the chase australia questions
Teatime quiz The Chase is one of ITV’s biggest hits, hosted by Bradley Walsh and featuring Chasers Anne Hegerty and quiz show veteran and general know-it-all Mark Labbett 43 What is the lightest element on the periodic table? 32 Which Once Upon A Time in Hollywood star has worked more times with director Quentin Tarantino: Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio? Who's holding the baby? 26 Marty McFly visits what futuristic year in Back to the Future II? 47 What was the final Beatles album to be recorded? 41 Who released more studio albums: INXS or Cold Chisel? There was an error submitting the form. 25 What global pandemic killed more than 12,000 Australians in 1919? The money's not in your hand! Bradley Walsh would hang his head. 48 Excluding Tasmania, what is Australia’s largest island? 49 What is the highest-selling album of all time? Good Luck.!! 33 What is Alf Stewart’s profession? 1 What is Meghan Markle’s real name? Can you outwit them? All rights reserved. 40 Who won the 2019 Tour de France? Trivia questions australia by questionsgems. 2 What is the name of the movie ranch where Charles Manson’s Family lived in Los Angeles? And how will this one finish? 27 The announcement of the discovery of what elementary particle was made in 2012? The chase is on ... but you're going to need to try harder. It's a hit with audiences around the globe - now the general knowledge game show with a difference lands on our shores with The Chase Australia, hosted by Andrew O'Keefe. Test your brain against the best in Australia. Can you outwit them? Now look for the Channel 7 The Chase Competition entry form link. 50 What is Ash Barty’s current ranking (at time of recording)? 17 Which novel introduced the concept of Big Brother? Subscribe for free to get the latest breaking news and analysis sent to your inbox. You have entered an incorrect email address! ), Reserve Bank cuts interest rates to record low 0.1 per cent, Far North Queensland man searches for pet ‘dinosaur’ missing in Cairns, The two groups of people most vulnerable to dying from COVID-19, Beaches shut as authorities search for shark that killed Nick Slater on Gold Coast, Australian Caleb Ewan pipped at finish line of Stage 10 of the Tour de France, Michael Pascoe: China’s leader takes a turn for the particularly stupid… and ours is no better, The ‘highly sophisticated’ religious movement trying to brainwash Australians, Garry Linnell: Empathy is dead and it’s time for us peasants to make way for profits, Half-baked case to downplay coronavirus built on one big misunderstanding, Airlines want us on planes so badly they’re willing to pay for our funerals. Test your brain against the best in Australia. © Contest Wingo - Free Online Sweepstakes 2020, QVC Black Friday $50,000 Sweepstakes 2020, HGTV Fixer to Fabulous $5K Sweepstakes Code Word, Dave Ramsey Christmas Cash Giveaway 2020 – Win $5,000 Cash Prize. Competition Period: The The Chase Australia Competition Entry begins at 12:00 PM AEDT on 1 November 2020 and ends at 22:00 AEDT on 29 November 2020. lucky winner will receive a share in $50,000 in the form of a check. Channel 7 The Chase Competition Entry 2020 7 Plus Competition: Participate in the The Chase Australia Competition 2020 by answering the quiz question at and stand a chance to win a share in $50,000 in the form of a check. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 30 Who was Australia’s longest living prime minister? 9 What South Australian volcano contains the Blue Lake? Copyright © 2020 The New Daily. 44 Who won this year’s My Kitchen Rules? 19 Name two countries which start with A but don’t end in A? 11 In what year was the first iPod put on sale? The Chaser thought that Chisel was the correct answer. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 8 How many films are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It's a big YES. The Chaser incorrectly guessed Billiards. Fill out the entry form, which includes your full name, address, ZIP code, telephone number, email address and correct quiz answer. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. 5 How old was Queen Elizabeth when she had Prince Charles? 3) Jollof rice is a dish originally from what continent? 36 Where was Nicole Kidman born? 3 In what stroke did Johanna Griggs win a Commonwealth Games bronze medal? 4) A thermophobic avoids … The Chase 10th Anniversary Quizbook is out on 3 October, Tue 1 Oct 2019 16.07 BST 21 Who is the only person to have been awarded Australian and Young Australian of the Year? 13 Rank these services from oldest to youngest: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram 14 What was the first album to sell more than one million copies in Australia? Competition Eligibility: This Competition is open to only legal residents of the Australia and who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of the entry. 16 In 1932, the Australian military was engaged to wage war on what? If you submit The Chase Australia Beat The Chasers Competition answer correctly then you will be eligible to win the prize. 10 Which horse won the 2018 Melbourne Cup? So ask these questions to anyone and have fun. 23 Which sketch comedy show introduced us to Kath and Kim? Free Online Sweepstakes, Contests & Giveaways To Win Prizes.!! As the hit quiz show turns 10, here are a selection of the toughest questions the Chasers couldn’t get. 12 Who starred in the 1954 version of A Star is Born? 7 In what year was Paul Keating elected PM? 20 Who is Reginald Dwight? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 39 Who was the medico onboard Jupiter II in the 1960s hit Lost in Space? The Chase 10th Anniversary Quizbook is out on 3 October 34 For what is SONAR an acronym? Formulated to challenge The Chase’s ‘supernerd’ Issa Schultz, here’s The New Daily’s 2019 Trivia Quiz. 6 Who is the vice-captain of the Australian men’s cricket team? Last modified on Wed 2 Oct 2019 11.38 BST, Available for everyone, funded by readers. 15 What is the world’s smallest species of dog? 29 Who was the Australian journalist freed from an Egyptian prison in 2015? 2) A nocturne is usually played on what musical instrument? 24 Which song was No.1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 this year? I also had a bit of fun joining trivia nights across the Gold Coast as it was a great way to meet people and test my general knowledge skills on anything and everything. 38 In which state is Mount Kosciuszko? WARNING: This article contains spoilers On Monday night's episode of The Chase, a team became record breakers when they scooped a £100,000 (NZ$196,000) pr 22 In what year did Vegemite appear on Australian shelves? Get The New Daily free every morning and evening. The Chaser plumped for A, a crazy cucumber. You'd beat the Chasers in an instant. To win, All you have to do is watch Beat the Chasers this Sunday at 7pm on Channel 7 to see if you can answer the quiz question. Also Check- Halloween trivia questions / 80s Movie trivia questions Trivia Questions Australia Q.1: How many Senators are there in… Growing up, I enjoyed watching afternoon and evening game shows from Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Sale of the Century and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. 46 Which computing pioneer will appear on the new £50 note? #2, 1 Rachel Meghan Markle 2 Spahn’s Movie Ranch 3 Backstroke 4 Potatoes 5 22 6 Travis Head 7 1991 8 23 9 Mount Gambier 10 Cross Counter 11 2001 12 Judy Garland and James Mason 13 Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), Gmail (2007), Instagram (2010) 14 Whispering Jack 15 Fennec fox 16 Emus 17 1984 18 Her father, Leland Palmer 19 Azerbaijan and Afghanistan 20 Elton John 21 Cathy Freeman 22 1923 23 Big Girls’ Blouse 24 Ocean Alley, Confidence 25 The Spanish ‘Flu 26 2015 27 The Higgs Boson 28 Bran Stark 29 Peter Greste 30 Gough Whitlam 31 Venus 32 Both (two times) 33 Surf club bartender 34 Sound navigation and ranging 35 Ralph Fiennes and Judy Dench 36 Hawaii 37 Breaking Bad 38 NSW 39 Zachary Smith 40 Egan Bernal 41 INXS 42 Clarke Gayford 43 Hydrogen 44 Alex and Emily 45 Kent Brockman 46 Alan Turing 47 Abbey Road 48 Melville Island 49 Thriller, Michael Jackson 50 No.2. 28 Who won the Game of Thrones? 37 Better Call Saul is the prequel to what US TV program? After a quick (if not slightly nervous) banter with the host, it was time for a deep breath and the questions to begin. We search through hundreds of websites, Social media, Forums, Blogs, to deliver you the best online giveaways and contests. See if you know the name of Jacinda Ardern's fiance (and baby Neve's dad. Fears more trade bans to come as China halts imports of Australian timber, lobsters, barley, US election: Donald Trump, Joe Biden trade jabs on final day of election campaigning, ‘Dashing ride’: Twilight Payment wins the 160th Melbourne Cup, Sydney coronavirus cluster grows as diners told to isolate, Locals anxiously await another outbreak as new COVID-19 case in Christchurch emerges, South Australia set to welcome Victorians by Christmas – with caveats, ‘Priceless treasure’: Miracle rescue as children freed after days under earthquake rubble, Clive Palmer’s WA border challenge fronts High Court, as restrictions set to ease, Widespread manhunt underway after terrorist attack on streets of Vienna. 35 In the James Bond franchise, who are the last two actors to play M? Looking for some good trivia questions australia then you are at the right place, here we provide best collection of questions. To win, All you have to do is watch Beat the Chasers this Sunday […] As the hit quiz show turns 10, here are a selection of the toughest questions the Chasers couldn’t get. Please try again. We built contest wingo to provide you the latest giveaways,Sweepstakes and contest that ongoing on the internet. 42 What is Jacinda Ardern’s fiancé’s name? 7 Plus Competition: Participate in the The Chase Australia Competition 2020 by answering the quiz question at and stand a chance to win a share in $50,000 in the form of a check. Formulated to challenge The Chase's 'supernerd' Issa Schultz, here's The New Daily's 2019 Trivia Quiz. 18 In Twin Peaks, who killed Laura Palmer? Among the questions they were asked: 1) Complete the title of the Alan Rickman film: Truly, Madly,... what? Charities slammed by triple threat as coronavirus damage takes its toll, Vegans rising: Australia second in the world for veganism as Gen Z snubs lab-grown meat, Industry super funds to invest $33 billion in job creation, Victorian real estate agents push back against calls to block rent reductions, Call for diversity as Aussie model with disability prepares for catwalk at New York Fashion Week, The hate-filled secret life of a radio legend: No, not Alan Jones.


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