stevens 320 how to attach a sling
To make your screw fit, simply place it in your bench vise and cut it to the desired size with a dremel tool. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. The sling connects to the rifle at two points, with webbing running along the side of the gun, and a third attachment point connecting to one end of the body strap. We feel that a good sling design should work with the weapon, not against it. So, there is no right or left hand specific version necessary. I used paper towels for this part. The swivel cap kit will also come with a mount for the butt stock. If everything checks out, proceed to step 5. It is and my apologies if it appeared that I was being obtuse.... is part of the Field & Stream Network, a division of Bonnier Corporation. If you are serious, I would definitely invest in a magazine cap type sling with a permanently mounted sling stud in the stock. Attaching a sling to a bolt action shotgun only requires a standard swivel mounting kit for a rifle. Will a 28 gauge shotgun shoot 20 gauge ammo? And, of course, ensure that you pick up detachable sling swivels. It is probably one of the most reliable guns there is. Make sure not to booger up the threads while doing so, or you will be making things very hard on yourself. However, when the need to cross shoulder transition is anticipated, simply flip the TRB release with the non firing hand thumb and the 3rd point of the sling is silently released to slide freely along the sling allowing you to extend and mount on the opposite shoulder. Place it gently in the bench vise with some padding around it to make sure of a good fit, and to prevent you from scratching the gun. The stress can not only make the rifle less accurate, but it can also crack the stock. You may choose to counter sink the washer if you want. When we designed the SOP sling our intent was to produce the ultimate tactical patrol sling design, incorporating every positive feature suggested to us by end users as well as addressing, and solving, every negative issue relating to conventional 3 point sling designs that we had identified. Where can I get the components . A few drops of loctite or even superglue beforehand can be handy here, to make sure the threads stay and don't creep out over time. This article tells you how. 5 years ago I have to knock a star (or 2) off because of the quality and the fact you need to buy hardware to attach it the way it appears in the picture. The purpose of the 1.5" width is to better distribute the weight of the weapon. Shake it out and replace hauling game/dekes out of the field. Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2016. No clip on availability. Answer Save. $220 out the door is a steal in my opinion. $7.99. Not pictured: Our Price: $27.95 Trinity 12 gauge pump barrel magazine mounted 1000 lumen led flashlight home defense hunting tactical picatinny weaver base mounted adapter aluminum black. that aside it is cheap money wise and you get what you pay for. The shorter one is for the front swivel mount. Then you can attach any sling … For my rifle, I placed the fore end swivel roughly 11" from the front of the trigger guard, as that was the farthest it could safely go, although the instructions for the swivel said 13"-17". I love it and would recommend it to anyone. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. When the time comes to re-lock the TRB, it can done so quickly, silently, and with just one hand needed, allowing the shooter to maintain a constant firing grip on the weapon. These sizes will, of course, change depending on what brand mounts you use. K-mart used to have these cheap cloth loop slings. Search for Ez Gunsslinger or visit: -As always, a gun vise is preferable, but I make do with what I have. The next difference has to do with how the sling attaches to the weapon. Just want to share what I did with my Stevens 320 and how I install my single sling. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Paper towels(useful as padding between the vise and the gun) All my hunting buddies laughed when they first saw it, and I was the one laughing at the end of the day when I didn't have to worry about carrying my gun and gear in my hands. Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2018. Tactical Barrel Mount Rail Adaptor by AIM. Important! Had to modify it some being most accessories don't seem to fit out of the box for a Stevens 320 pistol grip pump shotgun. This feature addresses a common complaint associated with conventional 3 point tactical sling designs. The Savage Stevens 320 shotguns are designed to take abuse, and to be a solid … Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2018. So, there is no right or left hand specific version necessary. Share it with us! Please try your search again later. Cheaply made and poorly designed. I agree with firstbubba. Glove Station The Combat Military Police Outdoor Sports Tactical Rubber Knuckle Glo... HQDA Multi-Function Rope Safety Sling Come with D Ring Loop Shoulder Strap,Mountain... Beartooth Products Comb Raising Kit - No Loops - Black. Electrification & Restoration of a 1970's Raleigh Shopper. the material is cheap and the straps will come loose quickly if moved constantly. One end goes around the wrist of the stock, the other around the barrel. Bench Vise with padding (hence the tshirt) It presents … Thanks! Now that you have the correct length screw, we can proceed on to the next step. Feyachi Brass Shell Catcher, Tactical Cartridge Nylon Mesh Collector Casing Catcher... Feyachi M-Lok Offset Flashlight Ring Mount for Mlok Rail System - 2 Mounting Insert... MTP-6 Tactical Pen – Multitool - Self Defense Weapon for Women & Men – Tactical Gea... Twod 36" x12 Cleaning Mat Large & Catton Swabs Tools Pouch Extra Thick Protective Pad, TRADESMART Ear Muffs, Earplugs and 2PK Adjustable Gun Safety Glasses with Case. And it's best to buy a sleeve to hold the shells, not on the sling. Now, you're finally ready to install the actual swivel and rig a sling. With the proper adapter you can fire any round out of it. And don't forget to check out the latest reviews on guns and outdoor gear on Tape Measure Dremel with cutting head (optional, depending on your gun. Relevance. Sheels and Gander Mt have them. The front swivel should be at least 3/4" in front of your left hand(or right, if you area southpaw). i would perfer it to have bullet holders on it but if it dont that's fine. Works very well. Under no circumstances is Big Daddy Holsters and/or Ace Case liable for any loss, damage, or expense of any kind arising out of the use, or inability to use, these products. With the attachment strap feature it's a simple matter to attach the sling to the mounting adapters for use on either side. Pick up a swivel cap for the magazine tube. Can be super heavy if fully loaded but no one said you had to load it down. Stevens 320 shotguns. Would like to hear some input from other 320 owners as well. Tape (I used duct tape because that is what I had, painters tape is preferable) This step is pretty straightforward. Attaching a sling to a single shot is a waste of money. Advanced Technology International's Savage and Stevens 320 12-Gauge Slings, Mounts, Shell Holders, Accessories & Parts on Step 7. ... a Uncle Mikes QD swivel will work on the front... if you have the slot in the buck stock the loop from a 1 inch fabric sling threads through that. A hole punch can be handy to give your bit a place to start, or you can simply hit a drill bit lightly with a hammer to indent the wood as I did. A simple job to drill and place it. Here you will find hunting, fishing, and survival tips from the editors of Field and Stream, as well as recommendations from readers like yourself. Get the sling out of the way and into your decoy bag or game pouch when it's not needed. I didn't pick up a shotgun sling till a couple of years ago and I have to say it's probably the most useful piece of gear I have ever owned. Good quality, but mounts not included as pictured. What is the best way to attach a sling to a shotgun that does not have sling points? 4125 West Noble Avenue # 201 - Visalia, California 93277 - (559) 786-8489, TacOps Belts - 2" wide duty/tactical belts, Last Resort Belts - 1.75" wide pants belts. Meet Mr. Stevens. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The adapter strap feature also allows the user the flexibility to experiment with user specific custom mounting solutions. Keep it in your game pouch or decoy bag when not needed and snap it on at the end of the day when hunting is done. You will also need an adaptor to ensure that your sights … ... First you have to know how to attach a sling to the gun. Stevens 320 is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun that can hold up to 5 rounds of ammunition. The adapter strap feature also allows the user the flexibility to experiment with user specific custom mounting solutions. DM, I'm old fashioned in that I will not drive into the fields but rather carry my decoys on my back. Insert a drill bit or small screwdriver into the hole in the head of the screw, and twist it until it is firmly emplaced. ? If you try and put too long of a screw in, you risk going all the way through the stock and hitting the barrel(or in my case, the tube magazine). This creates a serious problem in an urban environment. Well worry no more, I'm here to show you how to easily mount sling attachment swivels to your rifle, with a minimum of tools and materials. Uncle Mike used to offer a shotgun sling that had a "drawloop" on each end. Kyle Rittenhouse not to face gun charges ! I purchased a leather loop-type sling from Cabelas some time ago. Place the screw in the hole, making sure to have the small washers installed if you have them. Or upgrade to a plastic stock - should have swivel mount already installed in butt stock. Original buttstock. More in step 5). Unable to add item to List. My sling comes off right before I load up. We want the gun to be balanced, and the section you are working on to be as close to the center of the vise as possible, otherwise you will have a hard time keeping it steady as you drill. i put mine on a Savage Model 320, it is a very tight fit and i would not recommend buying this for the same gun. There is a business in Minnesota that has released a new type of universal sling for guns that don't have swivels or posts. With those types of slings it's very difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to execute a cross shoulder transition. In any event you will have to buy the swivel cap. Please try again. Can be a real handicap when hunting in thick brush and can even get hung up on the blind too. Durable and not to terrible as long as you don't load it down with slugs. There was a problem completing your request. Stevens 320. Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2018. With the attachment strap feature it's a simple matter to attach the sling to the mounting adapters for use on either side. What is the duty cycle of an ar 15 before you have to clean it? Drillbits (1/16-3/16)


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