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I will come and collect you and take you to the park 3. Now you have completed the dictation, go back and transcribe into longhand what you've just written. Our online lessons will guide you through more techniques, word groupings, blending, special outlines with exercises, dictations, worksheets, quizzes, passages to transcribe etc., Dictations will increase in speed as you go through the lessons. Ths is hw Tln is frmd by usng a qkr wa o rting th alfbt. The first version is more common and the second is used to make it easier to join to other letters. Keep revising them as you go through the course and learn new ones. Remember of course, that the special outlines are optional - it's better to learn a few very well, rather than lots that take the time to remember when you're taking dictation at speed. The "English" words are searchable, making it very useful for quick-reference. manager 5. paper/pepper 6. stop/step/steep 7. claim/calm/clam 8. make 9. time/team/tame 10. mud/made 11.bear/bar/beer 12. neighbour, Now to consolidate the alphabet, try these words containing all the letters covered. Yes, that's right - for a one-off registration fee, you will receive unlimited access to the lessons, no renewals, no added extras and no admin fees if you wish to upgrade. When you've finished, see what words the combinations make. Will you please go to the shops and get me some fish. Learn more », Have a look at our free lesson - you can see how the lessons are laid out, sample exercises etc., Learn more », We offer tailor-made solutions for your organisation, college and university. It is usually used after a stroke that is written downwards so that it doesn't reach the line below. The first letter is usually written in its correct position and the following letters always retain their original size and shape. Copyright ©document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); All rights reserved | This template is made with by Colorlib. Nouns are shown by two dashes below the word, just to show it's a name so not necessary at the beginning of a sentence: By the end of Lesson 1, you should be able to: Teeline is personal and flexible. View the options », We are accredited and authorised to run Teeline shorthand by the Teeline Royalties Partnership who own the intellectual property and copyright of Teeline outlines. Once you have learnt the special outlines, try exercises four and five. However, you should complete the three-part assignment at the bottom of the page as this consolidates all the theory in the lesson and tests your transcription ability and speed before you move on to the next lesson. The average person can learn the complete system in 15 minutes with no classes. Creating a dataset. See how quickly you can recognise the following special outlines': go/gentleman he ability letter be/been department from we accident the do me/may I kind and are. The worksheets are designed to help you write fluently and quickly in Teeline and learn the new letters. You will need to scan your work, or take a picture with a camera/phone then attach these to your emails. The choice is yours. 'sh' - This is a special sign joined to other letters and used to represent the word 'shall': 'pl' - when 'l' follows 'p' with no vowels in between, a Teeline 'l' is written through the line to represent 'p' followed immediately by 'l': Notice that it's easier to write 'l' upwards after a downward stroke 'p'. You will learn some short forms called 'special outlines'. Test yourself on the following outlines. pre-processing stage for data cleaning and then further heavily augmenting the dataset to create a reasonable sample size If you are looking to learn or refresh your skills in Teeline shorthand, you have come to the right place. You should then submit both the longhand and Teeline, please. Read more ». This final piece is a dictation and will test your ability to write at speed and read back your own Teeline shorthand. Circle any words you are unsure of. It's better to learn a few that will come to mind automatically than learn lots, not so well. If you need more time you can go back and revise and consolidate to ensure you can recall the alphabet and special outlines automatically before you try the assignments and submit them. We will use a mixture of outlines with and without the vowels throughout the lessons. They are there so you have a variety of learning tools and choice. Vowels will be covered in more detail later and are used in this lesson only for special outlines. If you do hesitate, stop the recording and write each letter separately and then try joining them. If the Teeline is not perfect, it doesn't matter, as long as you've transcribed it accurately. See how you would write the following words first and drill them a few times before listening to the recording: clothes, parcel, behind, contact, manager, compare, select, best. There are no answers available for these, however, if you are a Gold Member you can send these in for marking by email. Hwvr, u ma us wtvr u fl mst cmfrtabl wth. Please show me how to type this letter 4. It is easy to read even months or years after it is written. Now you have completed the dictation, see if you can read the outlines you've written and correct any errors. You may decide that you don't want to write the outlines exactly as shown. It is easy to learn and write. As before, read over your outlines and make sure you know the second part of the alphabet well. When you have familiarised yourself with the second half of the alphabet complete Worksheet 2, filling in the three lines. This is a prototype where you can draw your shorthand character to This lesson covers the Teeline alphabet and how to join letters together. Don't just take our word for it - here's what some of our students say: "I have been practising my Teeline using your lessons for the past few months. All payments are made via the PayPal site for both your security and for ours. We are now offering you personal one to one lessons via Zoom (or Skype etc.,) with access to the online lessons and Platinum level support. There are no expiry dates - you sign up once and that is it, no further fees are required. Circle any words you are unsure of. Alex Cohen's blog includes tips and advice including learning a shorthand 'language' like Teeline. Learn more », Prices depend on the amount of support you wish to receive. Teeline shorthand is a streamlined way to transcribe the spoken word quickly by removing unnecessary letters from words and making the letters themselves faster to write. There are four levels of support available, learn on your own, learn with minimal support, learn with advanced support and a level for those who are already competent with the theory and want to build their speeds. Therefore you MUST submit the LONGHAND transcription and the original TEELINE. As before, in order first and then mixed up. Here is a demonstration on joining consonants. Here's a dictation of the second half of the alphabet. Circle any letters you're unsure of. It doesn't matter for the dictations if the Teeline outlines are not taken down perfectly, as long as you can read them back.


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