seven sorrows rosary in tamil
Then, oh my beloved Son, must the afflicted mother have said, then shall I see thee no more? And thus weeping, thou mayest have the happy lot of him of whom we read in the following example. She promised that when prayed with an open and repentant heart, this Rosary would win us the Lord’s forgiveness for our sins and free souls from guilt and remorse. Her heart had been dying since her son’s heart had stopped beating, but she was certain that our Savior would soon be resurrected. The following is a description of this amazing rosary as the Virgin Mother herself taught it to Marie-Claire in Kibeho. During one of her many apparitions to Marie-Claire, the Holy Virgin suggested that it be prayed as often as possible, but especially on Tuesdays and Fridays: Tuesday being the day Mary first appeared to Mary-Claire, and Friday being the day Christ was crucified. She wanted a chapel to be constructed here in Kibeho, so everyone would remember her visit and pray for the Church and religious. Their hearts seemed to be sharing the load; every pain he felt, she felt as well. Receive then, this last time that I look upon thee, receive the last farewell from me thy deaf mother, and receive my heart which I leave buried with thee. Say the prayer, “Most merciful mother”. Father Engelgrave relates, that a certain religious was so tormented by scruples, that some times he was almost driven to despair, but having great devotion to Mary, the mother of sorsows, he had recourse to her in the agony of his spirit, and was much comforted by contemplating her dolors. Before her untimely death, Marie-Claire did just that, traveling widely to teach it to thousands of people, who then taught it to thousands of others. For each of the next seven beads, say a Hail Mary. My God, I offer You this rosary for Your glory, so I may honor Your Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin, so I can share and meditate upon her suffering. Oh God ! 17. During her visitations at Kibeho, the Holy Virgin revealed that this Rosary of the Seven Sorrows possesses immense spiritual power for those who say it sincerely. Join those sorrows to your own and to those of the Lord Jesus Christ, then offer them to God the Father so that He will know the one who created it. Whoever wishes to practise the devotion of reciting the chaplet of the dolors of Mary, will find it at the end of the book. … The sorrowful mother turned to St. John, and said mournfully: Ah, John, where is thy master? Prayer: Beloved Mother, so stricken with grief, help us to bear our own suffering with courage and love so that we may relieve your sorrowful heart and that of Jesus. During her visitations to Kibeho, the Holy Virgin revealed that this rosary possesses immense spiritual power for those who say it sincerely. b. Meditate upon the Sixth Sorrowful Mystery. The friends of Jesus, Joseph and Nicodemus, took down his body from the cross and placed it in the outstretched arms of the Blessed Virgin. Do with it as with thine own, and place it in the side of thy Son. His entire body had been so lacerated that gaping wounds crisscrossed him from head to toe. 3. His murderers sang merrily as they approached him with hammers and nails. For centuries, the Order has preached Her Sorrows. Therefore, with reverential force they took him from her arms, and having embalmed him, wrapped him in a linen cloth already prepared, upon which our Lord wished to leave to the world his image impressed, as may be seen at the present day in Turin. b. Meditate upon the Second Sorrowful Mystery. Resurrection comes only after passion and death—for Jesus and for His Church. It received approval through the grant of indulgences by Pope Benedict XII, Pope Clement XII, and Pope Clement XIII.


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