swgoh gas phase 4 strategy
Mod B2 for as much potency as you can with all prot primaries, plus defence and tenacity secondaries. I did it differently but this is an awesome strategy. The clones will take their turns and GAS will get up 2-3 times as fast compared to the scenario if rex used it before GAS was down. FWIW, I beat it with r4 b1, r2 AV, and r2 droideka. Stopping in to say thanks, this allowed me to get him. You need to wait for droideka's special and use it on Fives to delete him when you can. Figured I’d come back to say thank you , all this information was so darn useful! This event is fucking brutal and you will tear your hair out if you don't know the strategy. Hi everyone. Please note, This was simply my strategy. Your goal is to get Skywalker down before Rex uses TM/Tenacity up move. ... Only took out 5s before GAS got back up but then had enough stacks on droideka to instantly bring down GAS again and then went to town on Rex, then Echo and then ARC. Thank you very much. The main thing for me was the importance of the crit avoidance arrows on magna, droideka and b2. get tenacity cross for droideka and some from mods. The more gear you have, the less RNG, but RNG is built into this event with all of the dispels, stuns, and TM again and removal mechanics. Since my assaj was strong a couple of AOE from her did the job, but strong b1 and droideka can do the job as well. Many of my guild mates have been able to replicate my success using my recommendations. Most importantly, put a crit avoidance arrow on him, so 2 toons need crit avoidance arrows: magna and B2. If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to get back to you in the comments. Take my silver good sir, it's all I can afford. 97k health/protection. Ideally, you will have killed Echo and Fives during the first GAS sleepy time. Patience and frustration are the name of the game but watch your opening salvos and strike when it's right. If you don't like something about the post, feel free to criticize in the comments. 90k health/protection. I had assajj, B1 and droideka left. Territory Battles Videos; Galactic Legend Events; Territory Battles; SWGoH Guides. What am I doing wrong? I followed his modding advice, but he’s a bit strict with the “if you don’t get this rng, you lose.” I tended to play through most scenarios. 4726 offense. Move 2: Assaj AOE. Prepare to devote at least 1 hour of retries to it. Now, to finish up, this event is an RNG shitfest. If you relic up B2, magna and assajj, they will be less prone to dying and more likely to stay alive until 2 clones are killed.This guide is by no means absolute, or the only way to finish the event. Have him go first to start the assist train with his zeta.). A final thing to watch out for here, you need to kill Rex before he annihilates someone with Aerial Advantage. Helped me get Gas in 1 try ( after I fought it with weak mods ) people like you are the back bone of this game !! Strategy. ), B2. Only time i was able to stun him was if magna died. Yeah, this thing is lightyears out of date. Unfortunately, you need to rely on droideka assists again but with Echo out of the picture, Droideka cant be stunned, only dispelled by Arc Trooper's sentry gun, which, again is not ideal but not disastrous. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. You want to aim for killing Fives and Echo during the first GAS sleepy time but you will need your toons' specials for that and this is where crit avoidance arrows come into play. Actually I dropped this account long ago, but I didn't shirk to restore it just to express my gratitude to you. 232% crit damage. If you still have at least 3 toons standing when GAS is alone, you are in a good place. OPs strategy works well. Modding is MOST important! I have managed to beat it with only about 10 tries :) (R5 B1, R4 Magna, rest G12), Dude, thank you very much! Echo's grenade is usually the turning point in the run because if he stuns your droideka, it is usually over, as your dmg output drops, GAS stays up and they mow you down. Rest g12. You need to bring GAS down once again. After finding Ian’s video and this guide, I beat P4 in less than 20 attempts with only Asajj and B1 at g13. Once GAS is down, you can spread as many aoes as you can with B2 to fuel turn meter to your team. 201 speed. Cheers mate. When he is dispelled he also loses the ability to assist but with some RNG, your run is not lost at this point. Great guide. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. 192% crit damage. Zetas: Droideka, B2 and B1 are mandatory for this F2P run. Finally was able to complete it with the right RNG after modding to these numbers. That being said, when I started using this strategy I was able to more consistently get farther in the event, and this allowed me to take advantage and win when RNG lines up for me. It is important not to use B2 or assajj AOE as long as GAS has taunt because GAS and the clones will counter and with GAS they will wreck assajj or B2, at which point your run is over.


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