surname of khukhrain

He then attempted to perform the horse sacrifice, Ashwamedha Yajna, to prove his supremacy and rule in the neighboring parts. Koshal territorial king Maha Padam Anand defeated Magdha king in 362 BC and ruled from 362 BC to 346 BC. King Nivdhan 27.King Satyavrit : - His original name was Satyavrata, but he committed three (tri) sins, and hence got the name Trishanku. The Khukhrains spread over Khushab, Dhune Kheb, Chakwal, Pind Dadan Khan, Peshawar, Nowshera and Lahore. He married Nagkanya "Narmada". Most English definitions are provided by WordNet .

After the death of Padam Anand all eight brother ruled western India (currently Pakistan and Punjab of India) with Takshila (Bhera) as their main center and by 1 AD they were recognized with the name of Kushrayan and later as Khukhrain.  |  No surnames of Arora Khatris/Community are added in the above list. The Khukhrain or Khokhrain is a clan composed of eight septs of the Khatri caste that originally hailed from the areas of the Salt Range and particularly the town of Bhera in Punjab Numbered names represent the Ikshvaaku Lineage as eldest son was considered the first inheritant. The capital is Lahore, a cultural, historical, economic and cosmopolitan centre of Pakistan where the country's cinema industry, and much of its fashion industry, are based. [2] Jaipal's son, Anandapala, received support of the Khukhrains against the Ghazni rule in 1008-9 at Wahind.

King Prithu 7. King Kush : - Kush ruled north Kosala, including Ayodhya. It also shares borders with the Indian states of Punjab, Rajasthan, and the Indian-administered territory of Jammu and Kashmir. In the reign of. of Punjab Historical Studies Published by Dept. Punjab, Pakistan, Khokharain in Hoshiarpur Punjab India. Naaraayan took Avataar in this Vansh as Vaaman. Sikhs currently number approximately 25 million accross the world. 1. In Greek he is known as Sandrokuptos, Sandrokottos or Androcottus. KingLangal 114. [2] Jaipal's son, Anandapala, received support of the Khukhrains against the Ghazni rule in 1008-9 at Wahind. Punjab is also the world's fifth-most populous subnational entity, and the most populous outside China or India. King Devaneek 68. He cursed them that their family and descendents will come to an end and no child will born and their soul will never rise to heven.

Shatrughna, Lakshmana's twin, was given Madhura which is now known as Mathura.

of Punjab Historical Studies, Punjabi University., 1981 Page 195, The Panjab Past and Present By Punjabi University Dept. 42. Raja Bhuseen. [full citation needed] When Bhera was sacked by Mahmud of Ghazni, the Khukhrain king, Biji Rai preferred to commit suicide using his dagger rather than submit to Mahmud Ghaznavi. King Shrutr 43.King Naam 44.

62. The community is scattered through out Punjab and Kutch region, and found both as nucleated and extended family. of Punjab Historical Studies Published by Dept. Some scholars such as Muhammad Ikrām Chutai believe that a number of Khukhrains were converted to Islam by the Sufi Baba Farid. He fought his first battle alongside his father at age 10. of Punjab Historical Studies, Punjabi University., 1981 page 201}, Babaji: Life and Teachings of Farid-ud Din Ganj-i Shakar By Muhammad Ikrām Chutai Page 433 Published by Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2006, Britannica: A New Survey of Universal Knowledge By Walter Yust Published by Encyclopædia Britannica, 1952 Page 980,, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Articles with incomplete citations from July 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 August 2020, at 17:45.