supra sequential gearbox
If you are running a built engine you can rev it higher allowing a higher top speed of course. * Email us with your ideas for new racing projects, we make dreams a reality! All factory mounts still bolt up to the Getrag case, and you can utilize your choice of clutches available for the Supra. Other weight saving measures include the fitment of ceramic brakes, a lithium battery, aluminium uprights and the stripping of all unnecessary features. We use 7075 Billet for our gearbox casing for ultimate rigidity. Send, Will you be watching round 4 of the Quaife @minich, A direct replacement for the standard 016/093 diff, FWD Sequentials – BMC / Leyland / Rover Mini. Plus all of this needs wiring from the gearbox to the ecu, throttle and throttle pedal which is quite time consuming. The car feels so fast with these new gearbox ratios, the difference is astonishing, rapid fire gear changes and faster response due to the gear ratios being stacked closer together. ACP Motorsports / Trans-Am Series / 6 Wins 2019 = 5XD! I’m so glad to have RTS INC and SS mfg apart of our racing program”, FD Pro2 Series / 5 Wins & Lone Star Drift Championship 2019. We use Paypal for secure payment and customer protection. In the meantime if you have any questions just ask away. Whifbitz Stage 2 Tuning Kit BMW M4 590bhp. 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox with 1:1 6th or 1:1 5th and OD 6th 0.88, 2JZ Bellhousing with our Patent Pending Vernier Bell technology, Billet CNC Shifter with built-in reverse light trigger and wiring loom, Custom shifter leather boot, connecting rod and mount, Gearbox temperature sensor that connects to your ECU, 7075 Billet CNC two-piece driveshaft delete (convert to one piece). Of course, the UK is only the start! The gearboxes are readily available used for £1500 upwards, so are relatively cheap compared. Our 6XD Team has an Impressive Winning Resume to prove it: “100+ Wins, 9 World Championships regarding C.A.R.T, IndyCar, NASCAR, World Drift Championship, Formula Drift, and now the Trans-Am Series! Officially rated at 750 bhp, but regularly used in higher powered applications, the QBE69G was the ideal choice for what Jose had in mind. Another way to help you save big with! 5. The Grannas Racing GR1000S Sequential Magnum Kit is available for all of the chassis I make GR-Series magnum kits. 2. So the next step in our development is to fit uprated clutches which will allow about 750lb/ft torque, that’ll be about 900bhp approx which should be enough for most people’s needs. This is used to select between auto and manual modes, reverse and manual gear changes. The Getrag V160/161 6 Speed H Pattern Gearboxes that were originally fitted to the Turbo A80 Supras are now obsolete and parts are extremely difficult to find.


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