t stirmi enclosure size

The Therophosa strimi I ordered from Stamps Tarantulas (sparkling review coming tomorrow!)

They can absolutely pack a punch if needed with their inch-long fangs, but they're much more willing and able to flick their extremely irritating urticating hairs when they feel a little threatened. Their irticating hairs are fierce...get haired by a Theraphosa once and you WILL remember it forever. This will make an excellent home until my T gains some more size.

Medium-to-fast growth rate. Such massive tarantulas can easily become a prized staple of any respectable collection. ), Do Spiders Eat Ants? For housing, I chose a 60-quart Ziploc plastic storage box. Along with this Ts amazing size comes quite a bit of attitude and the potential for nasty bites and an incredibly painful hairing. So far, so good! Before purchasing my T. stirmi sub-adult, I spent months reading all the notes I could find by those who have been successfully keeping this tarantula. I took some photos whilst putting the enclosure together and thought I'd share them. Check out my T. stirmi husbandry video below! Common name: Burgundy Goliath Bird Eater Spider.

So far, so good!

( Log Out /  Note that this tarantula is very different from its Theraphosa blondi ​counterpart. Shes about (4.5") and this is going to be her temporary home for the next year or so. As humidity levels can vary depending on time of year and location, I would advise anyone setting up an enclosure for one of the moisture-dependent species to allow themselves some time to monitor levels and to make adjustments as needed. This container is quite spacious (23″L x 17″ W x 11″ T) and has six locking clasps around the edges. As long as you provide your Theraphosa stirmi with a sizable enclosure and a complete diet, there aren't many things stopping them for living out their entire lives. Substrate: 4 inches of substrate (can use a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and coconut fiber) Decor: A vertical barreled cork bark or hide is recommended. However, this enclosure would need to be a much larger. As slings, they have a lighter appearance that darkens as they go through their first few molts.

Appearance: Goliath bird eating spiders are large, heavy-bodied and are rich burgundy-brown after a molt. This T is still very bolty at this size, so when it looks like it starting to outgrow this enclosure, i move into a larger acrylic enclosure set up nearly identically. Diet/Nutrition: Theraphosa stirmi are very aggressive eaters and only refuse food when in pre-molt. Now, I’ve heard some folks ask about venom potency as if this species mild venom somehow makes a bite from this spider less threatening. Waiting to have the T ship until I finished proved to be an incredibly prudent move, as this cage soon became a work in progress. I also mounted a humidity gauge on the side of the enclosure to give me a rough estimate of what the humidity was inside. I turned the elbow on its side, angling one end up for the entrance and pointing the other end toward the substrate. I like this genus for their sheer size. For a hide, I purchased a 3″ PVC elbow from Lowes for about $2.76. Keeping Moisture Dependent Tarantula SpeciesKeeping Moisture Dependent Tarantula Species (And How to... Cerotogyrus darlingi “The Rear-horned Baboon” Care and HusbandryCerotogyrus darlingi “The... Theraphosa stirmi (The Burgundy Goliath Bird Eater), It came! Despite being a tropical area, the climate is actually quite mild. On top of the sheer heavy-bodied size of this tarantula, its coloration is subtle yet attractive. Couple that with the fact that they would be delivering deep puncture wounds with large fangs covered in bacteria and other contaminants, and the venom level becomes irrelevant. The inside of the enclosure needs to be crafted especially for this tarantula. My new T. stirmi in her bioactive enclosure.


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