shards of glass

Create a free website or blog at Arianne writes sex scenes like none other, offering erotic yet lyrical descriptions that arouse you as you read them. I actually felt like I was in the scene. Be the first to ask a question about Shards of Glass. I liked that the reader only gets to see the world through the h's eyes so it's not possible to know exactly how the H feels about her. That really leaves it all to guesswork whether they're headed to happiness or disaster. There were just some parts that were confusing to me at least, but overall we enjoyed it. The Shard, also referred to as the Shard of Glass, Shard London Bridge and formerly London Bridge Tower, is a 95-storey skyscraper, designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, in Southwark, London, that forms part of the Shard Quarter development. I have no idea what’s going on, what’s wrong with me or everyone else. However, in January 2008, Sellar announced that it had secured funding from a consortium of Qatari investors, who had paid £150 million to secure an 80% stake in the project. Download Shards of Glass song on and listen Rain Backdrop Shards of Glass song offline. No thanks.

By mid-August, the core box had been removed.

Loved this book. (Minus the few spelling errors). She has yet to disappoint me. Oh dear.. What to make of Daniel....grieving widower, arrogant a...broken, lost, manwhore...?.....but no matter what- he is hot hot hot. A few chapters in, I did feel the momentum beginning to slow a little bit and found myself bored in a few areas. I want to be there with him on his bad days as well. Looking for some great streaming picks? I remembered the light shining off my Father’s hair, his lopsided smile, and the way he held me when I was scared.
The Shard's 31st, 32nd and 33rd floors host three restaurants: Oblix,[66] Hutong[67] and Aqua Shard. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. You will absolutely want to find out what happens next! And the author did so without going overboard on the technical stuff.

According to Sellar, Piano spoke of his contempt for conventional tall buildings during the meal, before flipping over the restaurant's menu and sketching a spire-like sculpture emerging from the River Thames.[23]. I liked that the reader only gets to see the world through the h's eyes so it's not possible to know exactly how the H feels about her. How much i loved that place and the people there.

Shards of glass remained in the window. Rated: Fiction K - English - Words: 16 - Reviews: 5 - Published: 11/12/2006 - Status: Complete - id: 2275325 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Do you see your Reflection in the red. Love and adore Pearl and Alexandre from the Pearl-books. Thank you!! I thought the beginning felt a bit forced, especially the dialogue, but once the characters were established, things started to flow more naturally. The Shard's early conceptual designs were among the first in the UK to be amended following the publication of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report into the collapse of the WTC. [54] By late December 2011, the Shard had become the tallest building in the European Union, superseding the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, Germany. [79] The facility currently houses all primary operations for Al Jazeera Media Network's channels in London; it is capable of running an entire channel independent from Al Jazeera's other hubs, and is the network's second-biggest hub after its facility in Doha, Qatar. February 17th 2015 This book was not what i was expecting based on the reviews. The early part of January 2011 saw the installation of hydraulic screens, which were used to form the concrete floors of the hotel and apartment section of the tower, and rose with the floors up to the 69th floor. Search for "Shards of Glass" on Was a little worried that Janie didnt have any backbone, but it appears she does and good for her. Now he's a widower. In late November, the core's height exceeded 235 m (771 ft), ending One Canada Square's 18-year reign as Britain's tallest building.

Close up of a large chunk of broken colored glass, Shards of glass bottles green, scattered on the white surface. The demolition was completed in early 2009, and site preparation began for the construction of the Shard. The only reason I knocked off 1/2 star is the hero and heroine don't actually get together until the very end of the book. [75] In June 2015, Warwick Business School opened its new base in The Shard, occupying the same floor and was officially opened by the mayor of London, Boris Johnson. I definitely want to know how the story continues, but I'm pretty annoye. I can't wait to read the whole Triology. ( Log Out / 

Couldn’t be more thankful to have that gem around, who’s always trying his best to make my day better even when we have small tiffs in the middle (which makes me feel crappier) sometimes. Shards of glass lit up as if the light was dancing across them. Beware there is a cliffhanger. [1][20][21] The glass-clad pyramidal tower has 72 habitable floors, with a viewing gallery and open-air observation deck on the 72nd floor, at a height of 244 metres (801 ft). [29] However, later that same month, turbulence in the financial markets reportedly put the Shard's construction in jeopardy,[30] threatening to render the project an example of the Skyscraper Index. They interact, but you're left hanging in anticipation of the next book. I will say...I am not a fan of cliffhangers-AT. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

However, i was drew into the book instantly. Renzo Piano, the project's architect, designed The Shard as a spire-like sculpture emerging from the River Thames. Several years ago, Arianne published a short story title "Glass". [15] Piano's design met criticism from English Heritage, who claimed the building would be "a shard of glass through the heart of historic London", giving the building its name, The Shard. [80], In January 2015, further tenants for The Shard were announced, including IO Oil & Gas Consulting, Gallup and The Office Group. I needed someone, and i know i have Joel. [82] In August 2015, the international law firm Greenberg Traurig announced that it would open its offices on the eighth floor of The Shard by the end of the year.[83]. The story line is so fantastic, I love how you connect Pearl and Star in this book. Close-up image of piece of glass of a smashed television. I loved the short then and always wondered if we'd ever get more.

4-1/2 stars for Arianne Richmonde's Shards of Glass. It survived by eating scraps of food left by builders working on the incomplete structure. I actually felt like I was in the scene. [53] The spire was pre-fabricated and pre-assembled based upon 3D models, and underwent a "test run" in Yorkshire before being lifted onto the building itself. Change ).

However, I thought that towards the end, the book definitely picked up the pace and got so much more interesting. [64][65], The Shard's fourth, fifth and sixth floors host the HCA (Hospital Corporations of America), part of London Bridge Hospital. The Shard comprises a 26-floor office complex, occupied by 32 companies across ten business sectors, three restaurants - aqua shard, oblix and Hutong, the five-star Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, ten residential apartments and the UK's highest viewing gallery, The View from The Shard.

Daniel and Janie's love story begins in this novel.
Standing 309.6 metres (1,016 feet) high, the Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom, and the sixth-tallest building in Europe. Death disguised as a woman leading a suicide cult tries to influence people to die by their own hand. The highest jump was said to have been from a height of 260 metres (850 ft). Start by marking “Shards of Glass (The Glass Trilogy, #1)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. He’s controlling, he’s demanding, and he’s a perfectionist, and Janie wants nothing more than to be his shining star. The building's operators officially stylise its name as The Shard, with the word "the" capitalised. Unlike Solomon’s temple, filled with all the gold and riches a King could command, this temple was built by an impoverished people who had few resources.

Shards of Glass Everywhere!!! [59] Practical completion of the building was achieved in November 2012. Shards of Glass is the first part of a three part series written by one of my favorite authors, Arianne Richmonde. This FAQ is empty. [55], The Shard's steel structure was topped out on 30 March 2012, when its 66-metre (217 ft), 500-tonne spire was winched into place.


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