should i wear an ankle brace to bed
Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are you suffering from ankle pain? There will be plenty of time to find out how it’s coming along, but pushing it without feeling is probably a bad idea and you’ll likely end up doing more harm than good. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Whatever the design, the purpose of these devices is to avoid injury or provide support after an injury. The ankle brace is favorable and supportive just like high athletic shoes are and will not weaken the ankle muscles. When you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom there is a good chance that you will not take the time to put your ankle brace on before your feet on the floor. A compression brace helps to reduce the amount of swelling that occurs in the area so it reduces pain. A. Related: How to use a knee immobilizer while sleeping. Heavy-duty ankle braces can be uncomfortable to sleep in, and they aren't great for circulation. When you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, it is very likely that you will not take the time to put your ankle … “To determine if wearing an ankle brace will be good for you, consult your health service provider.”. This was greatly due to improved designs and models which made it less expensive to use than engraving an athlete’s ankle. The concern is real, though: if you’re worried that wearing it all day might not be great for circulation (or if it’s especially uncomfortable) then it’s fair to wonder how long you can wear an ankle brace for in one day. If you tend to twist your ankle or walk on the side foot rather than your foot in an appropriate position, wear a splint each time you are active. Elevation also helps with pain and swelling; Keeping your foot on a chair or stool during the day can help you feel better. VIEW AND BUY ON AMAZON, Candyli Adjustable Ankle Brace Elevation is the best cure for swelling but when we are sleeping it is impossible to regulate the elevation of our foot because we move during our sleep. The ankle ligaments, muscle and tendon units, and your ankle bones create internal supports to keep your ankle secure and safe. To stop accidental damage. Try putting talcum powder on the foot prior to putting the brace on the foot to reduce skin irritation. One of the things that an ankle brace does is limit the range of motion you have in your ankle. Aside from helping your injury heal faster, below are other things wearing a knee brace to sleep can help you do. VIEW AND BUY ON AMAZON, Ace Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer You can also wear an ankle brace to avoid these injuries. Sleep in the coolest room you can tolerate so that the ankle brace does not make your ankle warm and uncomfortable. Required fields are marked *. There really isn’t a better way to put it than this. Beyond contributing quality content to the blog, Aaron is also the man behind the Volley-Pedia social pages--those memes, volleyball vids and tips you see? If you are a volleyball enthusiast, training regularly and interested in learning not only how to avoid rolling your ankle, but how to improve your fundamentals and make an impact on the court, you'll definitely want to sign up for the free Volley-Pedia Resources list. The ankle brace is supportive like high top athletic shoes are and will not cause your ankle muscles to become weaker. The first thing you can do is buy a sport’s specific ankle brace--these tend to be thinner and more shoe-friendly than other models. Be sure that you have an ankle brace that fits properly. “The use of ankle braces to prevent ankle injuries is becoming more common, and coaches, parents, and athletes often ask me if an ankle brace is worth wearing,” says Kurt Jacobson, a certified sports trainer with the Mayo Clinic Health System. This is the least severe case, and it’s unlikely that you’ve actually torn the ligament. Sleep with the room as cool as you can tolerate so the brace does not make the ankle feel hot and uncomfortable. And there’s a good reason for it. Braces and supports intended for sprains are used primarily for daytime joint support and protection. Many people believe that they can weaken their ankles by using ankle braces to prevent them rather than simply rehabilitate them. To Limit Ankle Movement. Keeping a pillow or cushion under your foot allows you to lift the injured joint above your heart, another way to help you heal. The patient may lose sleep due to the discomfort of the orthosis. The problem with Grade 3 sprains is that they can be accompanied by more serious fractures and other complications. Considering how useful these ice wraps can be, we were pretty surprised by how affordable they are on Amazon. Sprained Ankle Immobilizer Brace Don’t worry, this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to That’s why it can be tough to say how long the recovery time will be just by telling the doc that you’ve rolled your ankle. He says that balance, range of motion, strength, and endurance are important factors in therapy and training in which rehabilitation providers specialize in recovery. This sport of ours is packed with dynamic, direction-shifting, high-jumping ankle-breaking movements. How long should you wear your ankle brace after a sprain? Sprains can be very light and will heal quickly in about 2 weeks, or they can be severe and take six weeks or more to fully heal. This means, in most cases, that the ligaments will be forced to take on too much pressure: The result? I find them easy to use and quite affordable. (9 Things You Really Should Know About Sprained Ankles), As a founder of, this is where I'll be sharing what I've learned along the way: as well as featuring valuable knowledge from experts in the sport, Best Volleyball Ankle Braces (2019 Contest). If you're in the recovery phase, you may want to invest in a refillable ice wrap. Ankle braces limit normal ankle movement and are considered uncomfortable or limiting by many people. These kinds of questions always pop up for people who have issues with their ankles and are using an ankle brace. So if you’re a sound sleeper who doesn’t budge an inch, then wearing your ankle brace to sleep probably isn’t necessary. You'll definitely want to keep in mind that (while we hope you'll make a speedy recovery!) A libero out of Fresno, California, he is our expert for all things close to the ground. When you sprain your ankle, the body’s response is to swell the area with blood: But sometimes you can help your body out by moving some of the stagnant swelling around with your hand and finger. Often in these situations, the player will actually feel or hear a popping sound: Once your ligament has been fully torn, you really won’t have many options beside strapping it up immediately, seeing your doctor and planning your road to recovery: A road that may have you strapped up for a good 6-8 weeks.


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