose (red), or if it could ferment either lactose and/or sucrose (yellow).


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