starship crew generator
Like Will Riker. 6. Fixed a bug that allowed Young Officers to be able to select Commanding Officer role. Do you have press-gangs or something? This list is more of a reference than anything. We have a collection of tools to help & inspire writers in their creative writing projects. Naturally, there is a lot of overlapping responsibility. If you're on a mobile device, (Whether you want to follow Marid's example is another matter. Sounds good! This would include the Captain, high ranking officers as well as a representative HODs (Head of Department) from each department on board the ship. Bridge: Bridge (or deck / cockpit / control room, depends on who you ask) is a rather small department, but is critical to the operation of the vessel. [11] The review in Macworld gave the game a rating of three out of five and criticised the lack of gameplay once a mission was launched, describing the player as a "mere spectator". Although expeditions ships that required food sources to be self sufficient would need a very large agricultural crew. Yes! He/she is fourth-in-command and also the head of the Engineering Department. Under Edit > Preferences... > Add-ons enable the "Add Mesh: Spaceship Generator" script (search for "spaceship") Add a spaceship in the 3D View under Add > Mesh > Spaceship Expand the Spaceship tab that appears in the bottom left of the viewport to adjust procedural generation settings On top of the actual sailors in each command, there are usually special detachments aboard. It's not all just grunts and operation guys but there are guys doing the paperwork too, most of it is just invisible from the outside. The user could start the program from one of three experience levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced. I would think that a committee deciding things during a situation would be inneficiant. The other aspect of the crew screen, the complement-breakdown aspect, allowed the user to devote a certain percentage of crew to different disciplines, such as command, sciences, security, medical, and operations. Just a reference list really, I hope other will find list useful when attempting to build their own ship & crew. Is this found in non-American navies as well, or is it just an American thing? Sure cyber warfare is automated, but who design those systems? As you level up, this ship gains additional hull, weapon slots, and console slots. The program was quite similar to the original Starship Creator but featured a number of new features and a slightly rearranged ship lineup. Make Star trek Crew memes or upload your own images to make custom memes. Even "Solar" or "Terrestrial" fleet would sound more original. Platform(s): You are also correct here. Sort of unrelated, but why does everyone use Sol as the name of our Sun? The First Pilot, Flight Pilot or Pilot-In-Command (PIC) is the main controller of the helm. the best experience. Corporate will need only a few representative on board at any given time. The interface was modeled after the TNG era LCARS format, with Judi Du… Maybe also useful for naming spaceships in games like Kerbal Space Program, or Elite Dangerous. Planted so far: 60180 The success of a mission sometimes depended on the presence or absence of a system or component. The variant will use high-thrust methox RCS thrusters located mid-body on Starship HLS during the final "tens of meters" of the terminal lunar descent and landing, and will also include a smaller crew area and a much larger cargo bay, be powered by a solar array located on its nose below the docking port. (Usually this means they need to train or get supplies before they arrive.). The last 5 names will have a random prefix attached, which is sometimes done in sci-fi. Even if we politely sweep AI under the carpet, my suspicion is that your system has a few positions which aren't necessary. Also, crews from the TOS and TNG eras could not be intermixed. The Chief Engineer is fourth-in-command and assumes command of the whole ship in the absence or incapacitation of the Captain, the Chief Officer and the General-On-Board. Obligatory note that fighters need to be explained -- they probably don't make any sense from a realistic perspective (well, that depends, I guess). Of course, regardless of the level of AI in your setting, some positions will remain human, even outside of command considerations: for example, your suggested scientific and corporate departments. Opacity and resizing are supported. Feedbacks are welcome! They also maintain contact with any crew members going on off-site missions. Joking aside, the Hercules regularly transport huge number of soldiers on missions who are technically not on board as crewmen but as passengers. For the Beginner and Intermediate levels, the new ship generally came already equipped with a number of vital systems; they could be further customized at the Intermediate level, but not to the extensiveness offered at the Experienced level. Crew members, including senior officers, could be injured as well; again, their recovery depended on the skill of the chief medical officer, the sickbay technology available, and the number of medical staff. On the other hand, science ships may need specialized technical crew to maintain instruments or equipment (if they can't use the ship's standard stuff), as well as auxiliary crew to do other stuff (for example, you may want to carry along a local guide if you were delivering a team of anthropologists to some place to study a culture). On private military / mercenary ship, this position is simply called Chief Military Officer. The Second Pilot, Combat Pilot or Co-Pilot (CP) main responsibility is to assist the First Pilot during operation. I will include these into my list in the next update. The Chief Engineer assumes command of the whole ship in the absence or incapacitation of the Captain, the Chief Officer and the General. your device. Once a ship was decommissioned, the appropriate amount of credits were refunded to the user account. Here you go: Military: The Military Department is only available on warships. A typical arrangement would combine your second officer and executive admin assistant positions into a single executive officer (this is what the US Navy does). He/she is responsible for all operations and maintenance that have to do with all systems, machinery and equipment throughout the ship. The crew is also there to oversee the AI's work, correct it when necessary, and step in where unforeseen circumstances pop up (and this is combat, so problems will arise). The Chief Officer (CO) or Chief Command Officer (CCO) is second-in-command after the captain and also the head of the Bridge Department on a vessel. The Communication Officers operate the PA system (for internal communication) as well as broadcasting system (for external communication). I suppose not. Overall, though, I'm impressed, particularly by your attention to details that aren't usually thought of by sci-fi authors (like "how do I feed these people", especially!) Simon & Schuster [1] The player also selects the crew that man the starship; these are pulled from across the franchise, and includes characters such as Spock, James T. Kirk and Worf. [1] The game includes the option to run in background mode, so that missions can be undertaken while the user conducts other tasks on their computer. In fairness, if each department is several hundred strong, these people start to become quite useful again for other reasons (essentially acting like a junior version of the department's lead). Star Trek: Starship Creator is a computer-based vehicle simulation game developed by Imergy and released by Simon & Schuster Interactive in 1998 for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, based on the official license of the Star Trek franchise. So I stumbled upon the awesome ship + crew generator by /u/MercuryVII (check it out here if you haven't already). One case I think of is a colonize ship set out to establish a new home planet would need pretty much all of these science fields. Don’t like the ship name you’ve been given? In a skeleton crew there would be no need for an admin assistant at all as most of the job would be handled by the computer. By uploading custom images and using And this ship usually goes on the years long mission, making stops on multiple worlds during the process. ^.^ 10. Depends on the types of expedition it self! ← Transparency color. The crew screen had two aspects: a command-crew aspect and a complement-breakdown aspect. This ability was the source of a cheat, as the same ship could be imported and decommissioned multiple times, in each instance refunding the same amount of credits to the user's account. This spaceship name generator will give you 10 names that will generally fit all types of spaceships, ranging from large cargo vessels to small fighters. The Imgflip watermark helps other people find where the meme was created, so they can make memes too! We’ve created this random spaceship name generator to help science fiction writers & role-players quickly create names for the spaceships featured in their stories. First of all, the position of "quartermaster", in my experience, would be in charge of housekeeping and the like, so he/she can be transferred. I love making lists of things and just happen to have some free time, so I decided to make my own version of what a fully manned spaceship would be like. With a large and complex organization like the navy / army, there are a lot of more bureaucracy involved than people think! As head of the Bridge Department, he/she coordinates the Bridge crew and oversees operation of the Bridge, ensure smooth flight operation whether in combat or navigation. You can customize the font color and outline color next to where you type your text. Hence they answer to the general, not the captain. Remember that every extra crew member is a problem: they need to be fed, their mass reduces your payload mass, they tax the life support systems, they require more space, et cetera.


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