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Also unusual is the fact that, unlike most support 'Mechs, it becomes more deadly at close range where its lasers come to bear. In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, the Goliath SD/9 is a giant mecha armed with chainguns and homing missiles. Currently almost all of these are highly specialized or just for concept purpose, and as such may not see mass production. These machines vary greatly in size and shape, but are distinguished from vehicles by their humanoid or biomorphic appearance and size—bigger than a human.

In Japan, "robot anime" (known as "mecha anime" outside Japan) is one of the oldest genres in anime. Over 2600+ 'Mechs: From the pirate commando with infernos, to the Massive King Crab-0001 with twin Gauss rifles, to the clan mechs like the Mad Cat Mk2, face off against all kinds of enemies. It is popular both as a scout and a training ‘Mech.

Different subgenres exist, with varying connotations of realism. The Hollander is the smallest mech, at 35 tons, to mount a Gauss Rifle. Welcome to the Super Mechs Wikia!

The Mercury is designed as a fast raider, rather than a scout like most light 'Mechs. It was created from a modified version of the Puma during a time when the Jade Falcons found themselves short on resources after the war with the Wolves.

Only current item that is capable of being in 2 highest tiers is a torso called Sabretooth.

[12] The genre is therefore aimed primarily at young adults instead of children.

Designed as a fire-support unit, the Blackjack is unusual in that it uses Autocannons instead of LRM racks to strike at a distance. The term "mech" is used to describe such vehicles considerably m…

In Japanese, mecha encompasses all mechanical objects, including cars, guns, computers, and other devices, and the term "robot" (ロボット, robotto) or "giant robot" is used to distinguish limbed vehicles from other mechanical devices. They were never designed to take the abuse elemental armor is, their primary role is reconnaissance. Build during the heyday of the Star League, with the League’s fall it became a rare machine on the battlefield. The distinction between true mecha and their smaller cousins (and likely progenitors), the powered armor suits, is blurred; according to one definition, a mecha is piloted while a powered armor is worn. Build around a heavy autocannon, the Hunchback's extreme short-range firepower make it a deadly opponent even for larger 'Mechs if it can get close.

After the majority of the sample was safely transported off of the ship, several robots were left dormant in the ship as sentries, waiting to ambush any potential future intruders. What is new * Full support on any devices * Custom arena stats list * Live robot changes.

The Jade Falcons have infused their latest Clan technology (Hyper-Assault Gauss rifle or HAG) into this machine with other innovations, creating the "C" variant to help bolster its garrison forces in their Occupational Zone.


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