sidewinder power retractable steps
They give you enough footing to get up high without the added material weighing you down. ARIES ActionTrac™ powered running boards are the next generation of power steps and lifted truck steps. Powerstep automatically presents a step assist low enough for children to easily climb in and out of the tallest trucks. We are very grateful to Kodiak for their support. Funding was the primary constraint. The Lund Power Step has been actively tested and researched. TROUBLESHOOTING THE 8494 ELECTRIC SIDEWINDER Refer to wiring schematics 98184010 (12v system) or 98184510 (24v system) and replacement part number guide 98184025. Some of the major items on the list are: We knew right away that a basic cab mounted step was not going to offer the necessary assistance in getting up and into the cab of the truck. 0000021865 00000 n The automatic, electric-powered running board that instantly extends when you open your door, and retracts out of sight when the doors close. I’ve even got the bases covered when it comes to supplying electricity for tools and emergency lighting as well as air for air tools and rescue air bags. Built with heavy duty materials, these small steps pack a giant punch. The anodized and Teflon finish resists corrosion, scratches and dents. We removed the gauge and paddles from the supplied panel. Replace the headliner and upgrade the interior lighting. The interior of the truck was paid just as much attention as the exterior. We ran the wires down to the rear of the cab and into the power distribution center under the bed of the truck. It takes water to put out a fire, most fires anyway, and with the bed mounted skid unit, the truck carries 200 gallons of water and 12 gallons of class A foam. Once the body was removed, I removed the engine, transmission and transfer case so they could be rebuilt and/or replaced. Project Responder - Part II, Bigger, Better & Badass! Even though the truck is “finished”, it will never be complete. Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, and Nissan Truck and Van owners may disagree on which vehicle brand is better, but they can all agree that Leonard Truck Accessories is the perfect place to buy your AMP Research Power Step Hard Wired Retractable Truck Steps. Not many people get to build a vehicle exactly the way they want. See all details for Kodiak 950208000 Sidewinder Retractable Driver's Side Step, Silver - 8... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. ARIES ActionTrac™ powered running boards provide your truck or Jeep Wrangler with easy two-step access, featuring a unique, patented step-within-a-step™ design. POWERSTEP is a powerful solution to convenient vehicle entry and high ground clearance. 0000001275 00000 n If you have a lifted truck or suv, these are a must have accessory. Thanks to the sponsors, I have a system that is hardy, robust and extremely reliable. It is as strong as steel, but weighs less and is corrosion proof. Carpet was just too much work to keep clean in a truck. Using a 2″ hole saw, we cut out the hole for the gauge. I was wondering if anybody had directions or a diagram or knew where I could get one.?? These steps work great, they tuck up and way nice and tight. Now that the holes were drilled, we had the brackets cleaned and then powder coated over at Spectrum Industrial Coatings. The sidewinder step was set aside and the mounting holes were drilled out. What you see now is the result of a complete frame off restoration from the ground up. This is where I found out how good of a job I did keeping track of everything when I took it apart. The instructions call for applying about five psi to the springs before setting the truck back down. Tags: police lights, fire truck lights, emergency lights, led lights, strobe lights. Worry free pressure-sensitive, pinch-proof safety technology. Please stop by the ‘sponsors’ page and visit their sites to find out more about what they have to offer for you and your vehicle. We then chopped off the bolt ends so the Air Lift spring mount would set over the u-bolts and u-bolt plate. Review the video in the Video Link above for in-depth instructions on trimming the running board. The air springs are molded with high-strength Zytel nylon. They are very sturdy and have never failed. So we contacted Air Lift and explained our predicament. But First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many sponsors who made Project Responder a huge success. Not really, once I start using the truck for actual duty, I’ll have to reconfigure the cab with a jump seat so two crew members fully geared up would be able to ride in the cab as well. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 1, 2013. %PDF-1.4 %���� 16 0 obj <> endobj xref 16 20 0000000016 00000 n Find a power step for your Jeep or Truck and enjoy a no-drill bracket install and no-splice wiring on virtually all models. Because the doors get opened and closed a lot at shows and just in general when the truck is being detailed or being worked on, this just made more sense for this installation. I certainly would not attempt to attack a large structure fire with such a limited supply, but every vehicle has it’s purpose and for Project Responder, the goal is to be quick, agile and able. With the hole locations marked out, we used a cutting disc on a dremel tool to make remove the metal. Well the answer is quite simple. Plug-N-Play Compatible Power Steps That Reduce Hard Wiring Are Available Here. Go figure. Call them what you will, police lights, emergency lights, flashing lights, sirens, you can’t have an emergency vehicle without having it outfitted with at least some sort of audible & emergency vehicle lighting. And LED police lights really are cool. Things that could be upgraded, were. For the actuator leads, we decided to control the sidewinder steps with a switch on the center console as opposed to using the ground actuated push switches that were supplied. They make getting and out of the truck so much easier and the steps really get’s people’s attention when they are activated. From new carpeting and new seats to a fully insulated and sound proofed cab, the end result is an interior design better than original. The big trick here is to have the truck jacked up so that the tires are just ready to leave the ground before installation. In addition, because I had a limited budget in creating this project, some things just had to be placed on the back burner. Leonard Store Locator . Of course there are several modifications to perform along the way. Kodiak Products supplied us with a set of twelve inch drop kodiak sidewinder steps. Since opening in 1963 Leonard Buildings and Truck Accessories' goal has always been to provide quality truck accessories at the lowest prices. When all doors are closed, Powerstep retracts up and under the truck, flush with the rocker panel, keeping step surfaces free of mud, snow and road grime. The AMP Research Bedstep2 mounts just behind the cab, forward of the rear wheel, providing a faster, easier and safer route to access toolboxes, equipment and cargo in the bed. All three are available for download from our website at First verify good power and ground: Voltage at the monitor control module should be 11-14 VDC for a 12v system (22-27 VDC for a 24v system) when … A forum community dedicated to Ford F-series owners and enthusiasts with a Power Stroke diesel engine. They offer an additional load capacity of 5,000lbs. All that remained was the routing of the air lines. And whatever other cool upgrades we can come up with. Strong and rugged, this non-slip, retractable bumper step quickly flips down with the nudge of a foot providing a faster, easier and safer way to load or unload your pickup’s cargo. LMC Truck is a great resource, but when I was building Project Responder, my truck was not yet old enough for LMC to actually offer any replacement parts. Note: The phrase ‘police lights’ is commonly used to describe emergency vehicle lights, whether they be for fire, police, ems or other use. 0000019386 00000 n So this is a fully functional fire truck that could a respond to a car fire, a brush fire or maybe even a dumpster fire. To mount the air springs, we first had to find out how everything would line up considering we had the new Carrier leaf springs installed which have eight inches of lift in the arch. Precision, stainless-steel hinge points and bearings ensure trouble-free action. They make getting and out of the truck so much easier and the steps really get’s people’s attention when they are activated. Flip it out with the tailgate open to gain up to 2-feet of enclosed cargo area. Side steps for hard-working trucks. The emergency vehicle lights and all of the other emergency lighting equipment serve one purpose, to allow the truck to get to the scene as quickly and as safely as possible. Starting with the gear we wear, the truck carries a complete set of turnout gear. By following the links in the navigation on the left side of the page, you will be able to see how the transformation took place and all of the work that went into building this super truck. Let Project Responder help you promote your next event. Making Project Responder Something Special: This is where I get to show off all of the cool stuff that was added to to the truck during its build. Kwikee® Step Repair Kits 1420215 SEP12. Now I can get virtually anything for the truck now that it’s over 20 years old. Next, we used the panel as a template to locate the new hole locations in the driver’s side rear cargo compartment. All three are available for download from our website at First verify good power and ground: Voltage at the monitor control module should be 11-14 VDC for a 12v system (22-27 VDC for a 24v system) when … Top subscription boxes – right to your door. Free ground shipping on all orders, Continental US, Store Locations in NC, SC, TN, VA, and WV. Swapping out the three speed C6 for an E4OD electronic overdrive transmission. Why would we need a set of Air Springs? This is where it got fun. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you thought. We began by installing the back bracket to the sidewinder unit. Kodiak Sidewinder™ Retractable Step Wiring Instructions 1422140 FEB06. Made from high-strength, die-cast aluminum-alloy components with an anodized and PTFE coated, military-spec finish to resist corrosion. Kodiak 950208000 Sidewinder Retractable Driver's Side Step, Silver - 8... Kodiak 950208000 Sidewinder Retractable Driver's Side Step, Silver - 8 inch Drop. They offer unparalleled protection and excellent style for your custom full sized Ford van. With all of the modifications that have taken place, the truck is deserving of the right to proudly wear the F-350 badge (maybe even F-450 with the new Dana 80 rear axle). Due to the support of several top of the line companies, I was able to have the very best turnout gear available. After more than a decade since Project Responder first hit the road, it’s time for some major updates and upgrades. With a steady hand and a lot of patience, we had the holes cut.


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