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Remus reached out uselessly, barely missing grabbing a hold of Harry who was now running towards the snake. There were some things in the record Remus hadn't known before, but nothing of particular note or relevance to Remus's concerns. And of course he'd come to Remus because Remus was the one he had the best chance of bullying into helping him. Severus sent them a withering glare, and they both paled immediately. Once that was settled, Gilderoy suggested a volunteer pair give a practical demonstration of how to block unfriendly spells. Slash. ", Dumbledore gave him an expectant look, and Remus found himself tongue-tied. Sirius had killed him and he was dead, not posing as a boy's pet. It's sorta friendship, humor, general, with some other genres in there too. In der Art, wie sie redeten, folgerte Remus, dass Sirius wieder geschummelt haben musste, es brach Remus zum Lächeln. In one world, Sirius Black sat in Grimmauld Place, mourning the fourteen year anniversary of his best friend's death. The next day Remus gave Harry a cage he'd borrowed from Silvanus Kettleburn and attempted to put the matter out of his mind. J/S fluff. Remus regarded the children with one last fond smile before turning to Severus with a quizzical look. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,018 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 10 - Published: Ever wonder what happened in the days of your favorite Marauders? The following evening Remus arrived in the Great Hall fifteen minutes early to find the room populated by Severus, Gilderoy, and a handful of students who looked a bit like they weren't sure if they would be taking a bigger risk by trying to sneak out of the meeting or by staying. A moment too long, unfortunately, as Gilderoy shouted, "Allow me!" Sirius and James offer to show him. Ron pitched a fit, insisting he didn't want another rat because Scabbers was still alive, and he hated all of them for giving up on him. In another, parallel world, James Potter was doing the exact same thing. The difficulty will be in arranging an entirely secret visit. Marauders era clearly Please read! I would hate to become overconfident and arrogant about my abilities." While the first attack on Mrs. Norris might possibly have been a very cruel and dark sort of prank, but now with Colin Creevy in the hospital wing it was clear that this "Heir of Slytherin" was a real danger to the school. It was entirely likely they would never be friends and, to be entirely honest, despite having made overtures in that direction Remus wasn't certain he wanted them to be. Yes," Remus said. Please R&R :). "And if I'm to be saddled with that self-important oaf for an evening, I refuse to be the only one who has to suffer.". "That was a very foolish and dangerous thing for you to have done.". "Well, best of luck; I hope he turns up soon," Filius said. He certainly wanted to hear the story, however long it might be, but he supposed it would keep for the moment. Of course, he and Severus both had Harry now and while Harry wasn't James – nor was he Lily – he wasn't nothing either. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,669 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 4 - Published: JP/SB, HP/DM slash! "Probably not an unwarranted concern. Not as a slight against Severus, though admittedly his personality was not best suited for the task. How very fortunate that Draco had chosen to use that particular spell. They always seemed so perfect together, like they were meant to be. Or if he's still in the castle he might hurt the children. Thinking about it though, finding Scabbers wasn't the only way to get proof. Remus barged his way into the Headmaster's office, slammed the page down on his desk, and demanded, "Did you know about this?". Of course, if Sirius had been the rat and Peter the dog, then maybe they wouldn't be in this situation at all. Severus stepped forward and vanished the snake into puff of black smoke. And Remus has a secret of his own! How about Malfoy and Potter?". Remus hummed in acknowledgment. Ideally, he would like to have Scabbers be found. He told him about the Duelling Club and the revelation Severus and Draco's little act had inspired. He had told himself over the years that since Sirius's Animagus form couldn't be used to slip out of his cell, it didn't matter if Remus kept the secret and if Sirius had been the rat and Peter the dog, then Remus would have come forward. "We mean Professor Snape," Fred corrected, and George nodded fervently. Remus blinked in surprise. "Oh yes. Plus if Scabbers really were Peter, then the only possible explanation for his sudden disappearing act on Halloween was he was trying to hide from Remus. He told him about the way the pieces had fallen together after that, creating a whole that was more convoluted than the narrative they'd all been told, but made so much more sense. Das Problem wurde den Administratoren automatisch gemeldet. "Thank you, sir." "And you believe Ron Weasley's rat Scabbers to actually be Peter?" ", Harry considered that for a minute. It could be true. ", "Oh, a few weeks I should think," Dumbledore said. And…." Peter, the real traitor and spy. Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Angst/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,335 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 59 - Follows: 14 - Published: SiriusJames slash! "Though actually I'm here because Professor Snape expressed some concern that this club might prove too popular for the two of you to supervise all the students on your own. James and Sirius? Remus half-expected Dumbledore to make a slightly teasing comment about Remus's lack of specificity, but he merely grabbed the sheet Remus had brought – the third one – and studied it carefully. In another, parallel world, James Potter was doing the exact same thing. Getting permission to visit Azkaban isn't terribly difficult, even for high security prisoners like Sirius. It was all a bunch of schoolboy grudges, but schoolboy grudges were harder to let go of when there was nothing else to hold onto.


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