softball is harder than baseball essay
I never agreed; I always debated that stopping a hockey goal would be harder. There are four main tools for baseball which are a bat, ball, mitt, and off course the field! A ball, glove, and a bat are all that are needed to play baseball and softball. According to Sports Nation (2005), “baseball was created back in 1845by Alexander Cartwright who belonged to a New York baseball club”. Then when I began to research softball a little more and I had to come to agree with my high school’s softball coach. He is known as a commonly “father of baseball”. Sports has been linked back to the Aztec Indians in the 1500’s. These two sports are not exactly alike though; there are also some big differences between baseball and softball. The game of softball was first played in 1887 on Thanksgiving Day (Gitlin 20). In these two sports you have three main aspects you can compare and contrast: pitching, the field and regulations, and hitting. It is said he created baseball at Elihu Phinney’s cow pasture in Cooperstown, New York in 1839. To begin with, they are both played on a ball field, known to most baseball or The furthest part is the outfield. Also both have a certain amount of innings to play and both sports require three outs to end the inning. Michael Jordan is a Basketball Role Model. Major League Baseball isn't going anywhere, but home run distance and gaudy numbers doesn't equal a harder sport. Also, baseball players can lead off, while softball players cannot. The Indians played sports, the Africans played, and Europeans played sports. That females softball athletes are every bit as tough of the males baseball who play a similar sport. A base ball In a world full of Softball and Baseball fans there is bound to be a lot of arguments about which is harder. One of the biggest knocks on the MLB is that nine-inning games are so long. Both are made A play begins with an offensive player called a batter standing at home plate. Ventricular fibrillation following blunt chest trauma from a baseball. Pitchers in baseball throw the baseball over hand while softball players throw the softball underhand. — Softball and baseball have been around for years, but one question never seems answered: which sport is really harder to play? Softball is harder to play, requires faster reaction time, and is much more fun for fans to watch. 350ths of a second (.35 seconds) to react to the pitch. Softball is a really interesting sport and also fun to play. size, and balls, different in sizes and some times color, are as much alike as not. Since softball players throw softballs underhand there is a difference in the pitching rules of baseball and softball. Cardiac concussion (commotio cordis).


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