shoji white vs ballet white
Did it look like that 3 hours later? That is……. But I love it! And then there’s the bathroom and kitchen and some stuff in the living room too.ReplyCancel, Sometimes I think it’s best to new view a newly decorated space until it’s all done & everything is in its place. Do you have any favorite pairings to achieve this? ~Kylie, Hi! You,Miz Laurel,are the best at that even with a case of Paint Focusitis Nervosa! China White (LRV 78) is a fabulous white for exteriors. Do you have any suggestions for an accent color (in the darker blue or grey family) to go with the ballet white? This is Benjamin Moore Alabaster above. However, I do have a lot of experience with paint colors and colors in general, a very fine-tuned color eye, and a design-related degree. Here’s a little sample of the wallpaper on the wall opposite the closet door. Anyway, I can see tinges of pink or purple in the ballet white as well (only in certain areas and angles) but nothing like that. I wanted something warm but not yellow, I didn’t want any orange or alot of grey undertones. They have been so helpful as we have painted our home. Sarah. That’s Benjamin Moore Advance on the door. White dove? katie. Again, Thanks a MILLION!!! You can use different whites in different areas near each other. One question: would Ballet White “work” for all surfaces- ceilings, walls, trim/cabinets if done in different finishes? We have a transitional house with french oak medium brown floors. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have enough goofs and samples to open my own paint store! Thanks so kindly for responding! I painted the whole house with it including the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and I love it. I thought it was just me! Idea for a blog post maybe?? It varies so much, it’s making me batshitcrazy. am correct, but I like it anyway. Hi Melissa, that one is Manchester Tan – it’s a great beige/neutral! Sometimes we freak over the change itself, especially if you are a sensitive gal. It’s tough finding colors to go with all that wood but ballet white compliments it beautifully. PLEASE HELP!!! Floor-to-ceiling windows do it to me every time. There’s a safe in my closet!ReplyCancel, Ooh! In my quest to bring more white to our home (after de-browning the house when we first moved in), our new master bath is done in Ballet White walls with Cloud White ceiling an trims. Will White Dove or Cotton Balls look good in an east facing room with only two windows?ReplyCancel. For more of this kitchen above and below click here. Well, that’s an easy one, Laurel.


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