silverblack spear vs roaring halberd
But after that, i did some research on other spears i was using before switching to hexer build. All rights reserved. mostly vertical moveset which is not desirable in Ultragreatswords. Royal Guard (halberd) - drop A Some numbers would be appreciated. A dark infused Blacksilver Sickle has 90/189 in base damage. The first step to becoming a hexer is deciding where you are going to spend your points. Man have I been disappointed with it so far. Resonant weapon will increase the dark damage dealt by 50 and total dark damage by 50%. 40 - 10.0 Hexes: Numbness or Great Magic Barrier, Dark Weapon, Resonant Flesh, Armor: Full Looking Glass armor with the Drakekeeper armor chest piece. After the buff to the Roaring, which has higher AR/DPS? I have a feeling Im going to go with the halberd, just because of the moveset/damage. After the buff to the Roaring, which has higher AR/DPS? I noticed that the pate's spear and winged spear both have higher base AR and about the same scaling … Also, is a dark infused Spider Fang viable? Pretty damn pointless at the end of the day. First off raw, Poison, bleed, & enchanted are never the strongest path. Stats 25 - 0. Required Attributes There is no saying this weapon is a bad pick, but if you are planning a  melee play style and going with an Intellect scaling weapon, why even invest the points in faith? These hexes can all be purchased at Magerold of Lanafir at the entrance to Huntsman Copse. Similar to the weapons, the spells you use as a melee hexer are completely up to your own preference; however, I’ve taken the liberty of listing the most useful spells for a dedicated melee build. If you think I forgot to mention something important, or any other criticism, questions, or suggestions feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). © Valve Corporation. (50 flat increase and 30% extra Dark damage, thus favoring dark damage dealing weapons), This is your bread and butter Hex as it significantly increases your melee damage output, This hex lowers enemies defense rating by 100, Not very strong as you deal mostly Dark damage with your weapon, Useful in scenarios where you have an ally phantom in your world, This hex makes you invulnerable for a brief amount of time, It requires 35 Int so you will have to use spices to make it available, Could be useful for beating stamina heavy attacks in PvP, or hard to dodge attacks in boss fights, It requires 38 Int so you will have to use spices to make it available, Very high risk, high reward move in pvp, especially with latency, This hex allows you reduce all incoming damage by 35% for 20 seconds, Requires 42 Int so again spices are needed, It makes about 50% of the screen black, leaving you an oval window in the middle, This hex increases your maximum health with 20% for 60 seconds at the cost of 2000 souls, Can be useful for those quick, intense PvP, or boss fights, Does not heal you when you are already damage, so you need to cast this before fighting, This hex enchants your weapon to deal 50 more flat damage, and 50% more Dark damage, This is your bread and butter when you are rich because it costs 2000 souls, This hex deals area of effect damage on the place it is cast for 3000 souls, Similar to the poison cloud this gives you area control, forcing your opponent to stop attacking you and move out or receive damage, This hex requires 35 Faith, so spices or Ring of Prayer will be needed to meet that requirement, This is a must have miracle in PvP against the many sorcerers you will come across, In PvE I would not bother with this one, except for in the Shrine of Amana, A surprisingly good miracle as it will slowly heal you over 120 seconds, so you can cast it before a battle and have it tick over the course of an entire fight, Very strong miracle to cast just before an encounter as it effectively adds 840 points to your health, assuming you’re getting hit, Heals you and your allies for 840 health over 60 seconds, Amazing utility if you an allied phantom in your world (Lucatiel anyone? Found Ideally you want to do most of your damage in 1 type, e.g. The B-scaling in Dark grants us an additional 136 dark damage. Silverblack Spear. Can be bought off Magerold of Lanafir at the beginning of the Huntsman Copse, Can be found in the Grave of Saints over the draw bridge near the first bonfire, Can be bought of Straid in The Old Bastille, Given when you reach rank 3 in the Dark Pilgrim Covenant, You can purchase this miracle fom Chancellor Wellager greeting you in the Drangleic Castle, You can purchase this miracle from Licia of Lindelt in the Heide’s Tower of Flame or Majula, You can purchase this miracle from Chancellor Wellager in ng++, or you can attain rank 3 in the Blue Sentinel covenant, You can purchase this miracle from Chancellor Wellager in ng++, or you can attain rank 2 in the Blue Sentinel covenant, You can trade the soul of Velstadt with Straid of Olaphis to gain this miracle, Can be bought of Navlaan in Aldia Keep, or found in Drangleic Castle, You can get this spell by reaching rank 2 in the Way of The Blue covenant, or you can find it in the Old Bastille behind an illusion wall in the Ruin Sentinels boss room, You can find this spell in the poison mist in Harvest Valley. 12.0 My SL150 Hexing character is just reaching NG++, and it is an insanely fun way to play the game, so I decided to share my knowledge concerning building an awesome, dark-honing, melee hexer. ), dark silverblack spear all the way. This is due to the fact that Dark scaling was already present on the Silverblack Sickle before infusing it with Dark, but not on the original Great Scythe. ), Requires 38 Faith to cast, so you might have to use some Skeptic’s Spice to lower it, Useful in certain areas of the game like The Harvest Mills, Earthen Peak, and The Gutter, Can be used in PvP against poison based Dexterity builds, Does a ridiculous amount of damage in a bubble around you, Mostly useful in PvP or against bosses with smaller enemies around it (Magus, Freja, Skeleton Lords, etc). 165 The B-scaling in Dark and Dex grants us an additional 47 dark and physical damage. The Syan's Halberd is unique among halberds in that it features movesets from the Spear class, and also prioritize those movesets. In the end we end up with a Chaos Blade that does 232/423 damage. Total AR is: 671. Insanely strong miracle, especially with a white or gold phantom around, but it requires 4 spell slots, Enchants your shield to have 100% block against everything and increases its stability by 30, Insanely useful for those who prefer blocking over rolling, Can be useful when dealing with invaders as sound plays a huge part in detecting other players, Transforms you into a common object found in your environment, This spell is fun when ambushing people in PvP; however, it is also pretty strong in mid fight because it removes the enemies lock-on, Swing a sword made out of souls in a horizontal sweep to damage the enemies in front of you, Very strong because the hyper armor during the initial frames, Instantly does damage during the start up if the enemy stands close enough, so its usable in melee range, Useful in the Iron Keep and against Pyromancers in PvP, Set yourself on fire to deal damage to nearby enemies and yourself, Standing close to enemies while immolated forces them to attack you to ensure you die before them, which is great for baiting parries. If one dares disturb them, the grave wardens make no allowance for stature or riches, and will readily bury them along with the others. If you want your main damage source to be a melee weapon and use hexes mostly to facilitate your melee close combat capabilities then this is the guide for you. Halberd Roaring Halberd is a weapon in Dark Souls 2 Halberd forged from the soul of a Skeleton Lord. Because of that, instead of the slashing and sweeping animations of weak attacks typical from halberds, this weapon performs thrusting attacks instead, just like a spear. The damage for the Roaring Halberd with Dark Weapon buff looks outstanding on paper but in practice I found it to be poor. Some numbers would be appreciated. Dark to avoid the drawbacks of split damage. Attribute Bonus It has a sweetspot, so you need to get used to the weapon. y otros países. There are so many fun builds that involve hexes that I am not even going to try to list them all here, but I will leave you with some examples to spark your own creativity. This build will be just below 70% equipment, thus allowing you to fast roll. Old Knight Halberd • Old Knight Pike • Roaring Halberd • Santier's Spear • Scythe • Syan's Halberd • Wrathful Axe This article is a stub and is in need of expansion. I hear the Crypt Blacksword is good, but I don't like the moveset of ultra-greatswords in general, or the huge stat investment to single hand it. Also it might be important to note that the Dark Silverblack Sickle is a great stunlocking weapon that can ignore shields against people who are trying to turtle your buffs out. - As a melee hexer you shall not invest all your points into strength and dexterity like normal melee builds. Ring of Blades + Sacred Oath give a solid damage buff to your Roaring Halberd, and with Resonant Weapon on top of that your running attacks should be hitting for crazy numbers. Make sure you pick the right starting items in Dark Souls II, Learn how to develop with the perfect weapon, Those pesky statues getting in the way? They have the same letter scaling rank, yet the damage differs immensely. Increases physical attack damage by 50, and physical defense by 75 for you and your allies for 60 seconds. Also, is a dark infused Spider Fang viable? I believe that roaring halberd has the highest AR, however you need to hit with the end of the weapon to get the full damage. Roaring Halberd. Only +3 w/ darkstone infusion atm. I find it one of the most powerful and fune weapon choice as a hexer. Not any longer. If you want reliable damage go for the spear or the sickle. I prefer the Spear due to halberd having the tendency to be more finicky in this game, however both are good weapons so go with whichever suits your fancy. I played it for a bit and then quit. Im planning to stop leveling Strength/Dexterity as soon as I get the base requirements for the weapon, so those scalings aren't an issue. The C/D scaling in Strength and Dexterity grants us an additional 19 physical damage, In the end we end up with a Dark Blacksilver Sickle that deals 109/562 damage. Thus, (487+50)*1.3 = 698 total magic damage AR when buffed with Crystal Magic Weapon, Alternatively, infusing the Moonlight Greatsword with Dark and 30 intellect/faith will split its damage 190+75/190+54. You can easily make this weapon work in a hexer build; you just have to make a slightly larger investment in Dexterity. 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