sister james doubt monologue
Sister Aloysius Beauvier: Candy by another name! �hU�+�����e���5��z����.���r%_N�~�]Wj�����;���x�.s�q�v]�T. Later that day, Sister Aloysius and Donald Miller’s mother meet to discuss the nun’s suspicions. His father beat him for what she describes as “the boy’s nature”. Mrs. Miller explains that she would rather that Donald be shown affection by—and potentially have a romantic relationship with—Father Flynn than be ignored and bullied by his peers. As Sister James questions a powerful authority figure, we witness how the young nun is growing more confident and self-assured. Sister Aloysius Beauvier: [about a boy who was sent home with a bloody nose] He's a fidgety boy. stream Father Brendan Flynn: And might that not account for the odd behavior Sister James noticed in the boy? Father Brendan Flynn: Look, what was Donald's mother doing here? endobj Sister James looks on as the priest consoles him. Father Brendan Flynn: Did you know Donald's father beats him? Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. 1 0 obj Sister Aloysius Beauvier: [Angrily referring to cough drops] Candy! You answer to us! Or is Father Flynn merely using his observations of Donald’s peer dynamics to further exploit the young boy? Sister James explains that her brother is very ill, and Father Flynn recommends that she take time off to visit him. << /Type /ObjStm /Length 44 /N 2 /First 9 >> However, when the priest scurries away in order to avoid contact, we quickly see Donald’s body language transform to reveal his apparent insecurity. The nun’s inability to understand the plights of black motherhood exemplify the intolerance that Father Flynn had previously accused her of embodying. Sister Aloysius conflates maternity and morality with white privilege, and she is unable to understand how Mrs. Miller’s race affects how she interacts with the spaces around her. Mrs. Miller: Sister, I don't know if you and me are on the same side. 01/08/10 @ 12:37 am. You should understand that, or you will mistake me. I'll be standing with my son and those who are good with my son. 2 0 obj Father Brendan Flynn: Even if you feel certainty, it is an emotion not a fact. While it essentially revolves around these three people, the fourth character, the mother (Adriane Lenox) of the boy probably being mentored more intimately than he should be, adds to the play's scope. 'Yes, you ignorant, badly-brought-up female. CUT TO: EXT. Please avoid histrionic passion. Sister James looks on as the priest consoles him. Father Brendan Flynn: You haven't the slightest proof of anything! *w���u��y����=�5ҫZg-u3����A�n ^��2������o��+���i���t�/�FӋZ0��k�U|5_�n��,�g��1:�=�It&��3"&� BB��%��>���d'�))�O0v"_����jk�j��#�D!J��"z�E�8�u]0��R������1��ڏ7Ҩ��72���[7%{uT��v�t09k�q�D�~ktn���3 ���R �����7U���m�vc�� Mrs. Miller: [Taken aback] You were a married woman? In her class, Sister James yells at her students for being disruptive. He then continues to demonize Sister Aloysius by explaining that she has never shown compassion for Donald and his isolating situation. Sister Aloysius Beauvier: [Picking one off the floor] And yet here one is. << /Type /ObjStm /Length 552 /N 18 /First 149 /Filter /FlateDecode >> After the priest attempts to make the young nun feel more comfortable with her anxieties, she begins to interrogate him.


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