tenaya inti vs ra

So where can you get them? After talking with the Trango staff in Boulder, Colorado, I learned exactly what that means. Then we wouldn’t have anything to blame our botched send attempts on but ourselves…. Rubber reinforced toe-box for increased abrasion resistance and superior toe-hooking.


Micro-layer insole for the perfect distribution of force.

), so keep that in mind when sizing. Adam trusting his Ra’s on Mississippi Burning (5.12b) at the New River Gorge, When I found out a few months ago that Tenaya would be joining Trango under the Great Trango Holdings, Inc umbrella, my first thought was, “YES!!!

My larger, comfort-sized shoes are great for multi-pitch or long gym sessions, but are still reliable enough to edge on a dime when I ask them to.

Cookies are important to the proper functioning of a site. |  RSS  |  Comments RSS  |  Partnership Opportunities, Site designed and built by Lineberry Design, “Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN, "Not all who wander are lost…" JRR Tolkien. The Tenaya Inti is a high-end beginner's or multi-pitch climber's shoe, designed with a comfortable, all-day wear design and the extremely precise and controlled nature of all Tenaya's shoes. Vertical and moderately overhanging routes.

The Inti too, but the Inti is slightly lower volume.

This is further enhanced by the V-shaped Velcro closure system and bellow tongue, which permits rapid fitting and removal. Amazon, Zappos and 20 other shops don't have user reviews. If so, which shoe and what did you like and dislike? Has anyone else tried Tenaya?

These are tight but feel like I can go a full 3 hour sesh. This climbing gear has earned the favor of buyers, thanks to its affordability and all-around performance.

What Cragmama Says: These shoes are very similar to the Ra, just not as sexy looking. I honestly never liked velcro shoes before these, as the fit was never quite right, but Ive been surprisingly happy with these. I have “duck feet” – wide forefoot with a narrow heel, so often I am either dealing with shoes that are too loose in the back or too tight in the front, but the fit on these is absolutely amazing, without a doubt the best fitting pair of climbing shoes I’ve ever had.

We use cookies to make your experience better, to optimize site functionality and deliver content tailored to your interests. When I put them on it feels as though they specifically conform to my foot, with hardly any break in time. Climbers in search of a comfortable yet aggressive downturned rock shoe may find the Tenaya Inti fascinating.

But I wear them because of their promise of precision and power.


When making the first ever 9a on-sight ascent, Alex had to climb completely naturally but with millimetre precision. What Cragmama Says:   These shoes are very similar to the Ra, just not as sexy looking. Tenaya Inti vs. Tenaya Ra These Tenaya rock climbing shoes, the Inti and the Ra, has a lot more similarities than differences. Creating a Cragbaby – Rules for the Ropes! ?”  I mean let’s be honest here. What Cragmama Says:  If you are looking for one multi-purpose shoe, this is it. All rights reserved.

Don't subscribe Founded in 1997 by one of the lead designers of Boreal, these guys have been blowing up all over Europe for the past 5 or 6 years. The latter, the Tenaya Ra, is designed with a mid-volume and mid-width shape.

The thread on the Velcro strap of the Tenaya Inti comes off after a few uses, a sender has observed. With its internal lining, the stretch is kept to a minimum. The asymmetrical shape yields maximum toe power.

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Their uppers are made of microfibers with cotton linings that make stretch almost non-existent. Wrapping the base of the upper is a sturdy rubber rand that heightens the shoe’s durability. It met his every requirement, providing maximum contact with the rock and superb, dynamic feedback on his foot placements, move after move after move. Inspired by our RA model, a climing shoes used by elite climbers on some of the most difficult and demanding routes in the world. Well, if you’re a local Charlotte-an you can buy them  at the Inner Peaks Climbing Center‘ – Inner Peaks was lucky enough to get in on the action pretty early as the very first US Tenaya dealer – and more vendors are being added to that number every day! This shoe provides the ideal balance between stiffness and sensitivity. Tenaya RA.

The Tenaya Inti is a unisex rock climbing shoe. And there’s probably no piece of climbing gear that is more personalized to a climber than their shoes. Fact: I have fat big toes.

It works with the shoe’s Vibram outsole that takes care of adherence over different rock types.

Tenaya’s Inti is shaped using a narrower last and accommodates a low volume foot (for more details, see Fit section above). But I’m so glad I did because now I can honestly say I don’t want to climb in anything else. Wide opening tongue for ease and speed of putting on and removing. However, it is not able to please everyone quality-wise. That being said, the only remaining question is WHICH PAIR(S) DO I GET?!? These Tenaya rock climbing shoes, the Inti and the Ra, has a lot more similarities than differences. PERFORMANCE:  Now granted, my biggest pre-Tenaya numbers didn’t contain a 4 (or even a 3 for that matter…), and (surprise, surprise), none of my recent Tenaya sends have either. Well, maybe not ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. This shoe is significantly lower volume than the Ra or Tatanka (awesome for anyone with narrow feet! 2.

To a bunch of buyers, the Inti is a recommendable shoe for newbies and experienced climbers alike. ... For those with wider feet, the Tanaya Inti is a very similar shoe to the Ra, but with a …

In order to achieve this Alex opted to wear the INTI.

They have to fit perfect.

Follow topic: Email Notify on site Post Reply. This profile encourages all-around performance in a comfortable package. Like other models in our ‘Balance Pro’ line, the INTI is designed to achieve outstanding performance and unrivalled versatility. This combination yields a comfortable feel, whether climbing at the gym or crag. If it helps, I wear about the same size in all three shoes, downsized about one full size from my street shoes. -Part of Tenaya’s Balance Pro Line, the Inti renders high performance in sport climbing and bouldering. This product employs the brand-owned SXR Dynamics. My performance-sized shoes fit my feet like a glove – tight, but not too tight. Making them stick to the ground are Vibram rubbers that are both 4 mm thick. These two elements promote support when stepping into tiny nubbins, thanks to their sensitivity. Their uppers are made of microfibers with cotton linings that make stretch almost non-existent. This Tenaya rock shoe carries a TST multi-layer stretch tex insole.

Its microfiber upper comes with a TXT-treated cotton lining creating a cozy interior.


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